Steve Burnett

Hi, I’m
Steve Burnett

My wife April and I built up a successful painting business during the great recession, without buying leads, or paying for FB ads!

I wrote a book about he we did it, How To Double Your Business, and then sold the business to answer the call to help others to build million dollar businesses so that you can have financial freedom, time for your families, and make an impact in your community. 

Attention Painters...

Profit From EVERY Estimate!

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  • Custom crafted spreadsheet tools you use on location while measuring
  • Give On-The-Spot Estimates while your leads are "warm."
  • Find your "True Sell Labor Rate" so you will never undercharge again.
  • Present an Invoice that includes EVERYTHING, so you're never surprised by unexpected costs!
  • Print an accurate and detailed Proposal that includes all specs, including some you haven't thought of.
  • Run and track a "Field Budget Sheet" to avoid cost overruns.
  • List all Material and Labor Specs so you don't miss anything.
  • Includes Interior AND Exterior estimates.MORE...
  • Training and MORE...

Attention Painters...

Profit From EVERY Estimate!

Killed our first estimate under the new system yesterday! Used the estimating template and followed the estimate tracker... we were able to give a price on the spot. Customer was absolutely thrilled. 54% GP. Thank you Steve and DYB team. First of many and it should only get better!

a man smiling for the camera

Paul Aguilera Jr.
McAllister Group General Contracting

  • Custom crafted spreadsheet tools you use on location while measuring
  • Easy to set up
  • Give On-The-Spot Estimates while your leads are "warm."
  • Find your "True Sell Labor Rate" so you will never undercharge again.
  • Present an Invoice that includes EVERYTHING, so you're never surprised by unexpected costs!
  • Print an accurate and detailed Proposal that includes all specs, including some you haven't thought of.
  • Run and track a "Field Budget Sheet" to avoid cost overruns.
  • List all Material and Labor Specs so you don't miss anything.
  • Includes Interior AND Exterior estimates. And MORE...

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Just let us know where to send it.

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Our Member's Experience…

DYB Coaching is the bomb!

DYB coaching is the bomb! For anyone thinking about making the investment... Do it! The resources, wisdom and encouragement are so incredibly valuable. Thank you, Steve Burnett!

...they care about the success of their clients.

The level of professionalism is outstanding. Steve and company really show they care about the success of their clients.

challenge status quo

Set goals, organize processes, challenge status quo

Rick Power

I get a lot of great ideas from DYB and I have made some really good friends through DYB. Steve and April are super nice and giving. It is a great community for us painting kinda guys!!!

Cleve Dayton Founder and President

The best of the best

DYB is the tip of the spear - the best of the best make up the rank and file in this group. It's like having the A-Team comprise your board of directors.

I know that we are a little slow in getting moving but I think your program is awesome.

I love the fact that Christ is the center in the decision making. I look forward to our growth together.

Evan Ellithorpe Owner

I have learned so much through the systems and people associated with DYB. The group has been influential in the growth of our company.

Rob Youness Owner

The system, support, and people are wonderful. Keep up the great work!

Mike Reed Owner

10 out of 10

Because it has given us the answers and support for many of our questions. It's also great being part of a community of painters who share a common vision.

Kevin Broesky Co-Owner

The encouragement to succeed in our businesses and personal life. To learn how to get to where the magic happens.

Ron Gerharz Owner

Although I don't seem to get the time I would like to learn more I really like the honesty and willingness to help that the group appears to display.

Joe Germain Owner

DYB has changed my life style and business

I tell many, about how DYB has changed my life style and business

Answer: DYB

This is a good question in my year in review,

Question: “What is the greatest influence on me in the last year?”

Answer: DYB

Lance Broat Venice Print Center

Awesome info and very helpful! You all are on top of answering our questions and it really helps us! Thank you!!!

Jamie Protopapa

10 out of 10

One a Scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience?

10 out of 10 The guidance 🙂

Great group and invaluable info sharing!!

Lisa Moon

...solid and implementable

The information is solid and implementable, and the caring attitude of Steve and April is great!

Guido Bernstein Owner

I think the service is great!

I think the service is great! Love the support, still getting to all the online info and looking forward to trying a peer group in the future as time opens up.

Curtis Tankersley Owner - Just Add Paint

I've been apart of the group for a month and I love the Facebook group. I need to start getting more in the whole DYB group. It's great all the way around so far.

Jon Giffen Owner

Complete package

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience?

10 Complete package

I have received so much valuable information. You guys really offer a lot of good stuff! Very happy to be a member.

LeRoy Braatz Owner

DYB has been extremely important in our business increasing are revenue and profit.

Scott and Leida Sheldon Owner

DYB is a great service. Open, honest, helpful, and positive!

Matthew Broesky Co-Owner Broesky Painting

wealth of knowledge

Great support from other contractors from around the world.

Such a wealth of knowledge and experience helping each other grow in all aspects of their business.

I've learned about technology that I never knew existed nor did I know to even search for it.

Nick LeClair Owner

Because Steve, has helped me to grow in my emotional IQ more than any other coach I've ever had. I believe that he genuinely cares about the people he works with; his community has an insane amount of value and I am very grateful to have to opportunity to work with Steve and the DYB Community. Thank you.

David Cooley Owner

my future is a lot brighter

Prior to joining DYB, I felt like I was traversing the land of business ownership by myself.

Steve and the DYB team have helped me rebuild my business to something of value and meaning.

I now have a Board of Directors, A group of people that care about my success. My families and my future is a lot brighter thanks to you the DYB systems. Thanks, DYB

Ron Rice Painting & Consulting

DYB... has changed our business.

A great coach, a great team, and a great community all focused on our success and being a positive entity in our communities.

Anyone I meet that's really trying to grow a business gets an earful about DYB and how this team has helped change our business.

Shawn Derby - Sir Paints A Lot Fearless leader (owner)

I have been a member since day one and also coached by Steve since shortly he was accepting clients. I have more than doubled my business, streamlined everything, found more time for myself and the family, and have a well-balanced life.

The community feels free and open, everyone is on a level footing.

Questions can be asked and full support is received.

With the daily beating we take in the world it is nice to have a safe place. This is a reflection on the integrity of Steve and April.

Wish I had joined sooner.

Scott Carmichael

Thank you for the mini DYB "Blueprint". I will always have it with me now to keep me on track and to help spread your message. I appreciate all your hard work and value that you guys bring to the community. Couldn't be happier.

Matt Jansen Owner

I just wanted to thank you for putting up that Facebook seminar on the DYB (Café) website.

It was really insightful and thanks to the tips and tricks I learned from April I am proud to say that our last two "Ads" were the most successful we've ever had, I believe this is due to the insights you provided about making the Ads look like ABA.

I have really focused on the Entertainment aspect of GIE.

(See photo- 545 reactions, 7 comments, 110 shares)

Brian Aguirre Office Manager

I am really glad I signed up...

I am really glad I signed up with you guys. I had been on the fence for quite some time, don't know why I just hadn't pulled the trigger on it.

Your system is awesome and working hard to find the time to put both feet in. I'm figuring it out slowly. Being (hard-headed) doesn't help keep guys and lacking leadership skills. I'll get it thanks to you and post from the DYB Group.

broken $1m in revenue

Luckily I started 2-3 months into business with DYB guiding me.

Using 90% of DYB systems we have broken $1m in revenue in 2 1/2 years in business.

The DYB systems have shaped and created what we as a company are today. Thanks for everything and I’m honored to be a part of this wonderful blessing.

American Veteran Painting

Steve Burnett, I wanted to say thank you for having the live chat the other day. I took your advice to show my employees extra love and support.

Your simple advice has done wonders in keeping them motivated.

I’ve read your book, it was a gift from Matthew McHugh - I’m very grateful for this group; I don’t post often, but I read/see every post/comment.

Keep killing it everyone - us painters know our job is very important.

Davinder Birk Owner

"increase revenue and streamline all processes"

Steve and DYB have helped us focus on what we need to do to increase revenue and streamline all processes.

Helped us to implement automation so we can spend more time doing other needed tasks.

John Power

exceeded my expectations

The group exceeded my expectations beyond anything I could imagine.

I am new to the painting business and not only is the advice and sharing top notch, everyone - hosts, members, etc-are super nice.

There are no mean or snarky comments EVER! It is always a welcoming, helpful space.

Linda Barber Co-Owner

PS - You have no equals!!!!

...There is real value in what you offer. I picked up on some of your ideas and feel that they have been helpful. Great practical and usable advice. Outstanding service...

...I see you guys as the best resource I have encountered on the internet.

Thanks, Michael McNamara

p.s. You have no equals!!!!

Honest feedback. Positive and uplifting.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience?

10 Cutting edge info. Quick response of questions on the Facebook page. No hidden fees or charges. Honest feedback. Positive and uplifting.

Jeffrey Sommers CEO & Pres. - ESP Painting

I just wanted to say thank you. I been reading comments and reviews it's amazing how many people DYB has helped. You have helped people pull out of complete collapse and ruin to running a million-dollar company so Thank You For everything that you guys do just the free stuff you give out is amazing.

Bill Brandenburg

While I have intentionally not grown the size of my company this year, I have intentionally grown the profit margin, especially with the Target Market exercise Steve shared with us. Having the focus of what jobs and customers to take on I have nearly doubled our net profit margin from last year YTD to this year YTD. Very cool. I realize the numbers may change slightly by the end of the year (up or down,) but so far this is very encouraging.

Damon Thompson

I have been on board for some time now and I must say... I have never gotten so much done in so little time. The consistent frequent positive encouragement really helps with my inner motivation....Important task are stated as goals each week and then we celebrate one another as things get done! I encourage anyone to get on board and then watch will never be the same 🙂

I can honestly say, as a Master Painter who has been in the trades 60 years and has been a licensed contractor in California for 45 years, Steve Burnett has great great stuff for anyone who wants to take their business to another level. I don't profess to know it all, and that is why I have associated myself with Steve. Great honest and caring person, knows his business and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

Steve Hobson California Color Works

The atmosphere is always encouraging, it answers most if not all of my questions, it provides a variety of opportunities and tools to progress in business, life, and community.

Sometimes I think of where I would be and what other kind of habits I would have formed if it wasn't for Steve and this (DYB) Community. DYB Rocks!

Danny Arey Owner

I want to THANK YOU for a great website. The DYB Cafe' is probably the best online portal for helping painters, period! (Use this as a testimonial, if you'd like).

I have purchased a few programs, and the DYB Cafe's is far above and beyond.

Thank you. Thank you!

Personally, I think the Cafe is worth $99 dollars per month or more. There is so much value for the money. I mean where can you go for a step by step guide on how to set up and build a business for $37 dollars a month?

Thomas Drake A New Leaf Painting

...tripling our sales!

My experience with DYB has been tremendous so far.

Steve and the entire team have been instrumental in growing my business and tripling our sales from the entire year of 2017 by April of 2018. We have won tons of repeat business with the program that Steve has set up.

Everyone on the DYB team is super responsive and quick to lend a helping hand with anything I need.

I cannot say enough about how great this group is and I am excited to grow even more in the future with the coaching and guidance from DYB!

Sam Reuter - Painter Pro CEO & Founder

Haven't Been This Excited About What I Do In Years!

I clicked the "I'm in for a $1" button. Wow! This is awesome. I turn 55 this coming week and I'm finally giving up on figuring it out as I go. Thanks everyone. In less than one week I've been on here and in the vault so much my wife thinks I must be having an affair. LOL. This is the boost I didn't even know I needed. I haven't been this excited about what I do for years.


I was going to wait until Friday to share this as a "Big Win" but I just can't contain my emotions that long. Today, Oct 12, I collected final payment for the job we completed yesterday. I have now officially doubled my business from last year.

We also currently have three other ongoing projects, more exterior work sold than weather will permit us to get to this year so we've booked some for spring, and we have December and the first half of January booked solid with interior work. Life is good, DYB Rocks!!

I'm here to testify that having a business coach pays dividends folks. I've been a member of this community for a few short months - what I've taken away and implemented in my business has had a tremendous positive impact on me, my employees, and the business. Steve's motto holds true - you save money having a coach. It's true!

Many thanks to Steve Burnett and his DYB System. You have a huge fan right here.

If you're like me (I still have a LONG way to go) and are roaming the earth wondering what the next step is in your business, consider using Steve or one of the other coaches available here. The investment is worth the ROI you will recognize if you implement his system.

Ryan Anderson Alliance Painting

Day 20 today!!! I woke up at 2:30AM and was just so excited I could not sleep.

Everything is clicking into place in my head like magic.

I already am successful, it has taken me 12 years of trial and error and 80 hour work weeks though and I am not doing 1/100 of what DYB is laying out.

What will happen as I start implementing these principles?

I know I blaspheme Steve, but I don't even need caffeine to get out of bed anymore!

I have not been this excited about anything in the last 10 years and I am not just talking business.

This is impacting my health, relationships, psychology and spirituality in ways I never would have imagined.

Let's DYB people!

Brendan Ryan Owner

deep appreciation

I just want to take a moment to express my deep appreciation and thankfulness to Steve Burnett and April Burnett, and the rest of DYB.

For over a month now I have been up at 5:00~5:15 reading and then doing jam sessions. But honestly, it's more than that. They have provided a catalyst and then support for a mindset change.

My company had a rough year last year, but the hope I have for the future is taking root due to many of the lessons and encouragement I have received from all of you.

I praise the Lord for His sustaining me and for the growth I see Him working in me. I believe this group is a major tool for all of this.


Hi All, just finished with a 1-1 coaching session with Steve, like the mastermind on Steroids or should I say caffeinated Steroids!!!!!! I've had other coaches before and most of them just wanted to make sure they were on the right side of the cash register. If you want real growth personal and professional ( there's time when I feel I'm on the couch talking to Dr. Steve) and insight into how to make your business cruise the "one on one" is the way to go!!!! Unless you are a direct competitor of mine, which in that case, you should really consider doing what you usually do - the same thing you always do. See you in the stratosphere. Rock On!

Rating? 10 out of 10

Not only is this a community and coaches that have helped my business. Its a group of high integrity individuals that share freely with ideas and resources that enrich your life. I know that sounds airy fairy but just by being a part of the group and implementing the ABCs my relationships outside my business have flourished which intern leads to a healthy bottom line.

Marc Poulos Marc Poulos Painting

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