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EP78 How to Stay Productive in Tough Times


Today, Steve and I start by sharing 6 strategies to keep your mind and body primed for productive work amidst the drastic changes happening today.

These practical tips include basic things like getting lots of sleep and exercise and more tactical tips like writing down 20 things you are grateful for and sending a text filled with words of encouragement to 20 people. 

None of these are hard to do, but as Jim Rohn said, “What’s easy to do, is easy NOT to do.” 

So make sure you don’t just listen, but actually implement these 6 strategies when you are needing motivation to stay productive and positive in tough times.

Steve and I also talk about protecting your mind… from the music you listen to and the people with whom you associate.

We wrap up by sharing practical activities that businesses which have temporarily closed, can engage in now to continue to work ON the business so you are stronger than ever, when you resume.


– 6 Strategies on how to stay productive during tough times
– Why the strategies are effective
– How to protect your mind from negative influences
– What to focus on for maximum achievement and development
– What action steps you can take today, even if your business is shut down currently, to continue to build your business during this time and help out your community
– How to gain positive momentum to keep moving forward in this challenging time



02:14 The American Economy is the most resilient economy in recorded history. ~ Dave Ramsey

03:02 People to keep an eye on: Michael Hyatt, Darren Hardy, Dave Ramsey – Dave Ramsey because he’s a money guy.

04:02 We are going to talk about some ways to be PRO-active, not RE-active.

04:57 One (thing) I appreciate, is that you (Steve) built the DYB System during a recession, when everyone was saying, “The sky is falling. Cash in your chips now. This is it,” and many businesses did roll over and, unfortunately, did not come back. But YOU didn’t have that option. You had two little kids, single father. You HAD to figure it out.”

05:59 You’ve got a list of 6 things you do, when you are needing motivation in tough times. What do you do?

06:35 The number one most important thing on my list for staying productive is….proper sleep.

08:03 Good point, so if you’ve not had enough sleep, let your spouse, your family know, so if you react rather than respond, they’ll know ahead of time, “Okay, this isn’t intentional; this isn’t personal.” …They’ll have more grace with you.

10:50 “That’s brilliant; here is what you are doing. The hardest thing is just getting started. And if you can just get yourself started, that’s really the goal. Somebody says, “I want to start jogging.” Have your goal to be put on jogging shoes and step outside.”

14:20 “Send a text message of gratitude, inspiration, or encouragement to 20 people. A text message is more personal than a Facebook message because any stranger can shoot you a Facebook message. But not everybody has your cellphone number.”

23:00 “Write down on paper before you go to bed, 20 things you are grateful for. It can be in a journal, notebook, whatever it is. Write it down on paper, 20 things you’re grateful for. And this primes the pump, if you will, for your subconscious to think about everything you’re grateful for, priming you to wake up feeling great.”

026:30 Get the highlights, but you don’t need to fill your mind with fear by hours and hours of commentary. Get the data, get the facts, but don’t feed the fear, skip the commentary.

32:51 “Protect your mind, protect your heart for it is a wellspring of happiness by who you associate with; make sure that being associated with this person is helps you to be more productive, they encourage you, they help you along the way, they build you up.”

33:13 You can only help people when you, yourself are in that positive mode; if they are bringing you down, take a step back until you can help them.


06:36 Tip #1: Get proper sleep

09:08 Tip #2: Exercise (preferably in nature!)

13:48 Tip #3: Send 20 messages of encouragement

           Tip #4: Saved for last!

16:43 Tip #5: Create something

22:22 Tip #6: Write down 20 things you are grateful for

24:53 Tip #4: Protect and guard what you feed your mind

34:16 IE: Fill yourself with positive music & people & messages

42:22 Activities that closed businesses can engage in NOW


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