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How to Stay Top of Mind for FREE on Facebook

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How to Stay Top of Mind for FREE on Facebook

Facebook is still the best advertising for the money, you can pinpoint your target marketing for little to no money.

You can choose where, when, and how much you spend.

It’s easy to start, pause stop or change your ads altogether.

Just Get started –what we have done is post 4 times a day.

We post on our business page and share it on my personal page.

Some suggestions for posts are pictures of children/grandchildren, before and after pics, color of

the month from PPG SW and BM, Holiday celebrations, and Encouraging Posts.

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We also share BM & SW posts,

Each Monday we have a “caption this contest” where the winner gets a $10 gift card.

Another best thing you can do is go Live on FB –people love videos.

Your post should have at least a picture, but if you can put up a video you are much better off.

Some of the best posts are asking a question – best song of a decade, best hamburger, favorite feel-good song etc.

Fb wants engagement, they want to see several people commenting on your posts and sharing your posts.

So, one way to get engagement is when people comment on your posts, ask them questions.

They will feel compelled to answer, you want as many comments as possible on your posts.

I would love your feedback on what works for you

My name is Dalton with DYB coach, you can reach me at

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Dalton Tomlinson is the owner of the successful Supreme Painting out of Fort Worth Texas, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and now shares with you!