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Are you Hiring All-Star Painters?

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A few years ago I was completely stuck…

I was booked up for 6 months, the problem was that I needed about 4 more painters and I just could not find any.

My main job in Supreme Painting was selling.

I was the only sales person, and I had a very high closing rate. 
In the DYB System, there are acronyms that we use, one is “ABA” – Anything But Advertising and “ABC” – Always Be Connecting

I would like to introduce a few more:

ABH – Always Be Hiring,

ABL – Always Be Looking

I put hiring ads up at the local paint stores, just like everybody else does.

I then checked online with “Indeed” and “Super Crater.”

I also put a sign on my truck, and I talked to my guys and asked if they knew anybody looking for a job.

But… I just couldn’t find anybody.

The only people I did find were ones I didn’t want working for me.

I eventually lost several jobs, because the people just didn’t want to wait.

One of them was a fairly large job and it really hurt, I really wanted that one.

In my opinion, the two main jobs for a painting contractor is to sell jobs and to hire the people to do the jobs.

The rest of it is just book work.

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I would say my advice is, you should hire the painter first, and then get the jobs to keep the painter busy because hiring is much harder than selling.

After I was in the DYB System for a while, I began an ABH mentality (Always Be Hiring) and that helped a little, but it didn’t help a lot.

I wasn’t getting the right kind of people.

Later after I was in DYB for a while, they came out with the 11 Interview Questions to Hire an All-Star.

I started using that, and I could see a huge difference in the type of people that I was hiring!

The culture grew stronger, I got a lot of great team members, and my turn over almost completely stopped.

There wasn’t any bickering between the painters.

Everybody worked together. It was really nice.

About six 6 months ago I changed again to ABL – “Always Be Looking”.

Now it doesn’t matter what time of year it is if I find an all-star, whether they know how to paint or not, I want to hire them.

If they need to learn how to paint, I am going to teach them how to paint, and then I am going to find the work to keep them busy.

You can teach someone with character how to paint.

It’s impossible to teach someone to paint, without character.

About the Author

Dalton Tomlinson is the owner of the successful Supreme Painting out of Fort Worth Texas, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and now shares with you!