The First Step For Painting Contractors to Sell Jobs Before You Even Get To The Estimate | DYB Coach

The First Step For Painting Contractors to Sell Jobs Before You Even Get To The Estimate

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The First Step For Painting Contractors to Sell Jobs Before You Even Get To The Estimate

Are you consistently being awarded your projects before you even get to the estimate?

The DYB Sales Process was developed by Steve and actually closes sales before the estimate even occurs, hence the title of his book, How To Double Your Business Without Making A Sale 

This works! AND it makes us better people in the process.

Win – win! Let me tell you what happened in a particular case…

I got a call from a lady that was referred to us by the paint store.

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We use the pre-qualifying process that I learned in the DYB System, to make sure we were a good fit before scheduling the estimate and driving out there.

We talked over the phone for about 30 minutes.  She talked about her situation and a little about the job.

During the conversation, I listened and pegged her personality using the DISC profile and determined that she is a high “S”.

Because she was an “S” and loves to talk, she talked about her life and I paced and mirrored her by talking about my family. Peg, pace, and mirroring during estimates allows you to “speak their language”.

If you have a “High C” prospect, you’ll want to give all the details for how the job will be done.

If you give all the details to a High D, you will lose them, their patience, and possibly the project.

She told me that she only had a phone number and did not have any information about us.

I gave her our website address so she could know a little bit about us before our meeting on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Being my website is designed using the DYB Website Conversion Funnel, which is step 4 in the DYB System, inviting her to go through it builds tons of value into my estimate so that I am not competing on price.

Saturday I showed up about 8 minutes before 10, waited until 10 o’clock and knocked on the door at exactly 10 a.m.

I could hear her approaching the door and I heard her say “Here is Mr. Punctuality” as she opened the door.

She said I knew it was you because I saw your picture.  I wondered how she saw my picture and thought maybe she was referring to my Facebook profile.

She then started talking about the picture of my family next to a truck with a bullet hole in the windshield and that is when I realized she saw my family picture on my website from the “Our Story” tab, which is a key component of the DYB Website Conversion Funnel

Then she saw it, my name tag, and started shrieking, “I LOVE SMILEY FACES!!!”


Or as we say in the DYB Community ( our Facebook Group )  #DYBBOOMSHAKALAKA!

That is when I knew, this job is sold before I did any selling.

I talked a little about what she would like done, my family, and gave her my website address again.

That’s it… AND SOLD!

She invited me into the living room and pointed to a chair for me to sit down we started talking and we talked for about 45 minutes before I even started measuring.

The premise of the DYB Sales Process is to close a job before you even show up, which was what happened and was confirmed 3 minutes after walking into the front door.

Because of the fun chatter, there was no on the spot estimate, but I knew that would be okay. This was confirmed when she called to tell me that she received the estimate and was so excited and was ready to sign, pay the deposit and schedule the job.

The whole process of closing the deal before you arrive to the estimate starts with proper pre-qualifying and building tons of value ahead of time with your DYB Website Conversion Funnel.

Do you struggle to compete on price, or are price objections still a battle for you?

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About the Author

Dalton Tomlinson is the owner of the successful Supreme Painting out of Fort Worth Texas, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and now shares with you!