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How I Hired An Estimator Who Didn’t Know How To Paint…

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It is possible to hire someone that does not know how to paint to be an estimator for your company


I have done it.  Don’t get me wrong, it is much easier if you know how to paint.  But it is not a prerequisite.  This will greatly expand your hiring pool.

Another great benefit, it lets your people that know how to paint, paint.  If you are like me, in your business, hiring painters is probably one of your biggest problems.

I had a chance to interview a 24 year old female that has never painted in her life.

She worked for another painter in the area as a “project manager”, her biggest asset with that company was she spoke Spanish and most of their painters only spoke Spanish, so she was a link between the client and the painting crew.

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In the interview she was well spoken, answered all my questions and handled herself well.  I decided to hire her.

Her title was project manager and she was to talk to the client every day, either in person, by email or on the phone.  I like the client to be informed and part of the process.

I got feedback from several clients about how she was polite, kept them up to date and how she provided a great customer experience.

She was a hit.  She was very good with customers, she kept them informed and closing out a job (Which includes getting a check, and getting a video testimonials).

Because of the feedback I was getting about her, I decided to teach her how to estimate.  She came with me on several estimates to learn how to answer their objections.

I sent her out on a few estimates for friends and family members, but she did not know.

I also sent her on estimates that would not pass the normal qualifying that we do.

It would be very difficult for her to do an estimate without using an estimating program.

I use Estimate Rocket, and I wrote another post about the Top 3 Things I like About Estimate Rocker here.

I taught her how to measure a room and all its components.

Once all components of the job are measured, the measurements are entered into the program where the wording and calculations are done for her.

If she gets the same measurements as I would have, the quote would be exactly the same.

I hired her because of her character, and after 7 months I have her doing her own estimates and she has surpassed my expectations by closing several estimates on the spot.



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