When To Lease A Shop

When should you lease a shop?

It depends. Generally speaking, you don’t really need one and they are more expensive than just the upfront cost.

In many states, you legally have to pay your employees as soon as they arrive at the shop even if they are just picking up a tool to take to the job.

and when they do, they’ll grab some coffee and chit what for half an hour, on the clock!

Multiply that out times X# of employees times 5 days a week, times 50 weeks a year, and that’s a huge expense.

Leasing a shop more often than not is for ego.

But here’s an exception,

You’re painting out 1-2 sets of cabinets a week.


It is important that you remove the tools and equipment from your home to give your family a healthy boundary from the business.

But instead of a shop, rent a storage unit for a fraction of the cost.

Then as you grow, lease another shop towards the other end of your target market.

Now your operations are even more efficient while keeping expenses down.

Doubling your business is easier than most people realize 🙂

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