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How To Stand Out Among Your Competitors…

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Why do I try to STAND OUT?

So people will be “remarking” about me. That makes me “remarket-able”.

That is how the clients will remember me and refer me.

I went to do an estimate at a previous customer’s home yesterday.

They own 2 electric companies and several other businesses.

Their home has people coming and going all day long.

After I was there about 15 minutes, Ms. V, the house manager, looked out the front window.

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She turned with a big smile and said,

“You’re the one with the cookies! We loved those cookies; we’ve talked about those cookies for about 6 months.”

The branding on my truck is the same as the cookie label, that’s how she remembered me.

I am different because no one else has given them cookies!

They probably do not remember how the previous job went, but they remembered those cookies.  We will be forever known to them, as the Cookie Painters.

Because of a $20 can of cookies, I just landed a $7,000 job!

I’ll do that every day…  and twice on Saturday!

Many people are busy and don’t remember what they did yesterday, much less who painted in their home 2 years prior.

To combat this, we need to stay”T.O.M.” or Top Of Mind – Step 9 of the DYB System.

We need to differentiate ourselves so we don’t look like all of the other companies.

In DYB, we unpack this for you.

Send Out Cards is a great way to stay T.O.M.

SOC is easy to set up, you can put out a campaign in minutes to your customer lists.

Send out greeting cards to your list 4 times a year.

Send an email once a month, have weekly contests, and Go Live on Facebook, to let the customer know you.

The trick is, Do Not Sell!

People do not want to be barraged with sales flyers or how you think you are the best painter in town.

Be different, let them KNOW you!

We need to be in front of our clients and target market as many times as possible – without looking like an ad they will just pass over.

We can do that the old way by spending many dollars advertising without knowing our true ROI…


we can follow the “bank account friendly” DYB systems.

Once you have gone live on Facebook, you can spend pennies instead of dollars to educate your target market and place an ad – AND know how much of the video people watched AND be able to target specifically those who have viewed that video!

As you can see, Facebook is an economical way to reach your market and using Facebook Ads is an excellent way to reach your “Target Market”.

Learn to spend a small amount of money to advertise ONLY to your target market.

Whether it’s Send Out Cards or Facebook Ads (that do not look like Ads!), you can learn a lot about standing out from your competition in the DYB Systems.

About the Author

Dalton Tomlinson is the owner of the successful Supreme Painting out of Fort Worth Texas, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and now shares with you!