4 Things that allow Ron Ramsden to go on vacation without worrying about his business - DYB Coach

4 Things that allow Ron Ramsden to go on vacation without worrying about his business

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Vacation again… Yes… Can you believe it?

Right behind me here, that’s the packing pile, we are headed to the Grand Canyon again for the second time in two years!

My wife and I will hike through the Canyon for four days and then spend a little extra time on vacation.

This would have never happened a few years ago…

I will tell you the four things that we put into motion, that are the easiest things to do, that freed up my time to allow me to do things like this.

I am Ron Ramsden and I am a DYB coach, I am also a contractor here in Northern Massachusetts.

4 things that freed my time…

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Before I put these to use, I thought I was doing fine, I didn’t have my time, I worked a lot of hours and I said, “I’ll try them,” but if they don’t work, they are coming off.

So, anyways the four things:

No. 1: Use T-sheets.

It helps with time management and time tracking.

We have all our jobs asserted to T-sheets, the guys punch in, punch out remotely from their phone.

I don’t have to be around on Sundays, I get a summation of all the work that was done and we are able to job cost from that, no more paper time slips or anything else that we did in the past.

That works great… just a small amount of money.

No. 2: Basecamp.

Basecamp is our project management software.

That’s where all the projects are loaded into, the crew leaders are able to access the work orders, they are able to share pictures with me, share pictures with the homeowners.

and some of the homeowners have access to this, not all of it.

We do also have private conversations…

But we are able to track everything right in Basecamp, we are also able to do checklists so the crew leaders know what to do, what to check, make sure it’s been done.

I don’t have to be around, I can access it anywhere from my phone, iPad or my laptop.

No. 3: I put a CRM.

I looked around a lot for CRM’s and I am not a tech-savvy person.

I didn’t want something that would take me months to learn.

I needed something that I could, try it one day and slowly build on it from there… and that’s when I added pipeline deals.

There are many, many CRMs out there, I found pipeline deals to be the non-techie guy I am, to work just great.

It’s basically a Rolodex on the computer, I can access any device, so we have all the homeowner’s contact information…

Years ago, if you were to ask me what Mary Smith’s phone number was, I would be looking all over my desk, I’d run out into my truck, I’d look at a pad or paper, I might get it, I might not.

So, in this, we can either search by their names, by their address, we could search by a word, we have all different ways to search to find the person.

All their contact information is in there, possibly their spouses, we can keep all their colors in there, maybe the colors throughout the house, we also upload all the files or estimates and anything else that we have.

We have all the information in the click of a button.

So, we have T-sheets, we have Pipeline deals, we have Basecamp.

What else have we put into play…

No. 4: We use an estimating software.

I know there is many out there, some people are very comfortable but I needed something that was easy.

For a non-techie person, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because I didn’t know which software would work for me.

So, they not only had a great trial period, 30-day free trial, this is what I am calling “Estimate Rocket”, we call it E.R.

It’s very adaptable for anything you can do, you can save portions of it so when you start keying things in, you don’t have to re-key a whole paragraph or a description of work you’ve got to be done, very easy and professional looking too.

When I send an estimate now, it has automatic email follow-ups so I don’t have to say, “Well I wonder if ever got that estimate, I should touch base with those people”.

When I start a campaign, and these are pre-loaded emails that are editable if you’d like, one day, three days, seven days, fourteen days, you can keep them going, you can modify it, you can delete them altogether and you don’t have to start the campaign.

But I have to tell you, I do not know how many jobs I’ve gotten, weeks or a month later to let me know they wanted to move forward with it and to please put them on the schedule.

I wanted to share those 4 main points that were easy for me to put on, affordable to put into play, and they all have trial periods.

So if you don’t really like it, you don’t have to continue it…

But anyways, this is what helped me through my work, less time in the field, more time with me.

And like I said, this allowed me to enjoy vacations, and by the way, the vacations I have, no cell phones, no iPad, no laptops, all the crews are working and I am in the Grand Canyon.

I am Ron Ramsden and I am a DYB coach, I am also a contractor here up in Northern Massachusetts, have a great day.

About the Author

Ron Ramsden is the owner of the successful Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and crushed it in 2015, and now coaches other painting contractors around the nation to do the same.