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How to Conduct Convenient Interviews That Will Save You Time

Hiring is on our mind these days, the seasons are changing, and we need employees.

So, how are we going to fill these positions?

We have been making headway and I wanted to share some of the ways in this post today.

Source for Potential Candidates at Vocational Schools

I went to the vocational schools, I was able to meet with a handful of students, and had a round table discussion and group interview with 8 of them.

We ended up offering co-op to two of them, and we will see where that goes.

And co-op will be every other week, but we would have one student every week, and they will just alternate it week to week, and then hopefully, they will become full-time employees.

We specifically needed seniors in high school, so hopefully, that works out well.

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Post ads on Craigslist

Secondly, of course, post everywhere.

In fact, Craigslist, we haven’t used that in a long time.

I went and looked at Craigslist the other day, specifically for my area, I typed in “painter”, “painting” –all those keywords and there were only 3 ads out there.

So, I think a lot of people are shying away from Craigslist, and that could be a great place to look if you are one of the few who are posting out there.

But just be specific as you can with that subject in your ads, build the culture, give them the benefits of working for you and why you are so different.

Post ads on Indeed

Third, of course, we have indeed, I post every single week, I have different ads going on, and the last ad was “New painter needed” and I received 53 applicants.

Of course, we weeded through those, about 20 of them didn’t have vehicles and licenses, even though we requested that but still gave us a good pool, and today we set up 3 different estimates with 3 of those applicants for the brand new painters.

One of them that we interviewed actually had the painting experience that we needed.

So you never know who you are going to get.

Conduct Video Interviews On Facebook Live, Skype, Etc.

Another way we have been looking at is, sometimes, we don’t have time, or our schedule doesn’t actually meet with the other schedule because the candidate is still working, you might have things to do in the evening or such.

So, conduct a live video interview via Facebook Live or Skype on your phone/iPad/PC or however you do it.

This is a great way to see who you are talking to.

In my eyes, it is better than a phone call, because you could actually see their reactions.

Send Candidates Interview Questions and Request for a Video Response

Today in a mastermind group, someone needed painters, but they actually have a vacation scheduled next week, so what are they going to do?

They have some applicants, they didn’t want to rush into it.

What if you talked to them on the phone, and then send them a request, with some questions for a video response?

If you are older like me, that might be a little weird, but the young generation, the millennials and under, who seem to be a big portion of our workforce these days, are so comfortable with technology.

So, ask 5 or 6 questions, ask them to respond back with a video.

Let them know, you want to make a decision while you are away for next week, and you value their time, and you want to get them started right away.

Anyway, I hope that helps.

I am Ron Ramsden, a DYB Coach and also a Painting Contractor.

If you would like to reach out to me, do so at

About the Author

Ron Ramsden is the owner of the successful Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and crushed it in 2015, and now coaches other painting contractors around the nation to do the same.