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How To Find Great Customers Where You Make Good Money & The Jobs Run Smoothly

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Imagine every job you do is completed quickly, easily, and profitably.

You also only work for the nicest people that love and fully respect the level of service you provide.

You work 40 hours a week, maybe even down to 30 hours after you’ve implemented all of the admin and operations tech, and then go home to your family.

When you go home, you are 100% present with your family, because all of the crews and customers are taken care of.

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You bring home a paycheck every week. 

Plus owner draws, with a couple of family vacations each year.

Take Damon Thompson for example:


painting contractor business coach marketing


I’m going to show you how we do this, but first,

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I know how hard it is to run a company efficiently…

To do so, you can’t waste time chasing jobs that you should not take, are hard to deal with, and will never be profitable.

You need to find the best clients, in your target market and spend your time and resources to market and network directly to them and them only.

We have all had jobs with impossible working conditions…

I have had jobs that we could not start until 10:00 AM and could not work past 2:00 PM.

I have had jobs that could only be worked on, on Thursdays only.

I have had clients that stood over our shoulder and continually asked, “Why do you do it that way?”

I have dealt with dogs running through the area we were painting, knocking over paint cans, tracking paint throughout the house and the owner would not secure the dog.

What a nightmare!

I needed to find more clients like the Ford’s, the Williams’, and the Jones’ that we completed.

Those jobs went smoothly, they were really nice people, and we made a profit on those jobs.

I needed to find our “target market” customer!

…I did, and now life is good. Very good.

And you can too!

Find Your Target Market With DYB “3P Process”


painting contractor business coach


9 times out of 10, if you ask a painting contractor what a great referral for them would be, they will reply:

“Anybody who needs some painting done.”

Here is the major problem with that…

When you read that, who came to mind for you?


What if, instead, they replied with:

“Exterior home repaints of homes no older than 15 years, of retirees, with stucco siding ranging from 2,000 – 4,000 square feet, in gated & golfing communities, within 10 miles of XYZ city/neighborhood.”

Now, we have a 1,000 times better chance of some visuals coming to mind and generating a whole fleet of referrals!

But how can we know for sure who our Target Market should be?

The DYB 3P’s Process:


Do you like to work for difficult people? Of course not.

If we had a choice, we would only work for awesome people, right?!

We classify them: A, B, C, and D.

A-clients are Awesome! They fully respect the value of our services and do not ask for a discount.

B-clients are good people, but they just have to have a little discount, or added value into the job to feel like they got an even better deal.

We don’t ever advise giving discounts.

Doing so only discredits the value you bring to the table. Instead, offer additional value, if needed.

As a simple example, if you are painting the walls of a bedroom, and the B customers ask for a discount, politely decline, but then offer to include painting his ceiling or baseboard, if he signs today, with deposit.

Here we offered additional value in exchange for closing the sale on the spot.

*Always collect a deposit in order to get on the schedule.

If you are going to include additional value, make sure you trade it for the sale.

C-clients, while polite, only care about the price, and will work hard to negotiate it down for as long as it takes.

Here is a classic example of the negotiation style of a typical C client, from one of our DYB Members, who shared in our members-only Facebook Group DYB Community:


painting contractor business coach

painting contractor business coach

painting contractor business coach

painting contractor business coach

painting contractor business coach


So if that was a classic example of a C-client, how could it get any worse?

Well, I am glad (and sad at the same time) you asked.

D-clients, will negotiate like a C-client but are not polite about it, or many times seem polite during the negotiations, then after you agree to drop your price and do the job, their true colors come out and they are some of the most unreasonable people to ever have the displeasure to work for.

From my experience, generally speaking, not all, but many General Contractors/Builders, and Trial Lawyers.

Some might add engineers to this list, but I would not.

Engineers just need as much information that they can get.

They feed on information. They also need extra time to process all of it.

More often than not, they don’t mind paying a premium for the extra care and process. 

Only service, and stay T.O.M (Top of Mind) with A & B Clients.


This one seems obvious, right?

Well, you’d be surprised just how many companies continue to take on types of jobs, or types that they are just not best set up or suited for.

For us, one was high-rise condo buildings greater than 3 stories.

We just weren’t set up properly to execute them profitably.

Could we have changed our processes and made that niche profitable for us? Absolutely.

But we didn’t because we made a decision to focus on those exterior stucco homes I mentioned earlier.


By process, we are referring to the admin side of the project as well as technical.

We ask these 3 simple questions to qualify the Process:

  1. Will this project be easy to set up and to service?
  2. Will this project be easy to execute?
  3. Will the job be easy to close out and settle up?

If the answer is “yes” for all three questions, only then have you qualified the 3RD “P”.

Now it’s your turn!

We have gone through this exercise with many of our members and again at our DYB Seminars. 

This will be very revealing to you like it has been for many others.

Here is the worksheet we use, that you can download.

List the last 10 jobs that you have completed.

  • Put a check by each one that was awesome to work for.
  • Add a check if you made the profit margin that you were shooting for.
  • Add a check if the process was easily executed from sale to completion.

How many of them have all 3 checked off?

Circle the ones that have 3 checkmarks.


You just discovered your Target Market!

painting contractor business coach


You did the exercise, right?

The first time we ran through this with our DYB Members, they have on average 3-4 with all 3 checked off.

If that’s what you found, don’t feel bad; that’s average.

We go through this again with our DYB Members about 6 months later, and on average, they have 8 with all 3 checked off, and you can too if you do the exercise!

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About the Author

Dalton Tomlinson is the owner of the successful Supreme Painting out of Fort Worth Texas, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and now shares with you!