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What does this look like?

 1-1 Coaching $650/month

  1. Meet over the phone or via web meeting 2x a month
  2. Intense knowledge and skills to help you
    1. Increase sales
    2. Increase productivity
    3. Increase freedom and lifestyle as business owner
  3. Create action plan via Basecamp
  4. Follow up meetings: 
    1. What’s working
    2. What’s not
    3. What’s missing 
    4. What’s next
  5. Enter into Basecamp, create & modify with any course corrections
  6. In-between meetings:
    1. Complimentary membership to DYB Facebook Group
      1. Share big wins
      2. Share challenges
      3. Share ideas
  7. Complimentary membership to DYB Courses:
    1. Get help with HOW to do move forward on tasks that are technical 
      1. Checklists
      2. Video tutorials
      3. 1-1 web meeting with April (available on request, on first come, basis)
  8. Many other resources
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