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​Here's How The Facebook Viral Goodwill Campaign Works...

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​If you are like MOST painting business owners I know, there are times ​when you worry about keeping your painters working…

…keeping their families fed.

​We all worry. We wouldn't be ​good leaders if we didn't.

​​​Well I just got off a call with good friend and fellow painter, Kevin Maller ​who ​walked me through ​his Viral Goodwill Campaign ​(VGC).

​The VGC is just part of the Facebook strategy that ​​doubled his business to over a million dollars in 2019.

His total cost for Facebook ads for ​his kitchen repaint VGC was... zero...

His calendar is booked, even ​during the winter months.

His leads keep coming in.

​I'm sending more detailed instructions to your email inbox, but ​​​for now, look at this Facebook post while I​ fill you in on a few ​secrets that will make it easier for you to get the maximum number of contracts from it...

​Any Pain​ter Can Do Campaigns Like Th​ese

First notice the images. They're good quality.

Make sure you stand in the same place every time you take the picture, otherwise they might look like pictures of different things.

The camera didn't have a scratched up lens.

Also notice that there are more than 4 images. That causes Facebook to put that "+15" on the lower right image. ​Facebook specifically designed that feature to keep people on Facebook. It's almost irresistible to people.

Next notice that there are emojis in the description.

​And when you download the VGC infographic, you will get the complete wording of the post.

All you have to do is copy ​it and paste it​.

There are Simple Rules For Getting Free Leads

Kevin has been running a perpetual engagement campaign for the people who live in his service area.

That means that his Facebook page is primed and ready for ​​engaging with prospects.

Armed with several hundred people who have already "liked" his page, his ​VGC post became viral within a few hours.

Here are the rules:

  1. ​Post daily
  2. Make the posts engaging
  3. Offer value

​In the emails I'm sending you, I cite Kevin's Facebook VGC course and give more details so you can start building a fan-base for your business as well.

You Can Break Th​ose Rules And Get Leads Immediately

​Like I said, Kevin has been slowly building his followers over many months.

​Once he hit ​around 350 "likes" or so, the leads started trickling in at a steady pace.

The larger his audience grew, the faster the leads came.

​But what if it's winter and your calendar is wide open​? What if your painters are calling you up looking for more hours? What if you need leads right now?

The good news is that you can pay to play!

Kevin has a way of paying for Facebook ads​ that cost a few pennies per "engagement." It attracts hundreds of people at a time in his service area.

I'll cover that more in the emails I send you, but when your campaign needs a jump-start, running a low cost engagement ad gets you there quickly.

Get ​Step by Step Guidance​​​​

​​​​There are a lot of parts to this strategy, so here's how to get crystal clear on exactly what's going on.

Our non-member price for ​our Facebook Viral Goodwill Campaigns​ Course is ​$37.

But for you, it's $9 today.

We are offering it to you at this low price because you asked for information about it.

​To us, that means that you are actually interested. You've heard about using Facebook to get leads. Perhaps you've even tried it a time or two.

You've already seen a lot of strategies and tactics on the internet that explain how to "do Facebook." But you've never seen anything created by a painter SPECIFICALLY for a painting business.

In this training, Kevin shows you over​ his​ shoulder how he nurtures his community​…

…how he builds the best, most engaging posts,

…how he keeps from ​flushing hard earned money down the toilet by targeting only the people who are qualified to be his customers,

…how he creates a Viral Goodwill Campaign that gets everybody in his service area talking about him.

The DYB ​Zero Risk Guarantee

​If you find that you are not 100% satisfied with what Kevin has to share with you about how he generates most of the leads for his business now.

All ​his tests...

Calling up Facebook ad agencies...

Creating campaigns...

​​​If you're not completely satisfied with the information, all you have to do is email us (support@dybcoach.com), and ​we'll immediately refund your money.

I'll make sure to publish that email address frequently so it's always handy.

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