Episode 05: Dalton Tomlinson Shares His Sales Process, Story, and Apps | DYB Coach

Episode 05: Dalton Tomlinson Shares His Sales Process, Story, and Apps

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Dalton Tomlinson is the Owner & Operator of Supreme Painting and a DYB Coach.

At the ripe age of 21, Dalton began his first painting business starting with newly constructed Tract Homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Since then, Dalton re-launched his business as Supreme Painting and has seen massive success by changing his mindset from working ‘in’ the business to working ‘on’ the business.

Enjoy this incredibly insightful conversation into the inner workings of his business, including Dalton’s Sales Process, Story, and Apps that help he and his team work effectively.




“I try to do as much preselling before I show up as I can.”  – Dalton Tomlinson

“I always try to call the customer. Not many people in different industries do this enough.” – Dalton Tomlinson

“99% of the time, people don’t really think a job is too much money. You just haven’t communicated the job’s value well enough yet.” – Dalton Tomlinson

“Nobody knows everything. Get out and talk to people, and get as much help as you can.” – Dalton Tomlinson


[7:05] What gave Dalton the courage to go after painting at such a young age?
[15:12] What was the biggest paradigm shift Dalton had that created his success?
[19:20] What is Dalton’s sales process, and how did he get to that point?
[40:45] What is Dalton’s favorite marketing and networking avenue?
[51:00] What are some books that has left a big impression on Dalton?



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The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

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Steve:                                        00:00                       This is Episode 5 with Dalton Tomlinson Giddyup partner.

Steve:                                        00:09                       Welcome to the DYB Podcast I’m your host Steve Burnett where each week we interview successful entrepreneurs to hear about their journey to inspire you to double your business. Thanks for spending some time with me today and now today show. Thank you again for being here.

Steve:                                        00:24                       We have many inspiring interviews lined up for you in the coming episodes including today’s with Dalton Tomlinson. But first a special thank you to our very first podcast interview by Mike clothier in iTunes saying great and easy podcasts. Thanks for all you do. My business has truly taken a new and great direction since I started working with the DIY bee group. Again thank you very much Mike clothier of custom home services. In this week’s episode I interview the owner and operator of supreme painting and DIY bee coach Dalton Tomlinson. At 21 years young Dalton dove in headfirst into his first painting business starting with new construction tract homes in a Dallas Fort Worth area. Since then he relaunched his business as supreme painting and has seen great success by changing his mindset from working in the business to working on the business. Enjoy this great conversation into the inner workings of his business including Dalton’s sales process story and apps that help him and his team to work effectively and profitably.

Steve:                                        01:24                       Without further ado here’s Episode 5.

Steve:                                        01:29                       Today’s guest is from Fort Worth Dallas area owner operator supreme. Painting is also a delight. Coach welcome Dalton Tomlinson. Today. I’m great thank you. See us. You’re welcome. Let’s get started with your story. I

Dalton:                                     01:45                       was 16 and I worked for a grocery store couple my friends. They both worked for a painting contractor. One of them that you know they work during the day they never worked weekends and I worked every night and every weekend I was missing out on all the parties and stuff. And so I wanted to be a painter. I work it out be a painter for a company that actually was a spinoff of that original contractor that I was just talking about got fired. The very first day because I couldn’t get it correctly. But by the end of the day he saw a good guy and he actually hired me back. And I never missed a day after that when I was about 18. General Motors was hiring. So the application there and it was about six months later I got hired I got out of that painting business and then a year and a half later Motors had a layoff.

Dalton:                                     02:36                       And so this layoff I didn’t know at the time but it ended up being a year and a half long. But during that layoff I went back to training and I was painting with my best friend. He was with a different contractor than we were doing track jobs. We worked there about six months and our boss decided to get out of the business altogether. He said that nobody could ever make money being a painter. So he got out of it and he became a truck driver. He noticed some money and he noticed some money and he said the only way you can get your money that I owe you is go ahead and finish this contract. And the money that I have left in there will pay you plus we started Symonston out the jobs that he did.

Dalton:                                     03:19                       He quit the contract. But the jobs that were started he wanted to finish and go. Me and my best friend. We just kept on working and try to get through those houses. This contract started 10 houses every Monday. It was five houses or more of a Street house on the other side and then the next Monday is the next five and the next five months. And they just kept going. This time it would have taken us maybe three or four weeks if we could just work through it and got to finish up. But what didn’t happen is I just turned 21 and so did my best friend. He was a couple months over the mate. So we kept telling him that we wanted to continue the contract but because we were so young we didn’t want to give it to me for about a week.

Dalton:                                     04:03                       They kept hiring painters and coming in and they couldn’t keep up or they didn’t want to keep up because I mean it was the frantic pace trying to do 10 hours a week. So after after about six hours I was six or seven weeks they finally come back to us and said Do you think you can handle this. And we told them we handle that before because our boss was out there not working. It was just me and my best friend and we had some other crew members. And they said you have all the equipment they said OK you start tomorrow. But this time there was Stephanie Elam is on the on the ground that hadn’t even been started painting on my own that night.

Dalton:                                     04:43                       We called around and we found an airless pamphlet going. We started calling some people see if they wanted to come from work force you know within a few days we had a couple of guys helping us out. At one point we were probably up to about eight or nine yards. But we were and this was March not only started a time had just change or about to change but we were working from sun up to sun down to try to get out. And it basically took us a year and a half to get caught. But we were sent to some for an hour while they were still going.

Steve:                                        05:17                       But we actually caught up with the backlog. It took that long.

Steve:                                        05:21                       And Kay only.

Dalton:                                     05:23                       And then two and a half years later me and my partner decided to split. I figured out what I thought the company was worth and I gave it to him and let him do either. He bought me out or or I bought him out and he chose to keep me company and he bought me out though the next day I started the supreme painting which was October of 85. I actually went to the same builder the home builder. I went in another subdivision and started work that was smaller. They started buying houses everywhere that went on for about a year and a half. So I had steady work. Did

Steve:                                        05:54                       you guys make any money in those tract homes.

Dalton:                                     05:57                       I say all the time. If I’m moving now if I’m using what I know now I would still be spending money. But no we did. I mean we made a living. We paid her bills. But we really. Did.

Steve:                                        06:09                       Money and being new in the business.

Dalton:                                     06:12                       From critics of a Mosiah yeah the Mosaddeq the painted was five years and that was even non-stock because I had a couple other jobs in between there’s small amounts.

Steve:                                        06:21                       But Grant he probably had about five years experience but really no years experience in the business interest a something that’s really intrigues me in this story is not many people would have went after it and he said yeah we can handle it. We’ve got the equipment and you were proceeding in faith training and you clearly stepping out of your comfort zone and into the magic zone of figuring out how how can we make this happen. How can we get after it. You didn’t drop any seamounts or and say we can’t do that. Where did this come from. How did you have the courage to go after it even at a younger age. I

Dalton:                                     07:01                       was only 21 and I really didn’t know what I was getting into.

Steve:                                        07:06                       Okay that’s great. So then you started the supreme painting. I believe you said October of 85. What’s the story been like from from there until now. We started a supreme painting and you were doing these tract homes. What was next. We

Dalton:                                     07:20                       started in the track homes and then me and him split up and I was still doing track on I was doing everything myself. And what we kind of grew I actually got another subdivision they presold about 150 houses before their streets were even built. Wow. And as soon as the streets were available they were able to get started working. So they were building 150 houses as fast as I can. I actually got up to 27 guys had 27 guys work but I was running around like a madman. Sure

Dalton:                                     07:52                       there’s a loop around 4:00 or called a 20. We would always talk about you know we had to do the live three times today. Let’s start out. I would go to one subdivision. I would get them all the stuff that they needed. Make sure they knew what was going on. And then I would drive around the next subdivision the next job the next couple of job. And then by the time I was in the first people they said you know we still need this. And they changed the color on this. So I had to run around there and get that done. So basically all I was doing was driving all day long hours a whole lot of mile per hour. My step dad he told me the best way to keep a truck running is keep the old things. If you do nothing else just do that all changed. And he got me to where planes all over 2000 miles. Well when I was doing this I was changing the whole of my truck every weekend. No I was doing 2000 miles away.

Steve:                                        08:48                       Oh my goodness that’s a lot of driving. How long did you keep this up for us.

Dalton:                                     08:54                       Luckily there was a recession in 1987 that could have been 88. And I went from one Friday I paid twenty seven guys the next Friday I paid to get down that fast. Wow. I mean I had laid off 25 gas Mbak then I head down at killing more paint and my paint bill every month was over 20000. It was between 20 and 25000.

Dalton:                                     09:18                       And when you have 27 gas pretty easy to make enough money to pay a 25000 dollar bill. But when you only have to it and sharing body parts and I ended up having to borrow some money and just working out the the slowness it took awhile for the economy to come back in. I’ve actually borrowed 10000 dollars to help pay some of the stuff that I had to get paid. But at the end of a year it took me a year to make enough money to pay that ten thousand dollars. So every year I was in debt and I hate to be in debt. Sure. During the year it slowly built up. So I couldn’t tell you exactly but it was probably up to three or four guys you know by the end of the year after year.

Steve:                                        10:03                       Things were starting to normalize and be more even though I never did get back the 27 guys won I didn’t like it because all I was doing was just driving sure and running around with my head cut off.

Steve:                                        10:19                       Catch us up to supreme painting today safe to assume we’re not painting tract homes anymore correct. No

Dalton:                                     10:26                       . No I quit that about 1989. What

Steve:                                        10:29                       is your target market.

Dalton:                                     10:31                       You know as you say and you have the three piece before I joined do the I really didn’t even know what three piece were or even how to find it. But when I first joined the IB that was one of the first things I did. And what I did is I made a list of my customers that I had for that year. And we had them plotted on a map. So I noticed that most of my jobs were across the north part of parent County which is really North Fort Worth. But there’s a bunch of little bitty towns also in there. And then we picked out the customers that we had fun with the ones that were easy going and so we noticed that most of those like you said were across the north forward.

Dalton:                                     11:11                       At that time they were probably over 250000 lower houses as of today my target market is over 300000. But we also picked out the ones that we made a profit. That’s how it narrowed it down to over 300000 across the north farther for work. So that’s kind of how I use the three piece. That’s what I speak for. Just

Steve:                                        11:30                       to clarify for our listeners the three piece ice Voca People are so that people we like to work with and find second piece profit and make sure these jobs are profitable. And the third ones process it’s easiest to set up execute and close out. So that’s where we first exercise three piece. That’s how you establish your target market was. Now you recognize them when they call or if they’re not and you know for them away and such. Correct. That’s for testing. What’s been a paradigm shift for you to help me to reach this level of success. I

Dalton:                                     12:07                       quit worrying about the day to day operations and are concentrating just just on sales. I was spending too much time with little bitty Taffe and so I quit doing that. I’ve concentrated on the sales and making sure they’re the right sales using the three piece that they need to make sales. This market is so crazy there’s not enough painters so it’s easy to make a sale. You just really make it right. They’ll tell you get a job. You think you’re going to make money but it’s the wrong fit. Maybe

Dalton:                                     12:37                       the homeowner is difficult to deal with or they have certain parameters that may not work. I had one God after I got the job and I had no idea until we started the job. But he didn’t want to start until 10 o’clock and then at 2 o’clock his wife had to go pick up the kids.

Dalton:                                     12:56                       So he only wanted to sort from Canada to boy number one. It made all the guys mad because they were getting hours. But the thing took twice as long which pushed me into other jobs that were schedule. If you had to push them back then they get mad you know then they may have been the rap customer low. We just make sure everything is going to work with our process so that we can start either Seven or eight. I have some guys that like to start at 7 and some customers want to start up because a lot of my customers will go to work and we’re left him out for a while. So they may leave at work at 730 so they like us to show up. But if you just ask all these questions of prime then you’ll narrow down the bad choices.

Steve:                                        13:41                       And testate now. What if they’re bad. What if it’s a bad fit. They don’t fit your three piece they’re bad but the requesting you to come out and provide them with an estimate.

Dalton:                                     13:51                       Heidi and I usually talk to them and I don’t want to say I’m too good for your job. I don’t want to say I’m too busy for the job but I will tell them that you know for a job like that. I mean if our calendar is spread out you know I’ll tell them that the you know we’re not going to be able to get to it in their timeframe. Meaning if they’re in especially hurry. But what I always do is I have three different companies around this area that I can refer them to. So over on to other painting companies they’re not trust because I don’t want to recommend somebody just not going to show they’re happy because they don’t have to go search for anything. They kind of they get a recommendation. So they have somewhere to start to look for someone else.

Steve:                                        14:35                       OK fantastic. So let them know. Why not be able to get to them to them their timeframe and then you have three other companies that you trust and you can refer them to. And they’re not upset with you and they don’t feel like you’re too good for them. That’s correct. OK. Fantastic. Now on the point of sales can you share a little bit of your process of presenting your proposals on the spot and if you are have you always. And how did that come to be.

Dalton:                                     15:02                       No I haven’t always. In the beginning I wasn’t confident in my prices. A lot of times my prices I thought were too high and I would end up lowering them out over think it was my problem. But the reason I did that is because I was confident in my prices. I found out that most the time I was too low anyway. But again I just I didn’t know my numbers correctly. So that was the first name when I got to know my numbers. I got a lot more confident my bills ratio goes way up by presenting on the spot.

Steve:                                        15:35                       My process is I try to do as much precisely before the show if I can.

Dalton:                                     15:43                       Whenever they call in for an estimate they get an email immediately and it is a form of confirmation. But I also get some information about me what to expect during the estimate. And then there’s also an attachment. And it tells the differences between me and most other contractors not think like I do a seven year warranty. Most people don’t have that much free touch ups once a year. We do have insurance workers comp and general liability. A lot of people around here do not. We’ve

Dalton:                                     16:13                       been in business now 32 years. But just give some information and then when I go to the estimate and talk to them about exactly what they’re wanting we go around and do the measuring. They ask different questions or you want to paint this same color or different color. Now make notes I’ve been go out to my truck and I use to market market to estimate and everything is basically pre written out. I do have to make some edits usually talk to them. It takes about 15 minutes measure. Usually 10 minutes I go out to my truck and do a whole estimate usually in about 15 minutes and then I take the estimate. I go over each item line by line if they have any questions and answer their questions and then I for the job yes and ask for the job.

Steve:                                        17:02                       Fantastic that’s awesome. Sue you mentioned as ever I can. Glad you brought that up because really if you I’d be your Mr. Esmat rocket Soji presented webinars on it and you pretty much help everybody who has issues and challenges even out of workshops should help them with their estimate rocket Essem rockets an S winning program in the cloud mining for those who may have never heard of it. Could

Dalton:                                     17:26                       you share a little bit of a program is completely customizable. You can have an estimate the way that you estimate you can do about by hours. You can do about linear feet square in the OR each. And I actually use a combination of all of them but they all could be set up as a line item and then you just pick and choose which line item you’re going to use. And then I have a template for interior. I have a template for Exter. I have a template for Pences either chain link fence wrought iron fence or with sensors that are all on the same template.

Dalton:                                     18:00                       And I just pick and choose which line item I want to add to the estimate it will put a total at the bottom line and totals you can do group totals where you can just do a one price the bar like if it’s complete customizable pretty much any way you want it you can add pictures I’ll take pictures of my exterior certain pieces of wood that need to be replaced I’ll take pictures of those I use skitch to make them arrow on the picture and then it is in the estimate. That way there’s no question of which piece of wood I’m replacing which piece of wood. I’m just going to repair estimate rocket has automated emails and that’s actually what got me started using some rocket. The very first email that goes out the appointment confirmation. So once I enter the information in Ehsanullah it it sends that out it will send out an email.

Dalton:                                     18:50                       Two days later and it says We just want to make sure you if you had any questions over the amount you can call us or email us back. The third day it will send me an email reminding me that I need to call back customer because if it hasn’t been accepted by the third day and I flit all day and talk don’t try to answer any questions. And again in the email and when I crawl I always ask for a job and I’ll get a response. There’s another email that goes out for days after that which would be a week later the next day after that. They sent me another email on of the first week. I want to hit them several times because usually people make that decision very quickly and I don’t want to miss out on that decision. Absolutely

Steve:                                        19:32                       . So you’re asking for the job while you are there. And so then this whole process is just for the ones who didn’t commit while you you’re there with the automatic emails helping you to close many more gaps and then once we get the job there’s another set of automated emails to go out. One

Dalton:                                     19:50                       is think anyone and then about seven days later there’s one that will be sent out asking for the colours. Get all the colours before we actually start the job that we were ready. We have all our stuff. The very first day and there’s not a lot going back and forth to the store. That’s warm our process is to cut the paint store out of it altogether and that’s a good thing that saves me a lot of time and testing. What

Steve:                                        20:12                       would you say has brought the most success in business.

Dalton:                                     20:16                       Have the greatest impact the apps I use TC’s saved me a lot of time because we were using timecards or forwarder because we fill ourselves. And so I would have to take the car I would have to get it on time but also had to take the car. I had to enter the hourly information on what job it was to do the job costing. It took a whole lot of PCs. Now it’s done. I can pull a report on Sunday and I know what the hours are for the week. You know I already have it how to a job. And then the next one I learned about base camp. That one really helps out I can fill the schedule out. The guys can see their schedule and they don’t ever have to call me hey where I’m at today or tomorrow what am I doing next week.

Dalton:                                     21:02                       They can actually see the calendar. Then it also has all the job information. The customers name the jobs number the address work order what were doing and it also has the material list on what materials we need for this job.

Dalton:                                     21:17                       I copy the material list on Wednesdays and I email it too much or when his paints or and they deliver it to our office on Thursday. We usually have a team meeting on Friday mornings and they can pick up the pain that they need for next week so they very seldom ever come by the office and really just pick up the check or for the team meeting everyone so all somebody needs a different kind of or something like that.

Dalton:                                     21:42                       So I do come back but it is them calling by other offices drop down. Probably 90 percent. Are out painting instead of going around looking for material or tools and testing so just to clarify it as a base camp to the trees and correct.

Dalton:                                     21:59                       I am using too because the calendar is really the biggest difference I think.

Steve:                                        22:03                       I agree and do find it because all of the project information the pictures the address the Skoko for the materials all available to cruise ahead of time that they can pretty much have it have painted in their mind before they even arrive.

Steve:                                        22:19                       Yes. Yeah actually one of my early painters actually study that the day before he goes to the job. He read everything. I mean he’s just he’s just that kind of person that you know what’s going on before he gets there. Yes.

Steve:                                        22:33                       Yes that is fantastic. So I imagine that’s going to help with your production rates right being that they already know what’s coming up they have it half figured out in their mind before they arrive they’re ready to take it after it.

Dalton:                                     22:46                       Yes. Spending an hour going on with the customer saying what are we doing here. What are we doing there. Okay we need this paying us of a paint store and get it. It might have been 10 30 11 o’clock before they actually started painting. But now they go in first thing they start messing things up and they get after the hour as the owner and ask them you know is there expert room that you want them first for last. And then they go from there. They’re usually painting 30 minutes after they show up.

Steve:                                        23:15                       Interesting. So base camp to estimate raket t sheets. What else might you have in your text that you could share. That’s made a difference for your company.

Dalton:                                     23:26                       Group me is another one. It’s the group texting app. We use it for daily encouragement. We tell the team how great they’re doing. I’ll put jokes on there. I’ll do some gifs when there are many logos but I greet them everyday at least if nothing else to say. Good morning. The other thing I do is whenever we get a review or rating that either one of them in Google or Yelp or even the bids come in email or copy that I put it in there just know people do actually appreciate their work and people do care. I’ve had painters made always about the customer really didn’t care they just wanted it painted. I wanted a different color. I thought they cared about me but I think it’s important to give the things back to the end and let them know that other people besides me think that they’re doing a good job elevating the culture. You’re

Steve:                                        24:17                       right and the culture of eating.

Dalton:                                     24:20                       I use the bowl because I’m out in the truck a lot. Leave that to listen to the books instead of reading. And so my drivetime actually getting some work done while I’m driving to and from jobs. I use dash line. Any website it automatically puts the log in information in there and so I don’t have to remember 17 different law means automatically log jam. It also has a life form as well yes but your name address and even credit cards like if you’re paying for something. If it keeps all the information in there so it automatically loads that stuff in there. I just pick which credit card I want to pay for it and it completely prefilled that out and what I do is hit send or enter and I get logged in and buy things much quicker. We talking about skitch I use that to take pictures of different points for the job and then I can use Aeros or circles or whatever to get my point across exactly what we’re doing.

Dalton:                                     25:21                       Zillo below is a website that tells a whole lot about how this usually has pictures of the exterior and interior. I can find out when the house was built how much the houses were what area burned. So it helps out a lot with the third. My telephone system is with grasshopper grasshopper’s really a virtual phone number. But I’m mortgaged my office number into it so it goes to any phone I want to. I actually have a cell phone that’s just set up for the business. The calls come in there but they can also be sent out to see if it needs to go to one of the leaders we can forward the phone call to the earlier place.

Dalton:                                     26:05                       That way you know but people don’t have to know 17 different phone numbers from my company. Know different crew leaders or me or the office staff they just call one number and then it can be they can be transferred just like a regular office system. You can turn it on and off at certain times you know if you don’t want calls after 8:00 o’clock you can have a turn off or it just goes straight to voicemail. It does have texting ability so I can get texts and a lot of the times I’ve get texts with pictures of things a customer says I want to add this wall or this cabinet and acted in a process over the phone. One of the biggest things I think for keeping any contact with customers is send out cards and a greeting card company that they have stock cards of stock photos but they also you can you can customize it and put your own photo and your own wording in there.

Dalton:                                     27:00                       You can even fill out a form where it will actually be your handwriting on the card. You can send out cards to one person or. But it or find out a customer’s birthday or an anniversary. Write it down and I hand enter into the calendar. So it tells me so and so’s anniversary is coming up so often and an anniversary card for their birthdays come up I’ll send them a birthday card but if nothing else we send them out to everybody. Four times a year. About every quarter and we’ll do different things. Fantastic

Steve:                                        27:32                       . How valuable has it been to leverage this system to stay top of mind to analysts.

Dalton:                                     27:38                       Because I think one of the things that we do as contractors or we don’t do enough is keep in contact with the customers where we have. So if you don’t do anything else you at least touch them four times a year. Hardly anybody gives Thanksgiving cards. So I’d like to be the first one on the refrigerator. They usually keep it at least Christmas. I want to be a little bit different than everybody else. You’ll have more engagement if you’re competing with 75 Christmas cards for free Thanksgiving cards. You’re more apt to get more notice from the free Thanksgiving. Absolutely. The other three times I try to be funny. I’m a comedian. I wasn’t a painter. I probably would be a comedian but I do a lot of funny things every day of the year. There’s some kind of holiday can be tough like a pirate day or it could be national cheesecake day every day there some there’s at least one in a lot of times four or five different national.

Dalton:                                     28:39                       They try to pick and choose one of those and send out little funny cards for those days just to remind people you know that talk like a Pirate Day or national cheesecake day.

Steve:                                        28:51                       I love it. Well let’s kind of segue that is we’re seeing top of mind to our client list a customer list. What are some of your other marketing or networking strategies that you share. We kind of compare because I know unfortunately a lot of companies out there are still paying for leads right. And I refer to that as a racket. But personally your favorite marquee are now key avenues.

Dalton:                                     29:17                       The one that I have the most enjoyment is is actually calling the customer and a past customer in all industries I don’t think people do this and I use the kind of shy away from it. I always thought the customer didn’t want to hear from me. You know they have their own life and they don’t care about a painter. When I talk to a miner while we were in their house Kanaly were family a little bit you know were in there with them for a week or two weeks are along a job laughs and they kind of get to know each one of us and accept the job I do a little bit of all talk to the customer you know ask how the team does all this. A lot of times they know their names. They said you know Harry was really great.

Dalton:                                     30:01                       Chris had a funny story a couple weeks ago Chris got sick and they were asking decrypt it better. They kind of care that type of back and forth told me that they didn’t care and that it’s OK to you know call on everyone so don’t call them everyday and ask for a job. You know I just don’t see how they’re doing and actually what I use as a trigger my free just once a year OK would you impact that disyllabic isn’t everybody out there another like what you call your. I don’t know where it is for job Id call the approach or what what I started doing probably a year and a half ago was doing free touch ups once a year. They get up to an hour’s worth of free touch up for the work that we did. It does a couple of things.

Dalton:                                     30:44                       It keeps us top of mind because they get this email once a year saying it’s time for Propecia if they need one. It also they want to remember who paid for their house. They think they may miss out on the free Techa so they make sure that they are members of the prame painting. I’ve heard stories where people get their house painted and two or three months later they don’t remember the name of the company that did it. Very true though I want them to remember the print painting but recently what I started doing is the email also goes to me just to remind me that so and so may be calling for a Techa when they call. I already know who they are what they’re talking about but I will if I don’t get a call in the first week of that free touch up then I will call them and our remind them about the free touch up a lot of people thought I was crazy for this.

Dalton:                                     31:31                       I was just called and a lot of more hours to be spent on a job that I didn’t have. But over 50 percent of the time I actually get more work out of it.

Steve:                                        31:41                       All I do and Zik would say hold the phone friend. So yes and I’m sure everything is right for you or touch of reach. What’s up with you crazy you know 7 year warranty or free touch. You’ll be running around just like you were back most track homes and you’re 21 driving around in the loop. But that’s nothing like.

Dalton:                                     32:07                       No. I have gone back to do touch ups did the touch up. Everything was great and left and nothing else happened. I’ve gone back to the touch up that took 15 minutes so the guy you know he had to drive there. I usually do it in the morning or at the end of the day. That way they can drive straight to the House do it and then go to the next shop more they just leave a little bit early and go to do that on the way home. Over 50 percent of the time while on there they’ll say hey why you’re here. I’d like to get a price on this bedroom or the house that needs to be painted but if I hadn’t been there or sent them the email they probably wouldn’t even thought about it. It may have been two more years than that and the house is falling down around them you know rotting wood and stuff on the side before they decide and then you know it’s possible that they don’t call me.

Dalton:                                     33:00                       So I just try to be there painter to take care of them all the time but I just want to remind them that I’m still here. But I’ve also called him I said you know I don’t have any touch up but we need the front door repainted or we need that extra hour or something like that. That’s the whole idea of staying top of mind. You want to be in their brain when they think painting you want them to think of you not hey I pain. Now I have to go through the phonebook and all 74 people.

Steve:                                        33:29                       Fantastic. I love it. That’s brilliant segue. Lol first networking you do some local networking. When

Dalton:                                     33:35                       I joined the. To me that kind of a networking thing you know you get to talk to a lot of painters all over and then you get their ideas the way they do things. I’ve learned a whole lot from other painters all over the country that I never would have known if I had joined the what the BMI. I’m going a low opinion. Very. The first year I was there at the end of the year I told my wife that I wasn’t going to read don’t go. And she asked me why and I said I don’t. I didn’t think I’d get the return of all the money spent and time but time was. The biggest I. Know. And she told me that one of the problems I have. I can talk to. Six or eight people. No problem. But if I get into a big group of people it’s hard for me.

Dalton:                                     34:25                       To. Talk to them. I just I. Don’t know why I just have a big problem with it. But. When I. Join me and. I start having to talked to. 30 people every week they get easier and easier. And. I never noticed it but. My wife said. That. I’ve noticed that you’re.

Dalton:                                     34:43                       A lot easier. You’re more at ease talking to. Groups. To me that was worth a little bit of money too. But then also I went back. And looked. At how much money. Because I keep track of. Where my leads come from leads or referrals. And the first year I did. 25000. Dollars worth of work. For BNA that came from being not in my head. I was thinking it was more like four thousand dollars. And so that’s not the main reason I decided I wasn’t going to sign up again for another year.

Dalton:                                     35:14                       But once I figured out that I got 25000 dollars from a group then it was a no brainer when I had joined up in now Ben I’m about to go into my fourth year in Vienna actually average at least three referrals a month in the top 10 referral sources. It’s usually fantastic.

Dalton:                                     35:34                       So it’s quite quite a bit. So once we work that key point here is that you track those you track and you for sources. That’s all the way you know what’s working and what’s not absolutely fantastic are some books that you’re reading now or some of your favorite business books will be that they’ll do business work on the business.

Steve:                                        35:53                       Our focus conversations are toward the business since it’s developing so that we can have financial freedom and in time with our families. What are some books that have made a big impression on you. Maybe some that you’re reading now that you would encourage others to get a hold of a month ago.

Dalton:                                     36:11                       I would have told you that my favorite book was the compound effect by Darren Hardy.

Dalton:                                     36:16                       You know a lot of people and me included in the beginning I only wanted jobs that I made ten thousand dollars at a time. Those are far between and you don’t always make the 10000 dollars. It’s kind of like somebody said in the group about the house on the Hill everybody wants to work for this big house.

Dalton:                                     36:35                       But he noticed the way you get in there and you’re there for a month. So you go a whole month without getting that back then you finally get a check. If you had gone the flip side you might have done eight jobs in that month they got eight different checks your cash flows a lot better the whole deal. It’s just not always best to do the big house on mail actually kind of shy away from it. I used to get big dollar signs and even actually just it’s really more of the prestige hey I paid me that. And everybody knows what that house is but to me it never did work out to getting more jobs somewhere else down there down the road. So you know I I’ve always shot away from it. Just recently I read the book or actually listen to the book sale or be sold by Grant Cardone.

Dalton:                                     37:21                       As soon as I finished reading it I turned around and started again. That’s actually my favorite book now. It’s got a lot of great ideas in there. He thinks a little different about a lot of people’s objections that people give you all kinds of reasons. But 99 percent of the time it’s money. It’s not that they don’t have enough money to do the job. If you haven’t sold them that your job is worth that much money. I’m trying to change my selling process to make sure that people understand what they’re getting when they get.

Steve:                                        37:53                       Fantastic. So talk about taking ownership. Right. It’s not that the other guy is cheaper it’s just that we have and probably communicated the value that we provide. Exactly

Dalton:                                     38:03                       . You always hear somebody that they run the price on the back of a business card here’s the price for your work. That’s the only information they give. So if you only give them a price that someone they may have to just drop and they’re almost always going to go with a lower price. If that’s the only information you give them you’d have to give them more information to see why it’s worth paying extra money for you.

Steve:                                        38:25                       Absolutely fantastic. I bet your e-mails have a lot to do with that. I know that you also have video testimonials to help prove that your team provides a better experience that you could add that as well. Anything else you’d add.

Dalton:                                     38:41                       Well you talk about the video testimony. I have a link from the signature of my e-mail. You know see what other people are saying about spring training. And there is a link where they go to Oleo and opens up a page with 45 are in the 40s of video testimonials that I have. And they can see 40 people that they may know but it’s all from this area. A lot of times I tell people he had references he gave me three names and I said well I’m sure he’s got a mother a cousin and a sister. So you get through it if you can actually see it. Different people. And they’re actually doing a video promoting me. And to me that’s powerful.

Steve:                                        39:21                       That’s huge. Yes. Yes it is. And that’s awesome. This is great. You provided a ton of value and you share your story. And to wrap it all up what’s the final advice or encouragement today for others out there who are trying to get to the next level.

Dalton:                                     39:38                       Nobody knows everything. So did that help. Talk to people. It can be other painters other businesspeople. You know it’s great to get in a group of the same businesses and that way you can all talk shop if you get bigger. You probably already find somebody that downplayed the same problem that you’re having. And so you get firsthand knowledge of what he did right and what he did wrong you know get help get as much help as you can. You can join the Web. You can join me and IBNR is great. You know you’re with other businesses and you may not know it but other businesses have to have a lot of the same problems you can get help.

Dalton:                                     40:13                       They’re not just referrals but it’s just great to be with other people other businesses or other painters just get what people at and I don’t think people asking that question if you ask questions are out of.

Steve:                                        40:25                       Fantastic. That’s awesome. That’s a great thing to do.

Dalton:                                     40:28                       One last question before we roll out of here today which favorite coffee the coffee made by men are world wide. And you buy it and you get the feeling it’s usually in other countries people that are starving they need to be good.

Steve:                                        40:42                       Yes absolutely. So do it be coffee just re clarify. It’s double your blessing. Coffee really off our bread and still be a blessing. 100 percent of proceeds go to feeding starving children and. And watch each munity and we’ve fed I believe Mike Green just that we said to children all here straight through. Thanks to all the CAF a nation that’s going on among too high. So it’s fantastic. Thank you very much. If others out there have follow up questions or would like to reach out to speak to you directly to that e-mail you message on Facebook. What’s the best way for them to reach out to you.

Dalton:                                     41:21                       They can message me on Facebook or e-mail me Dalton@SupremePainting.com.

Steve:                                        41:25                       Dalton@supremepainting.com or our Facebook message. Very generous of you. Thank you so much for coming on for sharing your story and your text back what’s working best for you. How to elevate your culture and also some of your genius lead gen warrantees. The difference you’re making in the community inspiring others. Thank you for your time today.

Dalton:                                     41:48                       Earlier Virtua. You’re welcome. Have a great day. You too. Hope

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Thank you very much for listening. Our mission is to inspire you to double your business so that you too can have financial freedom. Spend time with your family and make an impact in your community. I appreciate you and I’ll see you next week. Remember you’ve got this.


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As a newly single father of two from MI, he struggled to start over as a paint contractor in FL, going door to door. His situation was so bad, even the IRS had mercy on him. Thanks to books, and seminars, and winning the wife lottery, he not only cracks the success code and overcomes the struggle, but also streamlines the business in less than 3 years, published a how to book, then sold the company,  and now coaches other businesses like you to do the same.