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We often are too slammed during our busy times of the year to worry about the slow times approaching.  It is not that we do not think of slow times, but when it comes upon us, it is often too late to act and produce results.


I wanted to share what was a game changer in my business and what happened afterwards — a newspaper ad that cost me $ 0.00 (zip) (Nada)(zero) ( no money).

But netted in multiple estimates…

How can that be?

I’m going to walk you through it step by step, but first,

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We all either have Facebook, have heard of Facebook, or – for the majority of us even – use Facebook on a daily basis. I know you are thinking, “We know of Facebook, yada yada yada.”

Wait for this amazing real life story.

First, the three points you have to remember when touching base with your customers (including on Facebook) are: “G.I.E.”

  1. Gratitude: A Thank You note, A celebration card or note, etc
  2. Inspiration:  Something to Feel Good about or a cause to get behind this is what changed my business.
  3. Entertaining: Customers like enjoyable subject matter. We love a good laugh!


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My Game Changer

I maintain a local traffic island with seasonal flowers, plants, mulch.  A few weeks ago while maintaining the island an older couple stopped in the middle of traffic to complain about a peace sign that was placed on the island a few months back after recent tragedies around the country; they actually told me, “It was ugly.”

The Rest of the Story: (please note that I had 510 Likes on my Business Facebook page to begin with)

  1. I took a picture of the island with the sign and asked my Facebook business followers if it should be removed or stay.
    1. This post was viewed 12,673 times.
    2. Shared 27
    3.  406 comments.
  2. Four days later the sign was stolen.
  3. I made an impromptu video offering a reward for the sign and pledged $20 per sign for every PEACE sign that was placed on the island and it would be donated to the local community sports league.
    1. This post was viewed 30,666 times.
    2. Shared 262 times
    3. Commented on 929 times
    4. We added over 100 new business Likes
  4. A week later I posted a Contest with a $10 prize on our business page which resulted in:
    1. 10,582 views
    2. 43 Shares
    3. 232 comments

In the last two weeks I have received 5 estimate requests from Facebook and all mentioned my video.

Here’s the journey in pictures:

A. Peace Sign Question Posed



B. $300 Reward for Missing/Stolen Sign



C. Peace Sign Monday Update



D. Donating to Booster’s Club ($20 for every peace sign that was made and placed after the original was stolen)



E. from 510 Likes to…and climbing



F. The post reach from the photo above and see the general average reach from around 80-300 soar into the thousands:




G. Boosted Facebook videos for this “Peace Sign” campaign: $85


H. Then the local magazine Methuen Life called and ASKED me to allow them to write an article and have a photo in their publication as well as on their Facebook page.

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How many thousands of dollars for these ads (that look ABA) – in color – cost me?


Zero, zilch, nada. $0.00


“But you spent $85.00 in Boosting Facebook posts?”


Yes. With the custom audience I’ve created and grown with those 85 bucks, I’d do it all again.


Plus, the point here wasn’t my business. It was to connect with the community on a human level. A peace loving level.


Will I be able to utilize that audience and run more effective campaigns in the future from Facebook?


That’s the benefit of have a great time with an ever expanding audience. That makes business fun! Make it human, again.


My Tips of having a video going viral:

  • Do not plan the video, it is usually spontaneous.
  • Do not ask for anything.
  • Share a story or something that is happening that touches you.
  • People like to hear “Feel Good’ stories and a cause they can rally behind.

The reason we regularly post on Facebook is to stay Top Of Mind (T.O.M.) with our customers.

We want to be the first person they think of when they think of our line of work or when someone asks them “if they know of someone who does …?”


If you are to busy to post on Facebook:

  • Schedule a time to set aside 30 minutes and post all your Facebook posts for the week and Facebook will let you schedule each individual posting, when you want them to post.
  • Scheduling posts are best to post when your audience is watching, this can be seen with the insights tab at the top of your business page.


If you do not know what to post:

  • Customers like
    • original pictures (before and after are very successful),
    • videos (especially Facebook live with a purpose or tip to share), and,
    • if you have none of the above, you can use a picture of video from one of the suppliers you do business with, as they usually have many on their home page, remember to credit whomever you borrow it from.
  • Regular posting is best practice. One or two posts a day with the best ones being shared to my personal page for further traction.
  • You could also assign the posting task to someone else.


How can you reach and connect with your service area audience?

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About the Author

Ron Ramsden is the owner of the successful Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and crushed it in 2015, and now coaches other painting contractors around the nation to do the same.