EP62: Managing Client Expectations from Estimate to Referral | DYB Coach

EP62: Managing Client Expectations from Estimate to Referral

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EP62: Managing Client Expectations from Estimate to Referral


In this episode of the DYB podcast, Steve brings in Greg and Scott to talk about managing client expectations. The team takes a close look at the customer experience and how to improve it, from estimates to referrals.

Greg and Scott break down the communication process with clients and highlight the necessary practices in setting up appointments, showing up properly, building rapport and dealing with the details of the transaction. They also share gestures that can surely leave clients happy and satisfied.



  • How to improve customer experience
  • Communication process
  • How to build rapport with clients
  • The little gestures that leave clients happy and satisfied





“One of the big things that I think people are missing out on is the follow-up phone conversation that happens after the appointment is booked. Anyone that is booked on your website, you need to call.”

“The customer is really looking for you to direct the process.”

“You should talk very little in the process, you should listen.”

“Take the time to listen to the customer and understand their pain”

“Quality is a baseline, elevate the company in the experience.”



1:06 Communication process

5:45 What are good practices for salespeople?

14:33 What to do after getting the job?

22:27 End of job practices



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