Business CoachIt has been 10 fast months since deciding I didn’t want to be “That Painter” I had owned a painting business almost 14 years (2 year break in the middle). Business was good, we were respected and involved with the community and I was making a fair living for being a “painter”.

Although I didn’t paint much, I ran the company with anywhere from 4 to 9 painters or should I say the company ran me. I have never missed payroll but sometimes I didn’t take a check. I was rich some months and poor the next three.

It was time for a change, either do something else or FIX what I knew and what I liked to do.

Let’s start in January. After much thought, apprehension and discussions with my wife, I hired Steve Burnett of Burnett Marketing to guide me. My initial thought was money but I was a man without a plan and I needed HELP.

Over the next few months I was coached biweekly (and still am today), a plan was set, I formed goals with his assistance and made a plan of action. Please note: in January I didn’t have a website or couldn’t tell you who most of our clients were. I took direction on a website, a CRM, figured out how to write a blog and things started happening. I was spending money but seeing results. I was going to watching my bank account rise and fall every week to now starting to save.

Now move to June. I was spending money on coaching, websites, SEO, a CRM, scheduling software, crew logistic apps, advertising budget, purchased the rights to 1 800 PAINTING, and a few more things. I was now touching base to my clients from years past, hired a book keeper, a part time office assistant.

Now to August. We have 9 painters in the field, purchased a new third vehicle (put a third down), gave myself a $10,000 raise, increased my retirement savings.

Now it is October 1. Ten months after I took the first step in changing my business and myself I am set to leave on a hiking trip thru the Grand Canyon with my wife and the crews won’t even miss me (maybe a little). We have more money in the bank than we ever had and we do not owe a dime to anyone except the new truck but will probably pay it off before the end of the year to save on taxes.

To sum it up. I do not know where I would be if I didn’t decide I had enough of the same old thing this past January. The only time I have paint on me is when I touch something wet while visiting a jobsite.

I sleep at night, and I have only worked two Saturday mornings this entire past summer giving estimates.

You know what’s funny?

I’ve never spent more ON the business as this year, but never has my savings account reach this height, either.

It seems to go against the natural feel of what we want to do. Spend money on SEO? Google Apps for Work? YouCanBook.Me Calendar? Etc. None are extravagent, but they add up. But my savings account has grown exponentially. Ironic. I’m glad I took the leap for change. – Ron Ramsden Ramsden Painting

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