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Kevin​ Maller's New Million Dollar Facebook Viral Goodwill Campaign

​Look over his shoulder as he demonstrates his entire Facebook strategy.

​Finally, ​a Way to Overcome the Confusion About Facebook Advertising

Hi, this is Steve Burnett.

I believe that there is so much mis-information on the internet about Facebook advertising.

It can seem like Facebook advertising doesn't apply to service businesses like yours, which requires so much face to face interaction with leads and customers.

However, like most things, there is a RIGHT way and a Wrong way. The right way is profitable. The wrong way throws money down the drain--who doesn't know somebody who lost money running Facebook ads? 

It seems like every week somebody tells me a story about the money they lost running Facebook Ads.

But, like most things, there IS a way to do it PROFITABLY.

Paid advertising on Facebook gets attention IMMEDIATELY and when done well, as Kevin will show, can have GREAT profit for your business.

When Kevin and I talked about his process, we agreed that it was the kind of information that shouldn't be kept from anybody, especially painters who need leads asap or want to break into the millions and multi-millions.

So, we came up with a way to share this members-only workshop with you without any risk at all, while being fair to our members at the same time.

Here is what we came up with:

Membership Offer:

This 14 day free-trial offer is only for our subscribers like you who need a Facebook ad strategy that is reliably working for painters.

​Here's the Offer!

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We teach you how to build up your business, then streamline it to get your time back.

​Get Help From The Pros

Hundreds of painters—start ups, multi-million dollar painting companies, commercial painters, residential painters, you name it—are all there in the DYB Members area. They help you, collaborate with you, advise you, even ask you what's working well for you.

In fact, Kevin's there, too. So if you have questions for him, any time, just ask.

These guys have your back, as do I.

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​Call Me (Steve Burnett)

I've coached hundreds of painters to achieve higher levels of business success. Those who implement, have truly doubled their business, time and again. (Kevin Maller is one of those clients.)

There are some things you should do right now, and some things that can wait. As a DYB member, you can give me a call and I'll be happy to help you make a plan to achieve your goals.

What Others Say


​DYB coaching is the bomb! For anyone thinking about making the investment... Do it! The resources, wisdom and encouragement are so incredibly valuable. Thank you, Steve Burnett!

​Matt Orme 

 / ​PR Painting - Pennsylvania


​The level of professionalism is outstanding. Steve and company really show they care about the success of their clients.

​Ray Paparo 

/ ​Owner - Aspen Painting and Wallcovering


​DYB is the tip of the spear - the best of the best make up the rank and file in this group. It's like having the A-Team comprise your board of directors.

​Doug Imhoff

/ ​Owner - Imhoff Fine Residential Painting

​Kevin Maller

As a teenager, I worked for my dad who was a brush and roll repainter.

Since then, I've been a construction lead painter, I've done custom homes, I've been an estimator for a large commercial paint company, and I've worked for friends.

Eventually, I realized that I wanted my own company and, in 2012, Maller Painting was born.

Since then, I've grown my company from 180K to selling over a million dollars worth of painting last year.

In 2016 I actually started dabbling with Facebook Advertising. I tried many things that didn't work, but I've learned to do a lot of things that do work for painters and can work for you as well.

Last year Facebook quickly became a top lead source.

Like Steve teaches, it's all about making it look, ABA - make it look like ANYTHING BUT ADVERTISING.

I hope you get a lot of value from what I have to share, and if you have questions for me, I'll be in the group.

We can all do this!

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