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Part 2: Painting Contractors Planning for 2020


As we discussed last week, you have now revisited your vision and completed a SWOT analysis.

Now what?

From your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) results, what are the things that will be required in order for you to combine your vision with your SWOT?

What will be required to get you from where you are now to where you want to go?

What do you need to add, modify, or eliminate to get there?

Create all of the items required, what the costs are to complete them, if any, and what time frame you need them completed.

I would suggest no more than 6-8 main items.

Major initiatives might need to be broken down into smaller actions.

From there, determine the priority of each item from 1 being immediate to 3, it can be deferred until after priority 1 and 2 items are completed.

Determine the completion date and any benchmarks along the way and put them on whatever calendar you use:

  • Google
  • iCalendar
  • Outlook

And then work to those deadlines.

If it is not clearly defined with a completion date, then it will never happen.

Here are two examples:

Example 1: Increase lead flow by 50% in 2020

Level 1 importance

Action: Create a marketing plan by 12-15-2019 including all marketing sources both existing and new.

Interview and select vendors to outsource the creation of all marketing items by 12-31-2019

Initiate marketing campaign to begin 1-1-2020.

Example 2: Hire Estimator by April 1st 2020

Level 2 Importance


Develop Job description, compensation plan, create and post-hiring ad by 2-1-2020

Interview candidates for April 1st or before the start date.

You will be amazed at how the creation of the action steps will propel you towards a higher completion of your goals.

If you feel stuck or are not sure how to flesh this out, book a free strategy call with me here.

-Scott Lollar


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