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EP50: The DYB Coaches Share Their Top Strategies to Establish Rapport to Win People Over


In this special episode of the DYB podcast, Steve is joined by the whole team of industry experts from different states.

They talk about a very essential aspect of business: Rapport.

Steve and his colleagues dive into how to establish good rapport with employees, vendors, clients and everyone else involved in the business.

The members gather and share their insights and perspectives on building real, genuine business relationships.

The group also exchange stories about their own business relationships and how their genuine efforts and rapport have gone a long way.

They also discuss correct approaches to networking and even practical tips on how to make great impressions to make sales happen.


  • Why Rapport is an essential aspect for your business
  • How to establish good rapport among employees
  • How to build real and genuine relationships



“I think rapport also has to come in a natural, humble way, it can’t be self-serving or arrogant or for other purposes and so that’s what makes it kind of genuine and without that genuine humility, it doesn’t work.”

“When it [rapport with employees] comes out in a genuine manner, it gives you an additional level of care and empathy and interest in the life of your employees and that can really drive culture.”

“Do take care of your vendors, your vendors are your partners, they’re part of your team and when you ask them, you know, how can I be a better customer of yours, that’s gonna blow them away.”

“Vendor service trumps $2-$5 per gallon, all day.”

“It’s a transactional business, but ultimately it’s all about relationships.”


4:38 What is rapport and why do we need it?

6:13 Rapport and company culture

13:49 Dealing with new employees unaccustomed to the culture

16:33 Rapport with vendor relationships

22:02 How important is networking?

34:27 Rapport in sales


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