The Facebook Ads Course
To Leverage Facebook Ads To Get More Leads Today...
What's in the Facebook Ads Course?
From what to post, how get the most ROI out of each post, how the customer journey fits in, and we've showcased 8 great contractors that are crushing it, PLUS a ninja tool you won't want to miss to be on the cutting edge.
How To Install Your Pixel   
What is it? Where is it, and how can I get it installed on my website?
Creating Your Custom Audiences   
The biggest perk of utilizing the Pixel - creating custom audiences based on what your audience does. We'll show you exactly how to create the 8+ custom audiences to connect you with your specific target market
Creating Ads 
Exactly where to click and how to set up the Basics Level (Boosting) and the Ninja Level (Ads Manager) Ads
How to track and measure your ROI of your ads. So important! 
What's Inside The Facebook Ads Course?
Overview & Strategy 
Even if you just watch the overview and strategy videos, you will be sure to understand the customer journey and how that relates to your company to maximize results.
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Facebook Pixel
Get your pixel installed and how to verify it's working, for powerful retargeting.
"...I have nearly doubled our net profit margin from last year YTD to this year YTD. Very cool."
~ Damon Thompson
American Home Painting
Our Step-by-Step Strategy to Custom Audience (aka: target market you can run ads to)
If you are running ads to the wrong audience, you will pay more and have less results. Let's avoid that by showing you how to find your target market and create custom audiences.
How to Boost a Post 
How do you know which post to Boost? We'll walk you through how to know and how to complete the task swiftly and painlessly.
"I'm here to testify that having a business coach pays dividends folks...You have a huge fan right here."
~ Ryan Anderson
360 Painting
Using the Ads Manager
Find out the power of using the ads manager and how to use it to scale your results.
Our Step-by-Step Strategy to Track and Measure the ROI of your Ads
Without Tracking and Measuring, you're just throwing your money away. Find the key metrics to track and where to find them.
"...Today, Oct 12, I collected final payment for the job we completed yesterday. I have now officially doubled my business from last year..."
~ Steven Henn
Brushstrokes Painting Co.
Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Where is the course located?

ANSWER: Inside the DYB Café at www.dybcafe.com.

QUESTION: What is the DYB Café?

ANSWER: The DYB Café is our site of online training courses built to help you close more sales, increase leads, and reduce your hours. 

There are over 18 courses with multiple recorded webinars from our live monthly events and this is just one of them.We've been there and done that - building up an award winning company and streamlining our systems and marketing so we can reduce our hours, then sold our successful company and launched this one to help other business owners do the same.

We are very excited to help you and believe that once you look inside the DYB Café, you'll want to come back for more - maybe even join the DYB Community by subscribing to the full DYB Café Membership of only $37/month. 

The one thing you can only get with a membership is into our private DYB Community Facebook page where there is so much value given each day by our members, their questions, and feedback from the members and the DYB Team, too. 

It's the highlight of the DYB Café membership and our members, like you, make it so!

QUESTION: Why $97?

ANSWER: If you are thinking, "Only $97? What's the catch?" There is no catch. Ninety-seven bucks is accessible for small businesses to large businesses. 

However, it does filter out the freebie magnets and by having you put a little "skin in the game" - shows us that you are the take action kind of implementer we like to work with. 

Then maybe, we believe you will consider getting into the full DYB Café as a member where you get access to our private DYB Community on Facebook, as well as the full site of courses and webinar trainings.

QUESTION: Is there a guarantee?

ANSWER: Absolutely. We take all the risk for you. If you are not fully satisfied, we offer a full refund.

QUESTION: How long will it take to get access?

ANSWER: Immediately. 

There is no wait as we email you with instructions on how to login, where, what your username is, and a link to help you set up your own password.

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