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Who is your number one competition?


Hi, I’m April with DYB coach. If you just answered anyone other than yourself and your company, let me give you a mind shift.


The only competition you have is yourself and your company.


How can you improve from last year?


How can you improve by the end of the quarter from the company that you are right now and the person that you are right now to become someone who is better?


How can you make yourself the competition and crush yourself and be so different because you are constantly and never endingly improving?


Using the slight edge principle which that book talks about, in the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.


In the DYB system, we talk about in Step 1 called the Above The Line philosophy.


If we are going to be Above The Line in our company and with ourselves, that’s taking ownership, being accountable and taking responsibility for ourselves and our company. Exactly where we are now and where we are going to be. 


So, what is your goal by the end of the quarter for your company?


What’s your goal for the end of the year for your company, for yourself?


Take ownership, be accountable.


Take responsibility for exactly where you are.


We are going to be exactly who we are and have the same company we have today– if we continue to do the same thing.


So how can we continue to improve, constantly and never endingly improve on our business? In this way, we’ll be using an OAR (Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility) to accomplish our goals, moving upstream towards our goals.


Otherwise, we are below the line and we are stuck in BED (Blame Excuses Denial live in BED). You have to get out of BED and use the OAR to go upstream and accomplish your goals.


For example, remember the epic picture of  Michael Phelps and the guy swimming against him in the 2016 Olympics? In this photo, the guy is looking at his competition, Michael Phelps, as he beats him.


Time Magazine’s Photo:


That guy had his eye on the competition instead of where it should be; on his goals.


So keep your eyes on your goals for your business and for yourself. The only competition you have is YOURSELF and for your business to not be the same as yesterday.


Today be better. Constant And Never-ending Improvement (CANI – Tony Robbins)


So, who is your number one competition?


Yourself and your company.


So go ahead and crush the competition, yourself. Be different. Work towards your goals so you are a totally new looking company in the next year.


I’m April with DYB coach. You’ve got this!

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