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Have you ever driven by those large condominium associations with crews working on them and thought to yourself, “How can I get that work?”

Years ago this was me…

We were able to break into the condominium work approximately seven years ago.

Since then, we now work with multiple property managers as well as independent Home Owner Associations (HOA’s).

And you can, too!

Here are 9 ways to introduce yourself to a Property Manager or HOA:

1. Network: At every networking group we belong to (BNI, LeTip, BBB, etc.) we ask for property managers and condo association referrals.

2. Look: When in a condominium building, they always have the contact information posted on a wall. This usually includes the management company and their info.  When I see this I take a picture of it with my cell phone for later contact.

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 3. Ask:  When we work in an association for a condominium owner we ask who the Property Manager is and then contact that person.  We have found great success with this and are even able to get the direct contact information.

 4. Google: Search for property managers in your area. You would be surprised how many smaller property management companies there are that manage the smaller buildings and office buildings.

 5. Offer: Make an offer to perform any budget estimating they may have.  Many associations have to plan their budgets and long-term forecasts for major improvements which need numbers.

Please note: many have no intention of performing the work this year and sometimes not even the next.

But, if you sow these seeds now, then you will be on their radar and well positioned to reap the harvest when work comes due.

6. Small Jobs: Ask if they have any small jobs. Many times we are called in to paint one front door that had been replaced in an association of 100 plus condos.

At this point, we have a half day rate and a full day rate and let them know it ahead of time which will give them knowledge of your pricing and what to expect.

7. ER Contractor: Be their emergency contractor:  Recently we were called to repair a pool entrance gate that had fallen off and they were worried about liability.

We corrected the issue ASAP and have been rewarded with additional work.

8. Ultimate Resource: Let them know that you have trusted contacts that could also assist them. i.e. fence companies, plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc..

Before you know it you will be their “go-to” contact!

9. “Pop in”: Pop by and walk in…  But do not go empty-handed.  Do not bring coffee as they usually have a pot on hand. Instead bring a couple pies, or gourmet cookies.

If you do this a couple times they will be calling you more often than the next guy. They call me “the pie guy.”


10. Ask a Landscaper:   Stop driving, get out of your truck, and ask a landscaper.

When you see a landscaper working on a property, ask them for the info, and, better yet, share some of yours and make a new friend!

Please remember: The numbers can be all over the place with association work.

Our bids last year were as low as $ 560.00 and as high as $ 284,000.00.

Bigger is not always better as a commitment of a large contract will require a lot of manpower and time.

Always work the numbers to see if multiple projects would be more beneficial than one large project.

These are the steps we used over the year to earn association work.

About the Author

Ron Ramsden is the owner of the successful Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and crushed it in 2015, and now coaches other painting contractors around the nation to do the same.