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EP58: The Challenges of the Seasonal Crush


In this episode of the DYB Podcast, DYB team members talk about the challenges of the seasonal crush, specifically, when exterior jobs start kicking off. Given that Steve, Ron, Scott, and Greg work with different companies, they exchange various perspectives on seasonal crush, the challenges and the strategies to deal with it to maximize opportunity.

The team dives into the important aspects of the business when things get busy, such as qualifying, price adjustments, and staff management. They discuss proper communication with clients and some things to be considered regarding overtime and expenses. As any DYB podcast, the team gives valuable tips, tried and tested by experience, on how to stay on top of things during seasonal crush and ultimately achieve financial freedom.



  • The challenges and the strategies to deal with a busy season.
  • How to qualify your leads, adjust prices and manage your staff during seasonal crush.
  • Proper communication with clients.
  • How to handle overtime and expenses.





“Don’t take every lead that comes in.”

“If you can’t even give them an estimate for two weeks, they may assume that you will never get to the actual paint job. You need to have open slots in your schedule for estimates and pre-qualify deeper.”

“If it’s an A-plus customer referral, we need to take a pause and follow through and communicate and understand their situation to find a way to do that estimate.”

“You really should adjust your pricing according to the demand when you’re getting that kind of backlog because the fact is, you’re not able to do any more work and you’re gonna be stuck at those prices.”

“I think that when it gets crazy busy, especially for emerging or growth contractors, they can really lose sight of the reality of their business… I think sometimes, we get lulled into a sense of profitability.”



3:58 Analyzing leads and qualifying properly

10:12 Price adjustment

14:23 Hiring and managing staff

17:07 Scheduling and communication with customers

24:27 Dealing with overtime, numbers, and expenses



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