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I want to share with you today my biggest referral source for the past three weeks.

For new hires, these are new employees coming on board.

Today alone I have two interviews just from this one source.

I’m Ron Ramsden, and I’m a DYB coach, I’m also a painting contractor here in northern Massachusetts.

I’ve found a new source.

In the past, we’ve used a lot of social media, we’ve used Craigslist, we’ve used indeed, we’ve used Facebook ads.

They’ve all worked great for us, we’ve even asked friends and family.

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About three weeks ago, I found a source that sits down with about fifteen to thirty men a day and has their undivided attention for up to ten minutes.

They are now a constant source for me, which started out with one source, now we’re talking too many sources, all for no cost.

Who is this? Where do I find him?

Well believe it or not, even I have to get my hair cut every now and then!

I was sitting down in the barber’s chair about three weeks ago chatting with him, and he noticed I had a little paint on my hands.

He said, “Hey I thought you didn’t paint?”

I said, “Well I had to pick up a paintbrush because we need employees really bad and it’s so busy.”

So we started a conversation, I told them what I was looking for and I also mentioned that I give a referral reward.

If an employee stays with me anywhere from 60-90 days depending on the arrangement, I will give them a reward of $200 to $300 dollars, for that person referring the employee.

He said “I  know a whole bunch of guys”, so we had a conversation and I told them who I was looking for and I also told them who I was not looking for.

I told him, if an employee stays with us I would give him  X number of dollars in 90 days.

Well guess what, last week I was referred by him, five men that I sat down and talked to.

I am sitting down with two additional people today.

We hired one from last week, he was giving a two-week notice at his current job, and then he’s coming with us.

This week we are trying a painter out, he’s not giving his notice at his job yet, and he wants to see if he’s a good fit for our company.

That works great for us and great for him, it’s a win-win.

Also, today I’m sitting down this afternoon with two additional interviewees!

So anyway, my new referral source to add to my other bunch of weapons of sources for new hires… is the barber!

If you know a barber, and generally barbers don’t work alone, all these new barber shops popping up have five, six, barbers in them.

What a great referral source for you in the future!

Have a  great day, and I hope this helps.

I’m Ron Ramsden, and I’m a DYB coach, also a painting contractor here in northern Massachusetts.

I hope you guys stay out of the bucket, take care.

About the Author

Ron Ramsden is the owner of the successful Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and crushed it in 2015, and now coaches other painting contractors around the nation to do the same.