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EP53: The New Mindset of Hiring to Build Your Team


This episode of the DYB podcast features the DYB team consisting of Steve, Ron, Greg and Scott to talk about the new mindset of hiring and building a team.

The team dives into the challenges of hiring new employees and things that should be considered and taken into account when employing new people. They also talk about different platforms to connect with possible employees and share stories and scenarios that can help any entrepreneur successfully build his or her team.

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  • Challenges of hiring new employees
  • Things to consider when hiring new employees.
  • Platforms to connect with potential employees
  • How to successfully build and retain a good team





“Part of the reason why some guys aren’t showing up is because they’re working jobs and they’re considering leaving them.”

“Anything you can do to lower barriers in order to get the higher people in will benefit you.”

“You should be addressing culture and purpose in your ads and what people want to know is if there’s a place to grow in your company.”

“It’s worth learning a little bit about the generations that are today’s workforce, work-life balance for instance, is very important.”

“If we’re gonna grow our company, we need to be comfortable being uncomfortable, it’s the only feeling towards success.”



3:00 New hires not showing up

5:55 How to make people comfortable during an interview

10:25 Character and behavioral issues

12:40 Platforms to connect with people

15:50 Discussion on payment

21:38 What is the Jack Welsh concept?

28:30 How to communicate company culture?



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