DYB 1-1 Coaching Testimonials

Danny Hirby Owner - Serious Business Painting

deep appreciation

I just want to take a moment to express my deep appreciation and thankfulness to Steve Burnett and April Burnett, and the rest of DYB.

For over a month now I have been up at 5:00~5:15 reading and then doing jam sessions. But honestly, it's more than that. They have provided a catalyst and then support for a mindset change.

My company had a rough year last year, but the hope I have for the future is taking root due to many of the lessons and encouragement I have received from all of you.

I praise the Lord for His sustaining me and for the growth I see Him working in me. I believe this group is a major tool for all of this.


Tommy Johnson Owner - Johnson Home Construction

Before I started spending my time with purpose I had little time for the most important things in my life.

Even when I was there my mind was often on some job or client or task I needed to do.

Implementing the DYB system into my life has changed me. That is the biggest complement and testimonial I can ever give. I am a better leader today.

I am so thankful for everyone who took part in that and for those that will be there as I continue to get better.

David Cooley Owner

Because Steve, has helped me to grow in my emotional IQ more than any other coach I've ever had. I believe that he genuinely cares about the people he works with; his community has an insane amount of value and I am very grateful to have to opportunity to work with Steve and the DYB Community. Thank you.

Shawn Derby - Sir Paints A Lot Fearless leader (owner)

DYB... has changed our business.

A great coach, a great team, and a great community all focused on our success and being a positive entity in our communities.

Anyone I meet that's really trying to grow a business gets an earful about DYB and how this team has helped change our business.

Rick Power

challenge status quo

Set goals, organize processes, challenge status quo

Matt Orme PR Painting - Penselvania

DYB Coaching is the bomb!

DYB coaching is the bomb! For anyone thinking about making the investment... Do it! The resources, wisdom and encouragement are so incredibly valuable. Thank you, Steve Burnett!

Doug Imhoff Owner - Imhoff Fine Residential Painting

The best of the best

DYB is the tip of the spear - the best of the best make up the rank and file in this group. It's like having the A-Team comprise your board of directors.

Ray Rahni Owner - Paint Track Painting Services

I might not want all my competitors on it 😉

Billy Caldwell Co-Owner - Caldwell Painting

Complete package

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience?

10 Complete package

Ron Ramsden Owner - Ramsden Painting

I have been a member since day one and also coached by Steve since shortly he was accepting clients. I have more than doubled my business, streamlined everything, found more time for myself and the family, and have a well-balanced life.

Matt Jansen Owner

Thank you for the mini DYB "Blueprint". I will always have it with me now to keep me on track and to help spread your message. I appreciate all your hard work and value that you guys bring to the community. Couldn't be happier.

John Power

"increase revenue and streamline all processes"

Steve and DYB have helped us focus on what we need to do to increase revenue and streamline all processes.

Helped us to implement automation so we can spend more time doing other needed tasks.

Sam Reuter - Painter Pro CEO & Founder

...tripling our sales!

My experience with DYB has been tremendous so far.

Steve and the entire team have been instrumental in growing my business and tripling our sales from the entire year of 2017 by April of 2018. We have won tons of repeat business with the program that Steve has set up.

Everyone on the DYB team is super responsive and quick to lend a helping hand with anything I need.

I cannot say enough about how great this group is and I am excited to grow even more in the future with the coaching and guidance from DYB!

Jimmy Canabe Owner - Canabe Color Expert

Great coaching.

Great road maps for contractors to follow. Great coaching.

Jeffrey Sommers CEO & Pres. - ESP Painting

Honest feedback. Positive and uplifting.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience?

10 Cutting edge info. Quick response of questions on the Facebook page. No hidden fees or charges. Honest feedback. Positive and uplifting.

Marc Poulos Marc Poulos Painting

Hi All, just finished with a 1-1 coaching session with Steve, like the mastermind on Steroids or should I say caffeinated Steroids!!!!!! I've had other coaches before and most of them just wanted to make sure they were on the right side of the cash register. If you want real growth personal and professional ( there's time when I feel I'm on the couch talking to Dr. Steve) and insight into how to make your business cruise the "one on one" is the way to go!!!! Unless you are a direct competitor of mine, which in that case, you should really consider doing what you usually do - the same thing you always do. See you in the stratosphere. Rock On!

Rating? 10 out of 10

Not only is this a community and coaches that have helped my business. Its a group of high integrity individuals that share freely with ideas and resources that enrich your life. I know that sounds airy fairy but just by being a part of the group and implementing the ABCs my relationships outside my business have flourished which intern leads to a healthy bottom line.

Bill & Tia Carlson Owners - Brush and Roll Painting

Saved $4,000/mo by joining DYB 1-1 Coaching and doubled our sales

Stopped paying for leads in Oct. - which was about $4,000 a month - and leads have not dropped off. Plus we have more than doubled our sales this Feb over last Feb.

Thanks to all off the DYB systems. We still have some more to implement. Very excited for what this year will bring!

We started DYB last August and had Steve down to see our operations; he added instant value.

Another huge thing is the mastermind group I'm in, it's awesome having such a great group of guys holding me accountable and then there is the one to one coaching that has been amazing! G

Guys, I will tell you first hand I have saved $4000 per month in advertising, I have way better quality leads, and a group of guys that hold me accountable.

Last year in Feb we sold $32,000 this feb we sold $73,000 - there is no question that following the DYB systems will double my business this year!

Ron Rice Painting & Consulting

my future is a lot brighter

Prior to joining DYB, I felt like I was traversing the land of business ownership by myself.

Steve and the DYB team have helped me rebuild my business to something of value and meaning.

I now have a Board of Directors, A group of people that care about my success. My families and my future is a lot brighter thanks to you the DYB systems. Thanks, DYB

Rob Youness Owner

I have learned so much through the systems and people associated with DYB. The group has been influential in the growth of our company.

Scott and Leida Sheldon Owner

DYB has been extremely important in our business increasing are revenue and profit.

Paul Dybdahl Owner

Here contemplating my 1 on 1 meetings with Steve. It’s been five months now, we started in December, which it’s not the ideal month to add the extra expense of one on one coaching... especially for me because I have seven children, 4 boys 3 girls and all three girls are born in the month of December...... So, after the first month I was a little disappointed because I didn’t learn everything in those first two meetings... but I kept going and I realized that after every meeting I would pick up a little nugget, a little something to work on and something that I saw differently. Now, I think of it like every meeting I pick up a little piece of paper and on that paper there’s a drawing on it and as I collect those pieces of paper and as I put those pieces of paper together like a jigsaw puzzle or the different fragments of a map and they’re kind of coming together now to form a picture and a path.. And I Can See It! I’m putting those pieces of paper together and the picture is forming... I see the picture more clearly every meeting and I can see a path to being able to do this now more than I ever have..... woo!

Very Exciting Stuff! And as far as the expense.... not only does Steve hold me accountable, so does the expense. 🥳

Feeling Motivated & Enthusiastic.

Woo Hoo!

We Gonna Do This!

Ray Paparo Owner - Aspen Painting and Wallcovering

...they care about the success of their clients.

The level of professionalism is outstanding. Steve and company really show they care about the success of their clients.

Ryan Anderson Alliance Painting

I'm here to testify that having a business coach pays dividends folks. I've been a member of this community for a few short months - what I've taken away and implemented in my business has had a tremendous positive impact on me, my employees, and the business. Steve's motto holds true - you save money having a coach. It's true!

Many thanks to Steve Burnett and his DYB System. You have a huge fan right here.

If you're like me (I still have a LONG way to go) and are roaming the earth wondering what the next step is in your business, consider using Steve or one of the other coaches available here. The investment is worth the ROI you will recognize if you implement his system.

Larry Tunesi Owner - International Coatings Corp.

DYB has changed my life style and business

I tell many, about how DYB has changed my life style and business