Ever the entrepreneur, Steve was 6 years old, selling a viewing of his magic trick at house parties, The adults loved it and Steve caught the entrepreneurial bug!!

After he quit high school at 15, he started to painting full time.

He then moved out at the age of 17 because he “had it all figured out.”  On November 6, 1996, he went down to the local courthouse, filed his DBA, and start his own company.

Starting from scratch, Steve built up Burnett Painting like most other contractors by taking any work he could get from builders. Yes, it was a grind and very frustrating

Thankfully, somebody introduced him to the PDCA ( Painting & Decorating Contractors of America ), and there he was able learn to make new relationships the would help him along his path.
9 years later in 2014, 4 hurricanes tear through FL. One of them being Hurricane Charlie which destroyed a town called Punta Gorda.

Steve and one of his painters, Mike, decided to drive down for 3 weeks to help out.

After just being down in florida for a couple of weeks, and had never been there before, he knew he want to relocate and start all over.

So he did and there was plenty of hurricane work to be done, but then that was soon all completed, and was looking for more jobs.

He found himself, out of work.

Very few contacts, 1,250 miles away from friends and family back up in Michigan, and now a single father of a 5 and 7 year old.

So Steve started going door to door asking he he could write up a proposal to paint their home.

A special thank you to Rob Mann for work,  and George Jackson for helping with the kids.

As a struggling, single-father of two at the time, Steve met April in 2008, and married in 2009. Now, that’s another remarkable story! (Getting engaged after two weeks and married within 6 months of meeting! When you know, you know, they say!)


Steve with Bob Burg, author of Go-Giver, Endless Referrals, and more

Steve with Bob Burg, author of Go-giver, Endless Referrals, and more



Constantly studying, Steve read (and still reads) a book a week, went to as many seminars as he could – many by these same authors he had read – and put into action what he learned.




Steve and Todd Smith, author of Little Things Matter

Steve and Todd Smith, author of Little Things Matter


The biggest game changer isn’t just reading and learning at the seminars, but what are you going to do with all that information? (April is truly amazed at how great of an implementor Steve is!)





Steve with Jeffrey Gittomer author of The Little Red Book of Selling

Steve with Jeffrey Gitomer author or The Little Red Book Of Selling


He put the knowledge straight to work and tried and tested and kept on improving the painting business.









He and April would go on to win many awards with Burnett 1-800-PAINTING because of the implementation of all that knowledge, such as: Business of the Month in 2013, Paint Your Wagon Award in 2013, Business of the Year in 2014, etc. If knowledge is power, action is the engine that makes the power useful!



business coach

Steve and April winning the PDCA National Paint Your Wagon Award in St. Louis 2013











Steve and John Maxwell

Steve and John Maxwell

Steve recalls the turning point in business in 2010, was Seth Godin’s quote, “If the marketing place isn’t talking about you, it’s because you’re boring and you’re boring on purpose, because it’s safe.” That was it! Decision made!




steve and mark sanborn

Steve Burnett with authors – speakersLarry Wingnat and Mark Sanborn










business coach



rollin' with steve video series pdca










Steve Burnett with Author & Speaker Jeff Walker

Steve Burnett with Author & Speaker Jeff Walker










Business of the Year Award 2014 business coach

2014 Business of The Year

Building the company together after our first son was born in 2010, Steve and I quintupled our business in just three years and used tech and systems to reduce our hours from 80+ to a smooth 30 Hour Work Week, while still growing the company.







business coach

Steve Burnett RENO PDCA 2014 EXPO




In early 2014, Steve decided 30 hours a week was not enough, so he decided to get his system of building, quintupling, streamlining, and working 30 hours a week on a successful, profitable business out of his head and into book format so he could help other business owners.



How To Double Your Business Without Making A Sale











After all, we entrepreneurs are all about hard work, grit, and building our business, but it can consume us and end up running us instead of us running it, if we are not careful and that is the trap Steve got out of and wants to help others remove themselves from!

BALANCE – work, social, and family life is where true success is.

Steve wants to help business owners be hugely successful and maintain balance and be healthy in each area!


Burnett Marketing Business Coach Painting Contractor

Burnett Marketing Softed Launched in August while I (April) took over Burnett 1-800-PAINTING. While we were both doing very well with each company, something was missing…


Working WITH each other!



They sold the painting company to fellow PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) members from Boston, Jenn and Kurt.  Terms were discussed, then a little negotiating,  and the sign date settled for December 19th, 2014!


A win-win for all involved!



Article in Newspaper when Steve and April sold Burnett 1-800-PAINTING




I loves to say, “Steve lived it, worked it, now shares it with you!”


So, how about you? Where do you fall in the balance of work, social, and family life? Would you like to have more of life’s most precious commodity, TIME?

We can help you with your productivity, systems, business development, and out of the box marketing, and put you in the position of working just 30 hours a week while continuing to grow your successful company.

Sounds like a dream come true?  That’s exactly the point- live the dream!

Contact Steve to see how we can help you!


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