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How to Find Facebook Content to Stay Top of Mind

Social Media; What to post when you have no content. I am Ron Ramsden and I am a DYB coach, also a painting contractor. I am going to walk through what to post and how to find things and also when to post.

A lot of us love social media, a lot of us hate it, a lot of us look at it like, “No, I don’t really want to do these things”. But you know something? There is a ton of opportunities out there –that’s where our customers are.

So, let’s look at this; when to post first, before we get into what to post. A lot of us on a Monday, or a Tuesday morning, we might have an hour – we might be having coffee before we get going and we are like, well, we have to post some things.

So, we look at all of our pictures, all of our newsfeeds and we just start posting things. Well, that’s really good, maybe it is a Tuesday afternoon, appointment canceled and you look at it yourself and say, I have time now, let’s post everything on social media, which might be really good, but if your customers aren’t on their phone, their mobile device right then, or they are not in front of their computer, you missed them.

They are only going to see those postings that you put if they actually go visit your page, and if you are looking at what to post, you are probably not posting that much or you are not going to find them searching out your page unless they are actually looking to see what you’ve done or they are going to give you a call, or they are looking for a painter.

So, let’s establish some social media presence and we will attract more people, and you have to look at Facebook.

And I am talking about Facebook right now because it’s free. So, what do we post? You might say, I don’t have much to post, you know, I am new, I don’t have any of that stuff, I don’t do blogs, I don’t do anything…

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Well, I am going to touch base so… Ideally, you would have something drop or post every single day, and as I said, you don’t want to sit down on a Monday morning and just say okay, we are just going to post everything right now.

What we want to do is schedule everything out, so we are going to say, not on a Monday morning, we are not going to put 10 pictures out there, 10 pictures mean 10 different posts, so, let’s look at it that way.

We’re going to schedule everything out, we are going to sit down and think about what we are going to do, 30 posts at one time seem like a lot, but let’s break it down on how we can do this, and where we can find some information to put out there.

First of all, let’s visit Benjamin Moore and Shearman Williams websites, maybe PPG, or any other local paint company, they probably have a lot of information.

I am going to right now refer to Benjamin Moore and Shearman Williams, if you go on to their sites, you are going to find videos, or if you go to YouTube, search out Shearman Williams, Benjamin Moore, you are going to see a lot of videos produced by them –copy and paste the URL into your newsfeed, and then you are going to go down and schedule it.

Look at it this way, every Monday for the month, so 4 Mondays, for the next 4 Mondays, you are going to post a Benjamin Moore video done by Benjamin Moore, they love it when you share their content. And then on Wednesdays, you are going to post a Shearman Williams one for the next 4 days, there’s plenty of information out there. So, right now, you are just on every Monday, every Wednesday, so what does that mean? You already have 8 postings for the month. I am going to look at it as a 4-week month.

There’s some content right there. What else are we going to look for? We are going to look for color trends, if we all have seen the Email feeds, seen the Facebook feeds, seen any of those, color trends are hot, they seem to have a color trend for every day of the week.

We’re going to grab next year’s color trends, -you could post next year’s color trends for Benjamin Moore… I know right now, it’s the fall, we are going to do the fall color trends, and they have month color trends.

So, let’s just say we’ve got 4 color trends, so on Tuesdays for the next 4 weeks, we are going to post a color trend. Right now, we have a video from Benjamin Moore dropping on a Monday, Tuesday we have color trends, mix them up between the two, maybe 3 or 4 different manufacturers. On Wednesday, we have another video.

Okay, now what else are we going to post? I think we are full… No, video testimonials, do you have video testimonials? If you have a video testimonial, you have 4 of them, you are going to use these every single month and you are going to keep showing them and showing everybody how great you are, so what we are going to do is take video testimonials every Thursday, copy and paste the URL, and schedule that to drop on Thursday.

So, Mondays; we have videos from Benjamin Moore, Tuesdays; we have color trends, Wednesdays; we have videos from Shearman Williams, Thursdays; we have color trends, okay what are we going to do on Fridays?

Well, Fridays, we are going to use our Google reviews, if you don’t have Google reviews yet, or if you don’t have video testimonials yet, I want you to put a message underneath this video or comment below this post. We are going to get together and walk you through how to get those done or send me a Facebook message, I will share all my information in a little while.

So, we have those, we are going to copy and paste our Google reviews, it might say, “Ron and his crew did a fantastic job, painting the interior of our house, we highly recommend them… Bob. C (5 stars)” That is a Facebook post.

Let’s recap this, on Mondays; we have our Benjamin Moore videos, Tuesday; we have color trends, Wednesday; we have Shearman Williams videos, Thursday; we have video testimonials, Fridays; we have our Google reviews.

Now, what are we going to do on Saturdays and Sundays? We’re going to post pictures. We are in a very visual profession, we take pictures of houses, doors, cracks in walls, whatever it may be if you are just driving down the street, and you are going to find something to take a picture of.

Over the course of the month, you take many pictures, maybe it’s a picture for your estimate, maybe it’s a picture for your crew, you are going to tell them, “hey, fix this crack”, maybe it’s a before and after.

Find 4 to 8 pictures that you can post on Saturdays and Sundays. So, for the next 4 Saturdays, you are going to post a picture of before and after, and on Sundays, you can just do some random pictures. And if you are driving down the street, and you find a beautiful house or an awesome front door, or some unbelievable colors with full edge or flowers on the side of the road, take a picture and just ask your followers how they like it.

And when they answer, make sure you respond back, because any of these that you can make into a question, and in your postings, respond back, because Facebook loves responses, it helps the algorithms and more people will see your news-feed.

And then, all customers who watch your newsfeed, comment on it and you respond back, it will show up on their newsfeed.

Right there, we are recapping this, so we have Mondays; we have Benjamin Moore videos, and Wednesdays; we have Shearman Williams’s videos, Tuesdays; we have color trends, Thursdays; we have video testimonials, Fridays; we have Google reviews, and then Saturdays and Sundays, we have pictures.

We just filled up the whole month, it might take a little practice when you are first going, but when you have consistency on this, Facebook is going to bring you right up and a lot more people are going to see it. And then, when someone actually goes and visits your Facebook postings, they are going to be like, whoa… look at the content that this guy is putting out, or this girl is putting out, or this company is putting out.

But don’t forget to also grab your camera and do live videos, similar to what I am doing right now.

I have a beautiful view behind me and in front of me is the ocean. This means a lot, this captures people’s attention, do a live video as you go into a job site.

But do something that we used to do when our kids were younger and they were teenagers, my wife used to call ahead before she got there.

Before you do your live video, let your employees know you are going to do a live video, let them pull up their pants, let them take that coffee cup off where it is not supposed to be, let them pick up the job site, maybe put their shirts on, turn down the music, make it look professional.

And then walk around, ask your employees how they are doing today, whether they like the color? Things like that, walk around and be interactive with the employees, explain what you are doing, don’t give out the person’s address obviously and you will find people are really… you can see them as they chime in, ask them questions while you are doing your live video, and then respond back to them as you see them popping up on the screen.

Before you know it, the number of likes, people who like your page, and you are going to find that you are now getting messages, requesting quotes through Facebook, it is an amazing tool and it’s free, I am not asking you to spend any money on this, not to boost a post, not to do any advertising, it’s just produce content.

I hope this helped? I am Ron Ramsden and I am a DYB coach, if you would like to reach out to me, it is, I would love to chat with you, if you have any questions about the video testimonials, or Google reviews, or anything else like that that I have mentioned in this video, just leave a message, send me a Facebook message, we can either chat on the phone, we can chat via messenger, I would love to chat with you.

I hope this helped? Take advantage of the free content that you can put out on Facebook, I hope this helps… Have a great day.

About the Author

Ron Ramsden is the owner of the successful Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and crushed it in 2015, and now coaches other painting contractors around the nation to do the same.