​Here is How We Use the DYB Sales Process...

​To win over 80% of our bids...

​Profit From Every Estimate

It's 1998 and I'm managing to luck into around 15% of my bids, which I think is pretty good.

So I bravely bid $19,000 on a residential job...

It's more than I've ever bid, I'm nervous about it, but for some reason I'm feeling confident. Maybe a little too confident as this job sure would look nice on our website. 

And I win that bid.

"I'm in the big leagues now," I believe.

I smile while I paint, and I daydream about the fleet of paint trucks and the army of loyal painters I'll have someday.

I even begin to mentally plan a family vacation for when this job is done.

But two weeks and $21,000 later, I'm still not done.

To make a long story short, I should have bid $26,000. Not $19,000.

Now my credit card is further in the red than it has ever been, I have a huge paint bill, and to make matters worse, it's tax season.

The dread and the fear sink deep, and for months I'm desperate.

I bid low, I take jobs from general contractors (which I hate), and I eventually claw my way out of debt after 9+ years.

***MICHAEL I continued in this vicious circle because I continued to work for builders, fighting desperate to breakeven. I even had a $30k IRS debt that took 4 years to pay off from my first year in business. I stop working for builders in 2005 upon relocating to Florida. Start going door to door trying to get repaint work.***

Finally I reach out for help from a brilliant business owner at church for mentoring.

I get help with my estimating.

I read everything I can get my hands on about selling.

I become friends with Bob Burg.

And I build a bullet proof, 84.5% successful sales process that is always profitable, 

Well almost always, but at the end of the year it shakes out to be very profitable.

And it's all here on this page.

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​Here are the ​Pieces of the DYB Sales Process

​The estimate you work up is important if you want to actually make a profit.

Here is a birds-eye view of our entire sales process. The estimate is just a part of it.

​Step 1: ​Prequalify ​Your Leads

​​This happens over the phone.

You or whomever answers the phone for your business asks 4 or 5 questions that helps you separate the "yes" people from the "no" people.

You'll be happier with people who aren't kicking your tires or hunting for a bargain.

​Step ​2: ​Keep Track of Everything

​​Customer Relationship Management (CRM)... Your relationship doesn't end when you drop off an estimate. If you don't keep track of your leads and customers, and what you do for them, and when, they'll get lost in the cracks. When the homeowner who had his house painted by you calls you up 8 months later for more work, you'll be glad you kept track of him in your CRM.

​Step ​3: ​Prepare a Profitable Estimate​

​Don't work for free. Don't bargain hunt for cheaper paint to increase your margin. Don't skimp on the supplies that make your life easier.

Instead, smile on your way home from an estimate because you KNOW everyone will be paid and you'll still make a profit.

Step ​4: ​Know What To Say

​​There are SO many books on "selling" and "closing" techniques. Most of them are good.

Personally, I hate selling, so I do these things instead. The "trick" is to bend over backwards being helpful, and just let them ask you to do their painting.

Step ​5: ​Win a Lot of Bids

​When you set the entire DYB sales process in motion... only pick leads who will most likely hire you, brand yourself, prepare a profitable estimate, don't use "salesy" tactics, the chances of winning a bid are much, MUCH higher. But even if you don't win the bid, by staying in the top of their mind forever (TOM) and keeping track of them in your CRM, you'll have a shot later. A good shot. The BEST shot.

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What they say about the DYB Sales Process course

​...repeat business from people I already know I want to work for...

​"The DYB Sales Process has given me control of who I want to work for, and then keeping them as long term repeat clients. As the years pass, repeat business from people I already know I want to work for makes the sales process that much more valuable."

​Danny Arey

​Arey Painting

​I'm closing more than ever...

​"I can now present my prospects with AMAZING tools provided in the DYB course, to quickly gain their trust and likability because I now know the key questions to ask and how to use social proof effectively so to compete on value instead of price. I'm closing more than ever... ON THE SPOT!"

​Nicholas Painter

​Brush and Color Eco Painting

Special Offer! Enroll in the DYB Sales Process Course Now and get a 50% Discount!

​Here's What We Cover



​In today's economy, we can all afford to pick and choose our customers. If you're not doing that now, we'll show you how. Our pre-qualification process is the most important aspect of our sales process, and Steve spends a lot of time discussing this.


​The CRM (Client Relationship Management) System

​As leads come in from day to day, week to week, month to month, even year to year, they will get lost in the cracks. The CRM helps to keep them thinking about you. Even existing customers become repeat customers with CRM.


​The Estimate

​It's common sense that your estimate should be profitable. Just using a tool like the "Estimating Bundle" ​will help you do that. But profitability is just a tiny tip of the estimate iceberg. Being able to win more ​of your bids requires so much more, and the DYB Sales process has 10 different steps that are non "salesey."



​When you are one of several painters being considered, or when they "have to talk it over" with their spouse, your best approach is to initiate the DYB Follow-Up process. Steve covers this in detail.

Special Offer! Enroll in the DYB Sales Process Course Now and get a 50% Discount!

About the Course Teacher

​Steve Burnett

​Steve Burnett transitioned from a bankrupt single dad painter to a successful painting company in less than three years.

It's not that he had a particularly brilliant business mind...

Instead he built upon the mentor-ship and guidance he got from world-class leaders in business and marketing.

He published a book about his experience, and sold his company to create a business coaching company for painting contractors.

Here’s what people are saying about ​Steve

​P.S. You have no equals!!!

​..There is real value in what you offer. I picked up on some of your ideas and feel that they have been helpful. Great practical and usable advice. Outstanding service...

...I see you guys as the best resource I have encountered on the internet.

Thanks, Michael McNamara

p.s. You have no equals!!!!

​Michael McNamara

​Owner - Michael McNamara's Precision Painting

​"increase revenue and streamline all processes"

​Steve and DYB have helped us focus on what we need to do to increase revenue and streamline all processes.

Helped us to implement automation so we can spend more time doing other needed tasks.

business coach painting contractor

​John Power

Power Painting Plus

​I have more than doubled my business

​I have been a member since day one and also coached by Steve since shortly he was accepting clients. I have more than doubled my business, streamlined everything, found more time for myself and the family, and have a well-balanced life.

​Ron Ramsden

Ramsden Painting

​Control Your Leads

​There are a lot of places you can go to learn about sales and estimating.

But as far as I know, this is the only place where you can listen to someone who has experience teaching other painting contractors.

...Someone who's also built and sold a painting company with a small fleet of painting vans.

...Someone who's also developed a specific step by step system for successfully turning leads into customers.

...Someone who's seen hard times and easy times.

​You don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in a business school to learn Steve's strategy.

You won't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a business coach.

And whether you want to tell him about your success or want more help with your sales process, there's a phone call if you need it.

​The $​74 DYB Sales Process Training Offer:




100% Satisfaction Guarantee​

​Take the entire course. Try ​out the DYB Sales Process. If you aren't completely satisfied with the strategy, then you can give Steve a call and he'll help sort things out with your business specifically. But regardless of whether you call him or not you will be entitled to a full refund. No questions asked.

​...well, maybe one question. Steve will probably want to know what he can do to make you more successful.