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Beating Bloggers Block

Bloggers block… what is bloggers block?

I’m Ron Ramsden and I’m a DYB Coach,  I’m also a painting contractor in Northern Massachusetts.

Bloggers block, this is when you want to blog and you just have no idea what you are going to blog about.

I’m going to tell you and show you how we get ideas to blog about.

As I pulled up to this house, I take a look at it, and 100 blogs come to mind.

How are you going to wash this house prior to painting?

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painting contractor business coach

Shutters, do we save them, do we paint them, or do we replace them?

You can blog about the preparation that goes on for shutters and maybe put a price per shutter so they know what they are getting into if they call you.

Front porches, we have a deck there on the front porch.

Should we paint the decking?

Should we stain the decking?

Maybe a step by step process of how we do all these things just in case the homeowner wants to do it themselves.

You will be the expert because you are guiding them along to do it properly.

Glazing, window glazing, how do you properly glaze a window?

We can have a look over here, we have wicker furniture out here on the front lawn.

How do you paint wicker furniture?

Do you spray it, do you wash it, do you brush it, do you roll it?

Another perfect thing to blog…

Colors of the home, what kind of paints are you going to use?

Are you going to compare apples to apples or are you going to use the leading brands of paint?

The contractor grade, maybe up to their premium grade.

Why use certain paints in certain areas?

Masonry painting, you are going to paint the foundation, what kind of paint?

Why don’t you use regular latex paint, without masonry primer first?

All of these are blogs that you can use.

And of course, if you open that garage, if you go in that cellar, I can guarantee you, you are going to find 10 or 20 gallons of old paint.

Tell them step by step how to get rid of old paint.

Easy, easy ways to become a professional in your field.

You want to be the expert that everybody goes to when they are coming across a painting situation.

These are a few different things to blog about…

…and we also have fence maintenance. I see a fence over there.

How do you paint a fence?

How do you stain a fence?

Why would you use stain on a fence?

Why would you use paint on a fence?

If it is a vinyl fence, how are we going to wash that fence and maintain it?

Another blog, just keep walking around…

…and driveway sealings!

Do you seal driveways?

Why do you fill the crack?

What products do you use when you are sealing the driveway?

All the different ideas for doing some blogs.

And if any of these don’t help,  you can click and download an extra 52 Ideas for blogs.

Anyway, I’m Ron Ramsden and I’m a DYB coach, I’m also a painting contractor in Northern Massachusetts.

I help painters work on their business so they don’t have to work in their business.

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