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To Be Or Not To Be, In The Bucket. That Is…

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Most contractors start in the bucket. They are usually great painters who make a reputation for themselves and find they need to hire to keep up with the work. If that’s you, well done!!

You always strive for perfection and you want to make sure everything is perfect so you are reluctant to hand the bucket to someone else.

While you’re in the bucket, do yourself this favor, spend a little time and write down all your painting processes on paper.

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It makes it easier to hire and train to your standards. You need the processes to ensure every job gets done the same way every time, to teach new painters to do it your way, and you’ll need it, if and when you sell your business.

When writing your process, be specific. You want to be as clear as possible, so someone that has never painted can follow.


  • Painting Walls
    1. Use 6” paper and 1“ masking tape on a masking machine to mask off the top of base board when painting walls.
    2. Make sure base is clean, press tape down to ensure adhesion.
    3. Cut in base on second coat of paint, and remove tape after 5 minutes.
    4. Use 1.5 mil bulk plastic to cover carpeted floors.
    5. Use builders paper to cover hard floors.
    6. Use 3⁄4” nap roller cover on a 9” Wooster frame to paint medium textured walls.
    7. For a 10’ tall wall use a 6′ roller extension pole.


Now, we all have our own unique way of skinning a cat, and that’s another reason you need to have your processes written down.

All these processes are in your head and you do them without thinking.

That is why it needs to be written, so future painters will do exactly the way you do and your company can go on without your direct supervision

When I was in the bucket, we knocked out some work, got it done fast, we made great money, but then the work dried up because I wasn’t focused on estimating.

When we ran out of work, I would start estimating and in 3 weeks we had tons of work. So much work, we were in the weeds. Now, it’s time to put on the whites and get ‘er done…

Then again, two weeks later, nothing. Just a vicious up and down cycle.

It’s hard to keep people in an up and down cycle, I lost some really good painters because I couldn’t keep them working steadily, until I learned I need to stay out of the bucket.

When I first got out of the bucket, I scheduled all estimates in the afternoon. I spent the mornings at the job site with the painters, making sure they had the necessary materials and connected with the homeowner.

Eventually, one or two of your painters will step up and became the leader of each crew. They will take responsibility and start checking out their own crew.

Then later, they will order and pick up the paint.

I spent an hour or two in the morning talking to the homeowners, making sure they were happy and could check out the job at the same time.

This left me with a little more time and started scheduling my estimates at 10AM. More estimates equals more awarded jobs which equals more hiring and on your way to growing your company.

To be a million-dollar company you need to produce $500 per hour.

That’s 50 weeks X 40 hours X $500 = $1,000,000.

To produce $500 per hour you can’t be ordering paint, delivering paint, or applying paint.

Hire a team and have your team follow the processes that you wrote earlier in your career. You with your team, can produce $500 per hour or more.

When building a MILLION DOLLAR company, always keep in mind:

“Sales are for show, and profits are for doe.” ~ Daniel Crabtree

It’s wonderful to make your first million, but it’s far more important that you keep a healthy portion for your self after the business and government take their share.

Moral of the story… Think outside The Bucket…

If you are out of the bucket, you’re on your way to scale and Double Your Business.





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Dalton Tomlinson is the owner of the successful Supreme Painting out of Fort Worth Texas, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and now shares with you!