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Hello and welcome to the Ask Steve B Show Episode nine and I am your host Steve Burnett author of How To Build Your Business Without Making A Sale and creator of the thirty art work were we show you how to buy time. And so episode nine this week is how to get your team on and we could thank my buddy Ron up in Mass for this question and also our good friend D. Faux down in Naples, and back up in Indiana Guido.

Now I was kind of wondering maybe Ron up in Mass and Fo down in Naples, maybe they got together and say hey look guys Steve been dodging our questions, let’s call in Guido right. Oh I’m just kidding Guido a great guy but there was an opportunity for a joke there so we’ll let that one pass.

So this week getting your team on board, well step one is the art right I mean this is the art this is where it’s at. But first the story my good friend Mike Euler also down in Naples who I have met through the PDCA have invited me down for breakfast and he said Steve I have an opportunity ready for you so come down and have breakfast myself, my friend and Peter Schultz. Who is the former Ceo of Porch I’m like wow that’s awesome. So I drove an hour and a half down there, nervous and sat down with my buddy Mike and Peter Schultz and we had breakfast it was about an hour, hour and half and I just sat there and listen to his stories and all the wisdom he had to share. It was pretty amazing and towards the end you know I’m sitting there looking for it and he comes from pretty extensive corporate background.

And I’m trying to find some nuggets that I can relate to, I had a little painting company at the time and at the end of it where standing outside and he said huh. He said so Steve what huh what’s sports car do you drive [giggles] and huh I said no sir I just have that little old Chevy over there. He said oh okay well here is something I would like you to take back with you in your Chevy; I said yes sir what’s that, he said you are your curator of your culture. Now I got back in my Chevy and I drove back north here and I thought curator of my culture I got a little painting company that’s like corporate talk that doesn’t relate to me.

I went like ah man I can’t believe I had this great opportunity and I drove all the way down there I had breakfast I was grateful to my buddy Mike for inviting me to this breakfast and I’m sitting there. And I had an hour an hour and half with this with Mr. Schultz listening to all his stories and all his wisdoms and the parts where I’m the curator of my culture. For me it didn’t sink in the student wasn’t ready right.

Now we move on to step two and that is something that my buddy Josh Abrahamson over in LA were chatting and he told me something that somebody shared with him and that’s was this little bonus program. This bonus program he shared what he had heard huh what somebody had suggested giving you guys your first set of goals right. Huh let’s say a project with fifty hours or forty hours or hundred hours and if they be about one full hour you give them fifty dollars and all of this pull back. What about the map? What’s if it’s an eight hour job? What’s if it’s a two hundred hour job? Well for us time are some important of simplifying are so processes and so I implemented them right away.

And we did this using t sheet, we would put the name of the job and the goal their target to hit and so they could track it and they would know. Well, it didn’t take off and like Brad and Tracy said nothing works the first time, nothing works the second time, nothing works the third time. It isn’t usually until about the seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth time that something works. So what we found for us it wasn’t about three weeks until that pardon three months, that they really started to buy in and trust it so that’s step two in the bonus program right. So thank you Josh Abramson in huh LA for sharing that with me.
Steps three are monthly get-togethers now these monthly get-togethers is easy to do and the guys really enjoy it and the teams huh really enjoy getting together and it doesn’t matter what size. It could be a couple guys maybe ten, twenty, thirty forty guys and so if you’re just starting now. Huh I would just go with like a cook out if you have a grill at your house just do a quick cook out. Or you could do something simple as pizza and play some cards with little poker chips and keep it friendly, ten dollar so that everybody doesn’t bet their pay check away.

But start with monthly get-togethers they would love that opportunity to get-together to connect outside of work. That’s also another way to get your guys on board and then as the company grows you can do some bigger things like take them bowling or maybe even out to a ball game they would really enjoy that. That would really means a lot to them. You’re making as Steven Covey told us emotional deposit in their bank accounts right step three, that was three.
Four, four is a group chat, okay a group chat now a group chat, now what’s that going to do is stream line communication but the big thing about the group chat and here’s the key. Every morning one you be the first to wake up and greet your teams and say good morning team and greet them and wake them up every morning. And again this doesn’t catch on right away but after a while what u find is a little team start charging in good morning team, good morning team, good morning team and it’s awesome. Group chat we use as group meeting and also what we do for that is when one of the guys, one of the team they beat their record for the goal and they score a bonus we, we let everybody know. We say hey good job and sometime we’ll have some if, if huh if we need to crank out some projects.

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Sometime we’ll have most hours work produced [?] hours are produced bonus and if they hit that or if their getting close we let them know in group like hey guys so and so is getting close now encourage them and they’ll keep working and trying harder. But use this as an opportunity to praise them as well in group meetings like good job you guys are knocking it out in the park or, or you know you guys did a great work on this job with so and so Mrs. Jones they love you guys on that job. And, and you do these and you do them together and you find the culture just start to raise and it wasn’t until that some of these started to affiliation and then it finally sunk and then I was like oh that’s what Mr. Schultz meant by curator of the culture.

So, if we follow step two, three and four, those are definitely going to help you it took me years to figure this out and get it through, through my little head. But if you were like one to these and two if you were like the art, like really art to do these hr and getting your team on board and, and also something else. If you do all this and it doesn’t make a difference part of it might be the character of some of the guys and gals on your team. And the character you know I huh make you got to find guys with the right character and the key to all this is the art is right here. The art this is my buddy art, he also ran a successful painting company now he help company like yours with hr with person with high quality guys so that they are not only on board but they are leading the charges with excitement.

So go ahead and email my buddy art at okay and in the subject line so that he knows whose it coming from and you get a reply go ahead and say show me the art okay and he will take care of you the art is awesome. So closing I thank Ron and Doctor Fro and Quito for having mussel me into answering this questions because at first I was dodging it because I thought it was hr but then I thought huh I caught myself and said everything you do is marketing, everything you do out there is marketing and especially your team, your team must be on board.

So, drop Art and email and hopefully he can help you out to with the art of it, this has been episode nine of the Ask Steve B Show and as a public service announcement I will ask you to support our global coffee farmers okay so I’ll see you at episode ten until then keep it caffeinated.

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