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Dalton Tomlinson’s Story…

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I started my business, Supreme Painting, in 1985. I was cruising along doing okay.

I was tired of doing okay.

I was ready to scale my business, but every time I got to about eight painters, I spent six hours a day running around taking care of their needs.

I knew I could not grow my company this way.

I live in Fort Worth, TX. Loop 820 is a highway that goes all around Fort Worth. Sometimes I would drive around the loop three times in one day just handling things that the painters needed.

I knew I need a better process. I started writing the processes needed to be able to scale. I did not have a good way to implement these processes.

I heard about Steve Burnett with Burnett Painting about a year before his book came out.

When it came out, I bought, read it, and knew I needed to model my business after his. I’m the kind of guy that tries everything new to see if there is a better way. When Steve offered a free estimating program, I jumped on it.

When I got the estimating program, I also got an offer to join the DYB Community, which I accepted.

Shortly after entering the community, I joined a mastermind group and then eventually did 1-1 coaching with Steve every other week, and I still do to this day.

I started using the apps Steve suggested.

All the processes that I had earlier started were being implemented much easier and the guys were buying into them.

What? This stuff works?! Amazing.

Everything started running much smoother. I do still work in the business by estimating; however, I very seldom go to a job.

I have a Project Manager that takes care of the day to day duties. I also have a salesperson that I am training and have been afforded the luxury of my wife quitting her job to work with me.

I have doubled my paycheck because of the efficiency I have learned in the DYB System and now have time to help other painting contractors to do the same as I have just completed my DYB Coach Certification…

I’m launching my first Mastermind Group where I will help you to stop driving around all day, working IN the business and start working ON the business.

If you are letting your business run you and not running your business, let’s implement the DYB System for your company and get your freedom back.

We’ll be unpacking the DYB System, and programs like Basecamp, Estimate Rocket, T-Sheets, and the list goes on and on. Before you know it, you, too, could be making twice as much while working a 30 Hour Work Week, but there are only 3 spots left, so grab your spot now, here.

If you are already a DYB Member, you can simply upgrade here.


About the Author

Dalton Tomlinson is the owner of the successful Supreme Painting out of Fort Worth Texas, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and now shares with you!