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Do you offer a warranty for your work?

Hi, I’m April with DYB coach

and here is why you want to offer a warranty for your work…

When Steve and I owned Burnett 1-800-painting we offered a nine-year material and labor warranty.

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No. 1: Because we knew that we were pre-qualifying all of our leads.

No. 2: We knew that the paint that we were using was Benjamin Moore or Regal and above, high-quality paint that’s going to last.

No. 3: We knew that our All-star team was always providing a great, not only experience, but they were doing a perfect job each and every time.

So because we knew that, we offered that warranty.

And do we ever get calls?

Sure, not very often but when we did, we’d go and we’d look at what happened and it was always something where it’s not our job or the paint that’s failing.

But guess what? We always took care of them anyway.

Because that experience of hey, look, the paint is coming off or whatever.

I can remember one particular job…

We went to the house and clearly seen, even after all the pressure washing and preparation work that we did, it wasn’t our paint that was failing.

It was the paint that was applied previously, layers of it to the building that was failing and coming off.

So we explained that this was not under our warranty, however, because you are a customer of ours, we are going to take care of this for you.

And that kind of experience floored our customer.

She was so happy and so grateful.

It wasn’t like “You need to do this because this is your paint failing and it’s your warranty. I expect that.”

They do expect that, but when you go above and beyond, even though it’s not your warranty issue that’s causing the problem.

We take care of them anyway and they are so grateful. And they tell other people!

I recently had an experience just like this because I had what I call the “dropsies”, on my iPhone in May.

I drop my phone time after time. And cracked the top screen protector.

But then I cracked the actual screen underneath and it was kind of getting in the way.

So I went to Best Buy because that’s where I had my phone insurance.

They said with my phone insurance I can go through them, but I also have Apple care.

So you could just go through them, it will be faster.

So I go to the Apple store and they say “ah, you know what, you actually don’t have Applecare, you only have the Best Buy phone insurance.”

“So instead of it being $30 to replace the screen, it’s going to be $130, but because you are a customer of ours, we are going to take care of you and just charge the $30 as if you have Apple care.

“This won’t happen again but I want you to know that we are going to take care of you.” That was what they said to me.

It was almost verbatim what we had told our customers because we wanted them to have a great experience too.

So offer a warranty. But you have to remember to pre-qualify.

Make sure that you are pre-qualifying because you don’t want to offer a warranty to someone who is “D-client”, who is going to nitpick all of these things and be completely unreasonable.

You want to offer the warranty and provide that experience to A and B clients.

So if you don’t have our pre-qualifying flowchart, go ahead and it will be around here somewhere, even in the comments or in the description or somewhere.

Get that downloaded!

I’m April with DYB coach, and you’ve got this!

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