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How To Stay Busy During Winter

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January is usually all about “starting over”.

Everyone is looking for a better year than they had.  It’s a good time to reflect on your systems.

One system that always needs attention,

The Lion King.


Trust, Like, and Know.

People want to work with people they like, know and trust.

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We need more people to like, know and trust us.

The more people that know us, the easier it will be to even out the phone calls in the slow months.

In the 9 Step DYB system, it’s Step 5, called the ABCs of Sales, “Always Be Connecting”.

In other words, network, network, network!

Networking is building connections with new and old contacts.

It’s about cultivating those relationships, for example…

While I was on a job, the homeowner told me that she had to call a plumber I told her I knew one, that could be right over.

She said, “great!”

I called the plumber from my BNI group and got him over and within 2 hours, completed the job.

The homeowner was appreciative and the plumber was also.

A few weeks later the homeowner called and asked if I knew a roofer, I said yes and then the roofer did a repair job for her.

Both were appreciative again.

Months later that same homeowner called and said her neighbor needed a plumber and she knew I had one.

She did not keep the plumber’s number, but she kept mine!

The homeowner later told me that she knew I had a list of good people that would get the job done right, I was her “go-to guy” for anything dealing with her home.

Bob Burg would call this being the “connector” is his phenomenal book, The Go-Giver, and Malcolm Gladwell in his book Tipping Point calls this being the “Maven”.

I am her first thought for pretty much anything and she still calls me to this day for referrals for anything and everything, not just painting.

When one of her friends mentions painting, she is quick to give my name. She is my number 1 salesperson.

Connect with your friends and friends of friends on Facebook.

Post on Facebook 2-4 times a day.  Have posts that show gratitude, inspiration and/or entertainment (GIE).

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All of your posts don’t have to be about painting.

You are trying to get known and liked by the masses.  Facebook is a great tool for that and best of all, it’s FREE!

Send a postcard, or much better, as a Send Out Card, 4 times a year to past clients.

Remember GIE!  Not about you being the best in town.

There are also some groups you can join out there that can help your community, help you personally, but also can help you get known, liked and trusted.

BNI, Rotary Club, and Chamber of Commerce are just a few.

The first one you should join to get almost instant referrals is BNI.

You meet with other businesses, get to know each other while you refer business, to your list of friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances.

Rotary Club’s motto is “Service Above Self.”

You will meet some of the greatest group of leaders from your community while helping out your community, a win-win for everyone.

The Chamber of Commerce is a group that meets to help bring in more business to a certain area or city.

Your local Chamber provides many great networking opportunities from monthly breakfast to networking lunches and business after 5 where everyone get’s to let off a little steam

These 3 are just a few organizations that you can join, meet people, and have them get to know you.

Get to know your clients and let them know you.  Together you both will be better off.

Let’s get more phone calls from the people that Know, Like and Trust us, using the ABC’s of Sales, Always Be Connecting.

About the Author

Dalton Tomlinson is the owner of the successful Supreme Painting out of Fort Worth Texas, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and now shares with you!