Is your customer experience functional or fabulous?

Everywhere I go I am attentive to my experience as a customer. It doesn’t matter whether it is a meal or a store or a service.

And from time to time, I wonder about you.

What kind of customer experience ratings do your customers give you?

Would the rating be a “Functional” or a “Fabulous?”


You might ask, “Isn’t customer service the same as customer experience?

In my opinion, no.

Sure customer service is a component, but their experience is much deeper than that.

  • Was it easy to get a quote?
  • Did the prospect who answered the phone hear a smile in your voice?
  • Were you attentive and thorough or did you treat you them like an interruption in their day?
  • Did the salesperson show up on time, and take time to answer questions and provide a detailed and easy to understand quote?
  • Was it easy to accept the proposal? Pay the deposit? Select colors?
  • Did the crew make the client feel special and safe and demonstrate in their actions and words that they cared about them, their property, and the work they did?
  • Did the painters appear to care about each other and your company?
  • And did you make sure the painters had done their best to make sure the client was satisfied before they left instead of making you call when they were less than perfect?

These things result in FABULOUS!

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Now contrast this to functional.

  • The work got done.
  • It looks better than it did.
  • Nothing was ruined.
  • It was timely, but not fabulous.
  • Customer had to manage the process.
  • They were always wondering where you were in the process and what the next steps were.
  • They even had some concerns but communication with the crew was less than inviting with the occasional under their breath comment about “it wasn’t in the bid” or “the estimator was always screwing something up.”

You all know what I’m talking about.

You can find examples of functional over fabulous everyday.

Grocery stores. Nearly all fast food restaurants. Most retail shops where employees can be disinterested, unhelpful, on their Facebook feed, texting, or talking to each other instead of you. No cashiers to take your money. I could go on and on.

Look at a “fast casual” restaurant experience like Chipotle’s. They have an assembly line mentality. “What do you want?” “Tell me now.” “There are a bunch of people behind you, so chop chop.”

Then to the register.

They Recite what you ordered, you hand over your money, and you have a delicious Burrito with chips and guacamole and a Coke.

Functional… but was it enjoyable? Did people smile? Did they say, “Take your time?” Did they recommend ways to make your meal better?

Functional. You got a meal.

But not fabulous.

I’ve been Fabulized!

I recently needed some car maintenance and I decided to use a local mechanic this time.

I was looking for a better experience that I had the last time at a national tire and repair center.

So I gave them a chance.

Haha! I ended up buying the fancy tires that will last longer than seems necessary. I actually bought 4 instead of 2 at their recommendation so all 4 would match and wear at the same rate.

So which do you think they were? Functional or Fabulous?

-Scott Lollar

About the Author

Scott is a 30+ year veteran of the Painting Industry - having run his own company for 20 of those years. For 10 years, he has been working with others to scale their companies achieving rapid growth and operational efficiency. His knowledge in all aspects of running a business, including running a multi-million dollar company, allows Scott to identify and guide business owners to overcome in areas of current weakness or deficiency. Scott specializes in companies trying to break the $1,000,000 barrier and beyond.