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EP67: How to Handle the Seasonal Crush


In this episode of the DYB podcast, Steve, April, Ron, Greg, and Scott talk about how to handle seasonal crush. The team tackles the important things to consider when things are or about to get really busy.

Steve and the gang discuss how to properly plan ahead and focus on priorities during the busy season. They stress the importance of communication, affirmation for employees, having time off and setting boundaries in order to be on top of the chaos. The team also gives some professional advice regarding growth pains during challenging times.



  • How to properly plan ahead and focus on priorities
  • Importance of communication, having time off and setting boundaries
  • How to keep growing your company even during difficult times





“Right now we have blinders on, all we’re thinking about right now is the busyness of the season…what we really need to do, as leaders and CEO of our business, is work our plan.”

“Don’t make it your painters’ fault that this happened or that you got here. This is your business; you created this chaos and you have to uphold the culture.”

“If I’m doing something and my phone is ringing off the hook, I will pause and let people leave messages and make sure that I’m focusing on what I’m working on because it can get pretty chaotic this time of the year with your phone.”

“You always need an opportunity for people to make an appointment.”

“There’s so much freedom when someone isn’t tethered to cash flow.”



1:00 Importance of planning

5:49 Handling appointments

10:10 How do you insulate your team from the seasonal crush?

16:56 How to take care of oneself during the chaos

19:42 How to scale and forecast



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