Testimonials - DYB Café 

Nick LeClair Owner

wealth of knowledge


Great support from other contractors from around the world.

Such a wealth of knowledge and experience helping each other grow in all aspects of their business.

I've learned about technology that I never knew existed nor did I know to even search for it.

Gabe Ewing Owner


I'm becoming such a caring soul...Since joining DYB I have become much more pleasant to work with. Even the telemarketers, I no longer hang up on them. Just straight up, not interested... I feel good.

Danny Arey Owner


The atmosphere is always encouraging, it answers most if not all of my questions, it provides a variety of opportunities and tools to progress in business, life, and community.

Sometimes I think of where I would be and what other kind of habits I would have formed if it wasn't for Steve and this (DYB) Community. DYB Rocks!

Lance Broat Venice Print Center

Answer: DYB


This is a good question in my year in review,

Question: “What is the greatest influence on me in the last year?”

Answer: DYB

Curtis Tankersley Owner - Just Add Paint

I think the service is great!


I think the service is great! Love the support, still getting to all the online info and looking forward to trying a peer group in the future as time opens up.

Linda Barber Co-Owner

exceeded my expectations


The group exceeded my expectations beyond anything I could imagine.

I am new to the painting business and not only is the advice and sharing top notch, everyone - hosts, members, etc-are super nice.

There are no mean or snarky comments EVER! It is always a welcoming, helpful space.

Michael McNamara Owner - Michael McNamara's Precision Painting

PS - You have no equals!!!!


...There is real value in what you offer. I picked up on some of your ideas and feel that they have been helpful. Great practical and usable advice. Outstanding service...

...I see you guys as the best resource I have encountered on the internet.

Thanks, Michael McNamara

p.s. You have no equals!!!!

Joe Germain Owner


Although I don't seem to get the time I would like to learn more I really like the honesty and willingness to help that the group appears to display.

Davinder Birk Owner


Steve Burnett, I wanted to say thank you for having the live chat the other day. I took your advice to show my employees extra love and support.

Your simple advice has done wonders in keeping them motivated.

I’ve read your book, it was a gift from Matthew McHugh - I’m very grateful for this group; I don’t post often, but I read/see every post/comment.

Keep killing it everyone - us painters know our job is very important.

Evan Ellithorpe Owner


I know that we are a little slow in getting moving but I think your program is awesome.

I love the fact that Christ is the center in the decision making. I look forward to our growth together.

Joe Solis ABC Painting & Drywall

I am really glad I signed up...


I am really glad I signed up with you guys. I had been on the fence for quite some time, don't know why I just hadn't pulled the trigger on it.

Your system is awesome and working hard to find the time to put both feet in. I'm figuring it out slowly. Being (hard-headed) doesn't help keep guys and lacking leadership skills. I'll get it thanks to you and post from the DYB Group.

Brian Aguirre Office Manager


I just wanted to thank you for putting up that Facebook seminar on the DYB (Café) website.

It was really insightful and thanks to the tips and tricks I learned from April I am proud to say that our last two "Ads" were the most successful we've ever had, I believe this is due to the insights you provided about making the Ads look like ABA.

I have really focused on the Entertainment aspect of GIE.

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Jimmy Canabe Owner - Canabe Color Expert

Great coaching.


Great road maps for contractors to follow. Great coaching.

Ray Rahni Owner - Paint Track Painting Services


I might not want all my competitors on it 😉

Ted Komacek Owner TJ's Painting & Renovations Co.


I want to THANK YOU for a great website. The DYB Cafe' is probably the best online portal for helping painters, period! (Use this as a testimonial, if you'd like).

I have purchased a few programs, and the DYB Cafe's is far above and beyond.

Thank you. Thank you!

Cheyene Sexsmith Owner


You guys and gals are far more than just "helpful." So much talent being accessible pretty much any time of the day is an incredible asset to have on my team! Thank you.

Jon Giffen Owner


I've been apart of the group for a month and I love the Facebook group. I need to start getting more in the whole DYB group. It's great all the way around so far.

Mark Forsythe Owner - Mark Forsythe Painting

10 out of 10


One a Scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience?

10 out of 10 The guidance 🙂

Andrew Picone Owner - Andrew Picone Painting and Paper Hanging



On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience?

10 The amount of information available is incredible.

Steven Henn Brushstrokes Painting Company

Haven't Been This Excited About What I Do In Years!


I clicked the "I'm in for a $1" button. Wow! This is awesome. I turn 55 this coming week and I'm finally giving up on figuring it out as I go. Thanks everyone. In less than one week I've been on here and in the vault so much my wife thinks I must be having an affair. LOL. This is the boost I didn't even know I needed. I haven't been this excited about what I do for years.


I was going to wait until Friday to share this as a "Big Win" but I just can't contain my emotions that long. Today, Oct 12, I collected final payment for the job we completed yesterday. I have now officially doubled my business from last year.

We also currently have three other ongoing projects, more exterior work sold than weather will permit us to get to this year so we've booked some for spring, and we have December and the first half of January booked solid with interior work. Life is good, DYB Rocks!!

Guido Bernstein Owner

...solid and implementable


The information is solid and implementable, and the caring attitude of Steve and April is great!

Thomas Drake A New Leaf Painting


Personally, I think the Cafe is worth $99 dollars per month or more. There is so much value for the money. I mean where can you go for a step by step guide on how to set up and build a business for $37 dollars a month?

Damon Thompson


While I have intentionally not grown the size of my company this year, I have intentionally grown the profit margin, especially with the Target Market exercise Steve shared with us. Having the focus of what jobs and customers to take on I have nearly doubled our net profit margin from last year YTD to this year YTD. Very cool. I realize the numbers may change slightly by the end of the year (up or down,) but so far this is very encouraging.

Brendan Ryan Owner


Day 20 today!!! I woke up at 2:30AM and was just so excited I could not sleep.

Everything is clicking into place in my head like magic.

I already am successful, it has taken me 12 years of trial and error and 80 hour work weeks though and I am not doing 1/100 of what DYB is laying out.

What will happen as I start implementing these principles?

I know I blaspheme Steve, but I don't even need caffeine to get out of bed anymore!

I have not been this excited about anything in the last 10 years and I am not just talking business.

This is impacting my health, relationships, psychology and spirituality in ways I never would have imagined.

Let's DYB people!

Jamie Protopapa


Awesome info and very helpful! You all are on top of answering our questions and it really helps us! Thank you!!!

William Hanson Owner

DYB is just what my company needed


This community and everything that comes with the DYB is just what my company needed.

It is so easy to just trudge along day to day with no direction when starting any business.

I will be honest when I first started on my own I thought I had it all figured out...do good work, referrals and the promised land.

There is so much more to running a successful painting business that thrives and grows to meet the ever changing economy.

It is all here!

Where else can you go and get a marketing plan tailored to a painting business needs?

The Mastermind group with Ron Ramsden has opened my eyes completely to how technology now influences the marketing world.

Thank you Ron for your awesome group and thank you Steve and April Burnett for all you do and the knowledge you share for all to learn for such a marginal fee for what you receive.