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​In Use By A Closed Community Of Successful Painters Around The World: A New And Different Way Of ​Consistently Converting Daily Leads Into Customers

​How Much Does It Cost?








​It’s true…

There’s a new and different way for you to pack profitable painting jobs into your booking calendar.

...by building Systemic Awareness Assets (SAA).

And it’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because of how it attracts leads and converts them into buyers by singling you out in their minds as the go-to painter in your service area.

And as you’ll see, the easy part of building these assets is that you don’t need special skills or marketing knowledge. And you can immediately launch at least two of these SAA’s during your next estimate.

Best part of all, these Systemic Awareness Assets don’t require you to spend hard earned money on advertising or act scammy and salesy to your leads.

And you can benefit from an increased influx of  leads and customers regardless of whether you are a start-up painter or run a painting company with a large team of painters.

So, if you want to ​direct rush-hour ​leads into your appointment calendar regularly, you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Hi, my name is​ Steve Burnett, creator of the DYB System and founder of DYB Coach.

​I transitioned from being a hungry, bankrupt, couch-surfing painter, to building a successful painting company with a small fleet of vans and a ​team of loyal, reliable painters.

It was only possible because I put ​systemic awareness assets in place that ​kept my company in the minds of homeowners in my service area.

Below are just ​SOME of the assets ​DYB Members and I have built to double our businesses.


​...close most of the leads you get. Enroll in "The DYB Sales Process​" course.

​I'll let you in on the big secret of th​e strategy ​that our members use to close 60 to 70 to 80% and more of the leads we get.

We give On-The-Spot-Estimates!

We don't "check the numbers and get back with them later." We don't "send an email with an estimate" later that day...

We confidently give them an estimate right on the spot—an estimate that we know is fair and profitable. And when we combine that with our 11 step process, we are able to get the sale with NO sales talk.

Once I had a team doing all the painting for me, I stopped painting, focused on this process, and kept my team working all year-round.








​...​double the jobs you are able to book by enrolling in "​Attract Today's Work Force."​

​Use the same job listing, the same application process, the same interview process that hundreds of our members use. When done correctly, you avoid all the tire-kickers​. You avoid all the two-weeks-and-gone workers. You hire the painters who will do things YOUR way, and stay with you through thick and thin.








​...spend time ONLY on things that make the most money by enrolling in "Productivity For Massive Results."

​Full disclaimer here: You may be overwhelmed by the value in the member's area. Each of the strategies multiply the top of mind awareness of people in your community, but it's impossible to do them all at once. So this course will help you focus on ​specifically what YOU need to do first. Between this course and the personal consultation call you get with Steve Burnett, the founder of DYB, you will be laser focused toward success.








​…double your business AND work a 35 hour work week. Enroll in "All-Star Team." 

​It's completely possible to man the phone, chase leads, do estimates, buy the paint and the sundries, and do all the painting all by yourself. I did it for a long time. But what if you picked just one of those things, your favorite thing, and had a team of people to do everything else?

...you'd probably love your job, that's what!

​Between you and me, that's the real goal of the DYB System.








​…inject the psychology of persuasion into your website. Enroll in "DYB Website Conversion Funnel."

​Everybody expects you to have a website. That's the first place a lead will go to check you out once they hear about you.

​But what they DON'T expect are the hidden psychological triggers that convert the people visiting your website into leads.

I'm sure you have a website already. My advice is to give the information you get from this course to your website guy and have them fix it.​









​At the core of The ​DYB System lies an ever-growing repository of done-for-you templates and one page "cheat sheets" that cut out 95% of the time and frustration related to virtually every aspect of online marketing.  Watch, click and repeat!


​Check out these reviews from some of the ​hundreds of motivated entrepreneurs and business owners our programs have helped get clear,​ get growing:

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Hundreds of painters from all over the world are using the simple 9-step DYB system to grow their companies with campaigns and strategies that look NOTHING like advertising. All without overwhelm...

New Residential Painters

​Self-Employed Residential Painters

​Residential Painting Companies

Million-Dollar Residential ​Painting Companies


Steve Burnett started the DYB Membership group to help painters... all levels​... all varieties... residential and commercial. Since then he has specialized in residential painters, honing and optimizing the DYB system so that Systemic Awareness Assets bring more leads and close more customers than any other system available. Anywhere.

"After spending tons of time and money on courses, events, seminars, books and everything else, all the while clawing my way out of bankruptcy, divorce, and homelessnes, I healed, and grew. I had help from some of the greatest business minds in the world.

As I built my business to over a million dollars, others sought me out wanted to know about my DYB System. That's when I sold my business and created a community for painters who wanted the only "end-to-end" program for building a painting buisness.

Now, after six years and over ​hundreds of members, this program has become the "go-to" method for ​accelerating the growth of a thriving ​residential painting business...

Our team would be honored to have you as a ​member..."


​Your investment is backed by our ironclad, ​30 day 100% refund guarantee. ​


​Yes - ​I get these questions a lot. But you may have one I haven't answered below. In that case, you can always just send me an email here and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

​How does the program work?

Instead of selling you individual courses that don't fit together cohesively, The DYB Membership has a library of courses designed specifically for growing a painting business. You'll start with a call from Steve Burnett, the founder of DYB Coach and the DYB System. He'll spend time with you and your business and create a strategy for you to follow. Then you'll be thrown into a group of painters from all over the world and quickly discover how many people have your back as you grow your business.

How is The ​DYB System different from the rest?

The online marketing space is largely saturated with "fly by night" experts, marketing gurus and a ton of scarcity, pressure selling and way too much information. There is not a defined step-by-step membership that teaches you the correct process for success  - until now. The Fletcher Method includes all of the premium support, frameworks, training and mentorship you need to succeed at an affordable cost. We've often been told it's 10 years ahead of anything else out there. However, we'll let you be the judge.

Do you offer discounts?

No. No discount. We keep everything fair for all of our members.

Even though we price the membership ​at a price affordable to a painting business just starting out, a multi-million dollar multi-state painting company will pay the same less-than-a-coffee-per-day price.

Honestly, I don't have time to mess around with price testing or fake discounts. I'd rather focus my energy on creating the best possible service that will help you succeed.​

Will The ​DYB System work for my business? 

Yes. I'm assuming of course that if you're reading this you are a residential painter.

If that's the case, then the DYB System has dozens of assets for you to build into your business that ​are designed to drive leads, increase productivity, or build your team.

Some will be more appropriate for you, depending on the stage your business is in. For example you won't need to motivate your team if you're a solo painter. However, you may be ready to start hiring.

​We are here to guide you, regardless.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

​Sure. Jump in. Take a couple courses. Meet the team. Hang out with the community of painters. I'll give you a full refund within the first 30 days.

And of course, you can cancel ANY time you want by simply sending me an email. Here it is:


Plus, I will put that address in every email I send, include it in the membership area, and even in the community area.

​What if I'm a beginner?

​Depends on what you mean by "beginner." If you've painted a few houses already, inside or out, and you have gained some experience estimating and bidding on painting jobs for people, the DYB membership might be the best ​buck-twenty a day you'll ever ​spend for your new business.

Sure, the training will show you how to grow your business by ​more solid leads, but where do you go to learn about how to deal with suppliers? Where do you go to learn about saving money on supplies? Where do you go to find out which product the pros use and why?

​Pro DYB Members are there in the community, ready at the drop of a hat to lend a hand, and help point you in the right direction.

How long does it take to get results?

​There are things you can do TODAY that will have a profound impact on your business. But it's hard to say exactly. Your first step is to get on the horn with Steve Burnett.

He will have a different answer for this question depending on whether you're new, whether you're trying to climb out of that General Contractor pit, or whether you need to hire more painters that stick around more than a week.

Steve's super power is wrapping his arms around ​your business and identifying the number ONE thing that will make the largest impact on your company.

Why is the program so affordable?

​The reason we're ​unbelievably affordable is that we're not ​selling anything. Not really.

We're more of a consortium of successful painters who all collaborate and learn from each other. We try things, we succeed, and we document what we do.

Everything goes into one membership site, where you can learn EXACTLY what makes six-figure companies level up to seven and eight-figure residential painting companies.

Think of our monthly fee as "dues" if you like. It keeps the lights on.

Can you guarantee that I'll get results?

Absolutely not. Run away from anyone who makes such claims.

But I'm proud of all the painters who have had such remarkable results from using the DYB System. I'll never be shy about bragging about them. And I'll never be ​embarrassed to tell you about the bad times I overcame to build and eventually sell my million-dollar painting company.

I will say this though...

Once you're in the family, you're in.

And if you choose to follow my advice and training, you will have a 100% better chance of success compared to doing nothing.

Is there a contract?


No. We offer lifetime access to the Fletcher Method training, tools and done-for-you templates. Your decision to join The Fletcher Method will be reaffirmed each time you log in. We believe that you will agree that our membership, training and frameworks offer you the best possible environment to grow your business.


​As part of this SAA training offer, we are including these things to welcome you to the DYB Family...


When you sign up, you'll be granted access to one of the web's most engaged and motivated communities so you can ask, share, and help others who share your journey as you grow...

And yes... these are actually pictures of some of our members.

I love these guys.


​As a special bonus, I'll also give you digital copies of my value-packed book, "How to Double Your Business"​  to help you experience a powerful "full immersion" in the ​DYB System...


​If you're serious about taking action and you're ready to head down a proven path to online success, you know what to do next...