DYB Mastermind Group Membership - Testimonials

"Killing it" is right. Most of time, at this point in the year, I'm
slowing down. I just hired on an extra guy last week, and we're looking for another one. No kidding! Steve is the man.

You just have to follow the instructions and take the steps. It's not easy to do at first, but once you get the hang of "thinking outside the box" you want more!

Don Goddard All About Paint

Haven't Been This Excited About What I Do In Years!

I clicked the "I'm in for a $1" button. Wow! This is awesome. I turn 55 this coming week and I'm finally giving up on figuring it out as I go. Thanks everyone. In less than one week I've been on here and in the vault so much my wife thinks I must be having an affair. LOL. This is the boost I didn't even know I needed. I haven't been this excited about what I do for years.


I was going to wait until Friday to share this as a "Big Win" but I just can't contain my emotions that long. Today, Oct 12, I collected final payment for the job we completed yesterday. I have now officially doubled my business from last year.

We also currently have three other ongoing projects, more exterior work sold than weather will permit us to get to this year so we've booked some for spring, and we have December and the first half of January booked solid with interior work. Life is good, DYB Rocks!!

Steven Henn Brushstrokes Painting Company

I have been on board for some time now and I must say... I have never gotten so much done in so little time. The consistent frequent positive encouragement really helps with my inner motivation....Important task are stated as goals each week and then we celebrate one another as things get done! I encourage anyone to get on board and then watch out....you will never be the same 🙂

John Peek Peek Brothers Painting

The community feels free and open, everyone is on a level footing.

Questions can be asked and full support is received.

With the daily beating we take in the world it is nice to have a safe place. This is a reflection on the integrity of Steve and April.

Wish I had joined sooner.

Scott Carmichael

I get a lot of great ideas from DYB and I have made some really good friends through DYB. Steve and April are super nice and giving. It is a great community for us painting kinda guys!!!

Cleve Dayton Founder and President

Thank you for the mini DYB "Blueprint". I will always have it with me now to keep me on track and to help spread your message. I appreciate all your hard work and value that you guys bring to the community. Couldn't be happier.

Matt Jansen Owner

The atmosphere is always encouraging, it answers most if not all of my questions, it provides a variety of opportunities and tools to progress in business, life, and community.

Sometimes I think of where I would be and what other kind of habits I would have formed if it wasn't for Steve and this (DYB) Community. DYB Rocks!

Danny Arey Owner

10 out of 10

Because it has given us the answers and support for many of our questions. It's also great being part of a community of painters who share a common vision.

Kevin Broesky Co-Owner

The encouragement to succeed in our businesses and personal life. To learn how to get to where the magic happens.

Ron Gerharz Owner

Learning a lot of practical solutions to common problems and great discussions on pitfalls I haven't even considered yet.

Will Meigs Owner

DYB is a great service. Open, honest, helpful, and positive!

Matthew Broesky Co-Owner Broesky Painting

The system, support, and people are wonderful. Keep up the great work!

Mike Reed Owner

Saved $4,000/mo by joining DYB 1-1 Coaching and doubled our sales

Stopped paying for leads in Oct. - which was about $4,000 a month - and leads have not dropped off. Plus we have more than doubled our sales this Feb over last Feb.

Thanks to all off the DYB systems. We still have some more to implement. Very excited for what this year will bring!

We started DYB last August and had Steve down to see our operations; he added instant value.

Another huge thing is the mastermind group I'm in, it's awesome having such a great group of guys holding me accountable and then there is the one to one coaching that has been amazing! G

Guys, I will tell you first hand I have saved $4000 per month in advertising, I have way better quality leads, and a group of guys that hold me accountable.

Last year in Feb we sold $32,000 this feb we sold $73,000 - there is no question that following the DYB systems will double my business this year!

Bill & Tia Carlson Owners - Brush and Roll Painting

Great group and invaluable info sharing!!

Lisa Moon

I have received so much valuable information. You guys really offer a lot of good stuff! Very happy to be a member.

LeRoy Braatz Owner

broken $1m in revenue

Luckily I started 2-3 months into business with DYB guiding me.

Using 90% of DYB systems we have broken $1m in revenue in 2 1/2 years in business.

The DYB systems have shaped and created what we as a company are today. Thanks for everything and I’m honored to be a part of this wonderful blessing.

American Veteran Painting