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EP59: Time Management Strategies For the Busy Season


In this episode of the DYB podcast, Steve is again joined by Ron, Greg, and Scott to talk about time management strategies during the busy season. The team tackles the challenges of the busy season from different perspectives.

The DYB team members discuss productivity, time management and ways to implement methods for proper communication with clients and employees. They also talk about delegation and prioritization and how a ‘jam session’ can help out with plans and strategies. They give valuable time management as well as tips for personal well-being in order to operate not only with efficiency but also with integrity.



  • Time management strategies during the busy season
  • Proper communication methods with both clients and employees
  • Delegation and prioritization during a busy season
  • Personal wellness tips for maximum efficiency and productivity





“Set up your system so employees allocate the proper time for each task, and another huge thing is that as we start getting really busy, a lot of people throw away their operational systems and that’s just a big no go!”

“Do the estimate on the spot and be done with it.”

“A lot of things that end up in your idea graveyard are things that just never got the proper focus.”

“When I can get out there and when I do get out there early morning and get my exercise in first, ideas start flowing, things make sense, the answers come in and everything just flows.”

“If you don’t honor a commitment to yourself, nobody’s going to respect your boundaries as well.”



3:41 Challenges with employees and coming up with estimates for clients

9:48 What is a jam session in DYB terms?

14:12 Scheduling and prioritization

16:15 Exercise, daily routines, and personal well-being

21:30 Delegation and keeping track of business activities



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