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Australian Painting Contractors
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This is episode 13 with Tony His groove down under mate. Welcome to the cube podcast. I'm your host, Steve Burnett, where each week we interview successful entrepreneurs to hear about their journey, to inspire you to double your business so that you can have financial freedom time for your family and make an impact in your community. Thanks for spending some time with me and now today's show.

Thank you again for being here. We have another inspiring story lined up for you today with Tony is growth, but first a special thank you to will megs of Aloha painting for his Dui. Be podcast review saying, wow, what a great podcast. At first I thought it would be a different medium to receive the [inaudible] Info, which was still be cool, but you've taken it to another level with the interviews. Really valuable and interesting to meet the Dui b players and hear their stories, both the challenges and successes. It's also obvious you've put a lot of work and thought into it. Well done. Very glad to be a member. Thank you very much. We'll megs of Aloha painting in Marshville, Massachusetts. In this week's episode I interviewed Tony Is Grove, owner-operator of Tony is groves, paint and decorate of Australia. Without further ado, here's episode 13.

Today's guest is from Sydney, Australia. Owner of Tony is groves, painting and decorate. Tony is growth. Welcome to the show, my friend. How are you?

Oh, it's an honor to be welcomed. Steve. Thank you.

Thank you for coming on. It's 11:00 AM here in Denver, Colorado. It's dark and early for you, isn't it?

Yeah, it's pretty dark out there.

How about 5:00 AM ish?

It's 5:00 AM.

Business Coach for Australian Painting Contractors in Marketing Sales and Operations

Thank you so much for getting up in the middle of the night. Come on and, and to share your story. I really appreciate this.

I love waking up early in the morning,

right? And you're caffeinated, correct?


OK, we're ready to go. So you operated in Sydney, you've got two very successful company award winning company and I hope we'll get into some of that and be able to unpack those a little bit here, but before we get in to where you're at today in all the work you've put in to achieve the success that you have earned today, how did you get started?

Probably comes from when I was about 12 years old and my dad was a founder. He's still around. He's not painting anymore. And I used to go and spend time with my dad and my uncle who was also a painter. Well, on the school holidays and um, I kind of got the bug for a long, long way.

OK. So you got the bug when you were [inaudible] and so did you. Did you continue a little painting on the side or did you finish school? Did you go into college? What did look like

going to school when I was 16 and went into the pool industry, did that for a few years, but then went back to work from a dad and it was about 19 when I actually started my own business. So I put an ad in the local paper and yeah, the work just started coming in and was quite amazing. But um, yeah, it was, that's how it really started just just from my lead.

It's very interesting. There are some similarities between you and I. I also started out working for my dad and I was 19 when I started my own business apart from my dad's now for me, I was at that age too where I didn't know what I didn't know and I thought that I had everything figured out. Was that the case for you? Pretty much won't. OK. So here we are 19, right? Like, I can do this. What does my dad know? Um, you know, so, so you get started. You police in ad. Fortunately leads come in. But again, we're 19 and truth be told, we we had a lot to learn and me

absolutely cause he brushes and another ladder on another lot or on the higher plateau. I remember one of my first jobs I had to hire a 40 foot ladder and get it up, get up on the roof by myself. What was, that was fun. Woo. Actually young bounced off this window that didn't write. This will pop up the top of this ladder with a stick on Abrasha and I still couldn't the rage and the letter actually slipped. But yeah, that was one of my first memories of working for myself. That was, whoa dude.

Oh my goodness. I think we've experienced as being a top of a 40 and that's, that's not, that's not always safe for sure. It's a balance out the window. Unfortunately it didn't break. So walk us through, you know, what are some of the challenges getting started when you were 19?

Wow, that's a great question. So I suppose finding my work, but really a challenge because everyone I did work for seem to have a great experience. It must've been doing something a lot even at that age that would recommend their family and friends and you know, people say, well can really set the clock by you telling me you're always on time. And I thought and yeah, just, just looking at, as clients from the start. So important. And then sometimes I think, oh, I need more work and then I'm gone put an ad in the paper but not really getting any work from it. So I kind of don't really, you should look after the clients that you have eaten better and that's what I started to do, you know. And um, think that was another part of growing and being successful because background. But um, yeah, eventually I'd, I needed to get someone to help me when my brother came along and um, he worked for me for quite a few years. Yeah, that was, that was all good.

So couple things very interesting is that at a young age you realized that it was about great customer experience, not just a great job.

Australian Painting Contractors
in Marketing Sales and Operations

That's fantastic. So the key is experienced. We focused on the experience though, typically take care of us. Correct.

Lately. Yeah.

That's great. You then something else that stood out that was really good. You, you realize instead of placing another ad in the paper, the leads are coming in, but you've found that it was far more valuable to make sure that you took care of your current and past customers. Explain.

Yeah. So once I thought I was getting short of where mom get worried when we're going to get any work and that was one of the things that actually never been a problem. I'm glad he is. But um, yeah, so I put that in the pipeline was one just little job that I got from us at six weeks and also, you know, I didn't want the job so they were just kind of time-wise is a lot of eyes as papers so it comes back to, you know, just looking at paper that you have, I don't know another way to explain it, but um, yeah, it's just, it becomes almost like a family when you're starting out there and um, they really want to tell their friends because as opposed to starting out now you're young and you know, I kinda want to help you along the way as that's part of it as well.

Absolutely. They're reading a statistic that it costs 500 times or 500 or 500 times more to get a new customer than it does to just service our current customers. What are some things that you do to stay top of mind to your customers?

Well, even now, like it's basically all of pharaohs that we, we did it went from to stay top of mind. We always ring our clients maybe two or three weeks after we finished a job, say I was happy with the experience. If there is anything wrong, as you probably know, most people want complain to know. You find friends and say, oh, I wouldn't get him again. But by calling them actually finding out if there is any tomorrow, it could be just a little time jump was something that you haven't put a handle on or whatever and it gets down there and fix it up for them and then that, that's just part of that wow experience, you know? We also give them a great little gift bag when we leave. It's a bit like we actually have a little tin of Brandon jellybeans

Australian Painting Contractors
in Marketing Sales and Operations

I kind of stole that idea from geolog. So you guys have geolocation?

Yes, I see. I deluxe. It's around.

They have a kind of a branded logic, you know how to polish the tin or of jelly beans, so it's like a miniature little miniature. It was give them their own personal fan deck of colors that we brush out the fan deck. While we're on the job, I am a rock the covers down and we'd give them this, you know, it's like a one on one side, like an [inaudible] kind of fan deck instead of always got those to you go back home printed callous game as well. And what else do we do? We give them a nice candle and a pain and they want it. So that's all in this little gift bag and they get pretty excited about that. It's pretty cool. Must Have Tom's bring up. Oh Wow. Oh I love the candor and the constant eating, the jelly beans.

What's a unit gift package run you about?

We get the candles. I don't know. It's probably like $12 or something like that. Truly. I mean that's our marketing or your pod around marketing really doing that. So we probably do about five or six of those a week maybe.

Fantastic. That's exactly. We were doing five or six cans of the gourmet cookies and it was about $18 was our unit cost below this and the jelly beans that are better. Well, I don't know. You kind of wonder which ones stick around longer, have more hang time, so we will see

it's really handle that in a glass jar and kind of hangs around for a while. And I ran the house for well too.

That's a great idea. That is really good idea. Fantastic. So in case you called them a few weeks afterwards to make sure that they had agreed experience again, the point I'm driving home is a great experience. Not that it was a good job, but they did a great experience or had a great experience. Loved them. This wonderful gift package with the Jelly beans in a candle. The fan deck with their colors on it. That's really good. I like that you were back to emc getting going and you hired your brother. So then those are the two of you for a little while and then what was next?

I needed someone else. So, um, yeah, I wouldn't advertise for. I'm not a painter. I ended up getting a really good guy and he kind of stuck around with me for a few years, but yeah, just and yeah, just keep expanding from that. Kept getting more work more with my work and at that time, you know, I just thought, well what do you do? You just employ more guys. That's what you have to do. They have to keep these clients happy. But. So yeah, that was, I suppose one of the challenges, but I mean back then it wasn't too hard to find paintings as it is for us now. That's more of a challenge now finding they some painters.

Australian Painting Contractors in Marketing Sales and Operations

Is it the case here in the states as well? It's very, very hard. In fact, it's probably the hardest. It's been in a long time.

Yeah, I mean it's a good thing because you know, the industry is on the market is going so well at the same time. It's not a problem to find work, but just finding guys. Good guys. But that's all part of the fun of it.

And how many employee currently

actually got about 47 at the moment.

40 seven. OK. So you went from two or three up to 47.

Yeah. It's taken a piece, but I'm. Whoa, we're up there now.

OK, fantastic. What's w? What type of projects do you work on and we call the three P's, your target market, what's three? The three piece.

We do quite a lot of prestige homes and a lot of those or some of those clients that had pro very long time even back. Sorry, back when I land in the pipeline that predominantly lot. How market is a lot of strategy work. I don't know if you guys call it strata with bill, you know, books of units.

I'm sorry, strata.

It's like, you know, home units,

home units, OK.
Australian Painting Contractors in Marketing Sales and Operations

I think they call it that in Canada, but it must be something different in states say that. Have managers that look up to multiple properties. United States and we actually, the managers are always feeding us work so they might have 50 or more of these properties and I just constantly play this work and they're not really good leads. Sometimes they take needs to come through, but you never know. Sometimes they come through the next week, but it's just a constant stream of good science jobs and you might have, you know, three or four guys on some of those jumps with two and three months or more. So that's probably our main core where our business comes from and we don't have to market where we do market, but we just had a great rapport with the strata managers, talk to them, you know, they just, after these buildings, did I just get compliance from, from other people and when, when they find someone who can just take care of that and just let the job go and just get end up getting compliments from going. Wow, thanks for uh, thanks for recommending that painful was such a great experience. Will have to get him again. So yeah, that's, that's where coal market is really. It's just a constant cloud. Australian Painting Contractors in Marketing Sales and Operations

Business Coach for Australian Painting Contractors in Marketing Sales and Operations

If I hear you correctly here, we would refer to working with property managers and, and maybe even a homeowner associations. Yeah, that'd be right. Got It, got it. OK, fantastic. How did you get into that niche?

I was, I'm actually quite lucky my punk rep, because it's not an easy kind of market to getting too, but um, he used to have specifications that need that Alex would pull the various buildings and so yeah, he used to give those to me and then obviously that was my kind of in with managers and after awhile you, when I took a few years, you're doing a few jobs for them, like I directly to you. So that's how I conduct it in. And it's funny because a lot of these managers, I moved from company to company and then my, you know, by, by diverting you from the next company type thing and um, and the word spreads after awhile. Yeah. So it's really good like that.

So it all started with the referrals from your paint rep, your paint rep had to trust that you're going to make him look good by, you know, as he refers you to these, what you call strata or called property managers.

Yeah. Who was apple

testing. OK, very good. What's been, as you're growing and you're getting up to your 47 guys today, what have been some paradigm shifts for you to reach this level?

Australian Painting Contractors in Marketing Sales and Operations

Well, just having a great team around you. I suppose someone will quantum coach me or push me along the way sometimes to just make that next step along. So it might be, for instance, might be quite a few years ago. I was thinking about getting someone in the office to do secretarial work or accounting, so you know, that was kind of a next step and it's probably a bit scary sometimes we need to do that when you've got someone, a coach pushing you or just being accountable. That really helps you along the way. So having that is as being a really good. But um, it just having a great team around you to, to help you. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to do it.

Coach and a great team. Fantastic. What's, what are some things you do to, regarding team [inaudible] defined the great guys and then two, what do you do to cultivate the culture of your team? Because it doesn't just happen naturally, correct?

Yeah. But also pose a lot of them, they say that, yeah, I worked hard and, and we just, one of that mind things is just quality, so we don't want callbacks. So the quality of our work is really what, what makes is so that we concentrate on that. But as far as culture guys, that has been quite a big thing in the last few years. I didn't really know what culture meant until a couple years ago as far as accounting company. I started listening to a few things and reading people's. Tony Shay says Zappos and um, or can't remember the name of the Buchla and stuff like that. And I thought, wow, this, this is really cool stuff. And we actually formed a culture committee and we have now have a, um, a core values within the comp room. And that's. Yeah, I think that's really made a huge difference just having a culture.

So we actually had a maintenance during the weekend. I'll put out a survey a few weeks ago and just to say how, how it all was. And it was quite amazing from a year or so ago when I did that survey, how that shifted and how the team is so much happier, you know, it's not stopping there either. So have actually next year I have actually a culture coach. So just to take it even to the next level. And you know, w we do lots of fun things around culture as well. New Guidance we applied through. Well thanks to use the, through recommending grooming and stuff like that, you know. So uh, yeah, just during the wait was when I sit on August post way you'd like to be in the world right now. You know, I'm just gets people thinking and stuff like that. And um, yesterday we started this thing called freaking funny Friday. So they've got to post funny stuff, you know, I'm going to give you the way I am actually going to give it. What I enjoy putting joy thought for that.

I'm sorry, what was the giveaway?

A joy flight. I was Sydney, like you know how they got sued about a 20 minute clock. So, you know, it looks like it's on really learning from that too and seeing how much happier they are and obviously it makes me happier

when wins all the way around. So just to circle back, the APP is group me that you're, uh, that we talk about niche or using the and then you're having these fun Friday contest on group me and just a quick, you know, for the listeners up, we'll post a link to group me in the show notes so that you can check it out for yourself. It's free and it's pretty easy to use. Correct.

The guards were in store started a few weeks ago where we're using a different one. The grit makes things much more user friendly and um, some of the conversations there that you could just see that they are having a great time. And I went on the bus last noddies whose son just had a baby in sounds wife had a baby and he's posted that, you know, otherwise, how would we know about stuff about that saying, oh, ventilations escapes that. Kind of like a heavy, big, happy family in a way that you can kind of keep it all together and when you see each other, you know, what's been going on a bit. I mean not everyone's into it, but um, yeah, definitely as time goes by more people will get into it.

Fantastic. You mentioned survey in your team that was just like a [inaudible] survey, anonymous survey to, to really get a true temperature for your culture.

It was a um, anonymous slava, but we had like three of four questions like what makes you happy at, at work, although we didn't use the word what then, what was signals, but what makes you happy? What are you unhappy about? What would make you more happy, you know, and then had a scale of one to 10 how happy you are at work. So that I would the, the kind, the questions that they asked. The guys just said I am happy, you know, [inaudible] more percentage is nothing that you can change. Pretty cool. But also he know, had some of them had some comments that we can improve on stuff, which was really good. So we're going to move ahead and do that for years. One of the guys said, Oh, and they'd have regular meetings and we do have conduct meetings, but they're not. So from next year on van to have a monthly monthly meeting with the team leaders, but he's kind of been that made for a while and Reagan to what's, it's kind of a, we're gonna have, um, apis to meeting every month. So that's going to be a big thing to me, which I should have done years ago.

Fantastic. And just in case [inaudible] key performance indicators.

Yeah, exactly. Well,

very good. What would you say that the implementation of what is, what's brought the most success to your business up to this point

or lightly over the last few years as well? Last week is what I'm to think is that technology, I mean I'll use it to just text the guys where the job was gonna be and you know, that was crazy, like always on the phone texting which took so much time of a, a timesheet kind of apple. It's code deputy at Sema too. You guys have similar things but. So we can actually share your whole, the word through that, another great one, be picked up from one of your posts that he was, um, Tom's planner so that we can actually share it with the jobs through that. I used to do it on a whiteboard and it's just so easy to go into Tom's planner and digital natives. All these jobs you can move them around. That's a really, really cool that one on program having zero accounting systems and just another one to manage all your jobs and track all your jobs as well. So that's the kind of really something we've only done in the last probably three years, but um, that's my such a difference and help us grow but just become a better company and, and really see where we're going as well.

So embracing overall, embracing tech technology and implementing it to streamline your admin processes. Correct.

It's something that we keep improving on it as well, you know, not always finding a better way to use that technology as well that when we have these team meetings, we'll be able to use that and see how guys were tracking on their jobs and make a bit of a game out of it as well. So when they come in we'd be able to say, oh, well how is that? How did that job go and wait, can we improve on them? And just learning from, from Olap. So pretty amazing really when we come back.

That's fantastic. So you see making a game out of it. Just a friendly competition or have you really gamified it?

Well, we want to really gain a client. I'll read the Greg Denim business. I'm a few years ago. Haven't had, we didn't have [inaudible] business. No. Who's the author of remember? Sorry. That's OK.

We'll look it up. And we'll also have books that are mentioned. It'll be in the show notes as well. Like you mentioned a Zappos. So the great game of business.

Yeah. So it's about these company that was basically broke. Right? And then the [inaudible] in the state somewhere, I think it was a steel. Yeah. And these guys came in and I turned it around, but why do they get it? They got the team involved in all the figures and all the stats into the job and into the company and I was a multi-million dollar company and you know, it's still going. So that type of thing, getting the guys involved in, in the figures and making them part of the business model part of the business so it's not more fun for them. And I think they, well they just come to work with a different aspect on things, you know, they do that more involved. So yeah, that's pretty amazing. Kind of why like this would be scary though. Just letting them know the figures, you know what I mean? So yeah, I think I'm at the stage Rod, I'm going to do that and all I am sorry. And, and then they can share part of that back, you know, so I'm going to do some profit sharing with them, which have kind of been thinking about for a long time. But I'm actually from this last survey, I thought he was got to do this, you know what I mean? So that's not really learnt from that.

Bye Jack.

Yeah, that's it. Yet. He still does conferences, seminars, the pan to Australia a few years ago. So yes is worth checking out. It's really interesting.

OK. Again, we'll put the link to the book in the show notes as well. Very good. Thank you. Yes. So revealing the, uh, the numbers, it's, it's scary to think about it, but in fact if you have a great team with great culture, and I can only imagine the book expands on this, how much it'll do for. Actually the subtitle says, the only sensible way to run a company,

EPA compliments that do that, you know, you play the great game of business and they might not call it that, but it just sharing things and the whole experience with fame and making everyone accountable. I think there's a few little youtube videos, just a short one and you can watch some. But the guys that apply to this great game of business and they come in and they're all excited about, you know, how do we guide this mountain, Pine Island, and there was cheering, shouting and gone, you know, so it really does make it a fun thing.

Fantastic. What are some other books or seminars that have made a big impact on you for building your business?

Not being on writing books, but I love listening to books through audible is obviously drive around June and die. So the email plus because that was one of the first ones I read Tony Robbins cassettes, but inspiring that from jeff or get them on. He's a founder I love.

Says he is

pumped up the magic of thinking big Darren Hardy's entrepreneurial roller coaster. That was, that was main. That was fine and I'm daddy's stuff was right on done. Dheilly different kind of programs that he's done at some. No, it's just the way puts it across some new things that you kind of decide. You know what I mean?

Pose. You just bought a vase and it happens to be or what? It looks like. The same one that he has in his darren daily videos behind them,

it was pretty tiny. Robbins probably three times. Hold on.

Which, which events? Australian Painting Contractors in Marketing Sales and Operations

Couple of images. He was in the semi. He was on in bucket three and three our things, but the other one was a one day event which we to do with my wife. Fantastic. Brian Tracy wants to use it. Go live to Brian's hand. Actually at the moment I'm listening to this book and it's called the code of the extraordinary mind by um, who's probably going to be sean attorney whose name is, that's, that's really interesting. Like it's just really fast and sometimes books just drag it out and they make one that's really worth it. I'm gonna listen to or read the code of the extraordinary mind. So always I'm looking for stuff like that. And that was the one delivering happiness. That was the Tony Shay when I thought that's what it was called, seven habits. Stephen Covey. That was a good one to good books. That might sound inspiring me anyway to put that stuff on and implemented is the most important thing.

That's such a great point. We can. We can go through and we can read or listened to all these books and get the endorphin rush of these ideas and inspiration in going to the next one, but if we don't pause and this is something they're already drilled into my head through his programs. If we don't pause and pick, you know, one, two, three things to implement, then we're not really growing. We're just running around. Inspired, correct.

Yeah, exactly, and something else that I've heard it before, but down sit on the recent program is to actually spend 10 percent on training and educating yourself and he got that from Brian Tracy, which is, it's just really, really good money spent.

We'll continue with the rest of Tony Story in just a moment, but first I want to thank Scott Sheldon, sheldon and sons for his kind review of Dui. Be saying day B has been extremely important in our business, increasing our revenue and profit. Thank you very much, Scott. We understand that building a business is hard work, but you're not alone if you would like to increase your revenue or more importantly, your bottom line faster joined today, unlike the others, [inaudible] will be on your way to greater profits, heavy time for your family, and make an impact in your community. Any questions? Just shoot me an email at Steve at. Why be coach [inaudible] again that Steve at coach.

Absolutely. Fantastic. So this current one, because of the extraordinary mind, correct?


What's. What's this about or what? What do you like about it?

I how to explain it and asked a lot about self improvement, not so much on your business. So lovely gentleman. Probably more focused on your business on self improvement. He told me quite a bit about Haitian as one thing. Yeah, just and it just comes right ideas. Just how to treat your family, how to grow and improve yourself and the people around you. It's kind of that kind of thing, but I'm only halfway through it, but she stuck out in my mind this, this book especially now, but it's just really something different.

Jim Rohn had, you know, he had a quote in his seminars, he said, work harder on yourself than you do on your business

and if you get to that website or outside by when you join up, I just send you some amazing stuff and just, you know, sometimes it gets too much getting on stuff, but um, it's really quite. It's just really inspiring. Yeah. I've been trying to get my wife Brianna to get onto it to you. That's not how to not do that.

You had mentioned your tech stack, but first, how important is it as building a business that we are constantly improving ourselves? Where do, you mentioned Tony Robbins and he says, can I constant never ending improvement? How important is that? We are constantly improving in every area of our life, not just business, but ourselves. Raise our health, our finances, our relationships. How important is it that we're constant Lee, improving ourselves?

Well, I'm out. Helps you jump out of bed in the morning just to know that you're to have an awesome day and just thinking of the next thing of how you can improve your health, but how you can prove team, how, how, how can you be happier, you know? So yeah, it's just, I don't know. I love it and that's what's kind of surprised made me successful. Or just having listening to these things and implementing these ideas go through, you know, just trying to find something that will really improve yourself because you can never stop improving. Just never whatever. Like you think, oh, read all his books, that'll do me, but tonight nine get hold of this, another one and go, wow, that's such a great idea and how can I do this and how can I improve myself? And it might make life better for the people around you. That's what I love doing. Meeting the other day I had with my guys, I said we had the survey, but I really am doing this for you guys to Mike, you guys have a better experience for you guys to be happy at work. And I, and we just want to keep improving. We're not going to stop. So I'm going, wow, you know, and they can kind of just feel that the, we've got the mix so much when you go talk about that, but they just seems kind of real, you know what I mean?

You mentioned all these keys and being successful, how much of a variable is it to have Rianna your wife's support?

Uh, she's amazing. She's just helped me on this, that, well, when I first met ours, scared about buying a computer and I was about 15, 16 years ago. Much about computer guys. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


It might've been, uh, out of, out another laptop or something. Actually at the time. And then I was thinking about Brian, this factory light where we actually operate from now on us now. I can't do this, a lot of money to spend on what if a guy's wrong and she's got nine. I just do it and I don't even been singing for a couple of weeks beyond. Ah, OK. Yeah, I'll do it. So then hosted me alone.

It's fantastic. Now there's two. I don't know so much in Australia, but here in the states there's, you know, the TV programs, there's, there's this trend of where the waves are put down the husbands and the husbands or the men are just a bunch of dumb idiots and so that carries on subconsciously, especially to the guys who are trying to develop their businesses. What encouragement would you have or lend to the wives of the guys who are trained to build their business?

Just this last week I've had a, one of my guys who was Hayes had a bit of depression and I've been speaking to his wife about it, you know, so she's been telling me a bit about it and how liaison and she's been talking to her and she just, I suppose I've been supporting her and listening to her and, and, and she's just been sending me texts going on. This is how he's feeling better and you know, and I suppose we have a, we have a few get togethers every, a lot. A few picnic. Actually tonight we have a Christmas party. Yeah. Just talking to the wives and the wives and, and listening to them. I think that's really, really good fun and they really appreciate it. And I would like to see this guy, her husband works for my dad. He's, you know, he's very supportive and that's as far as what I try to be very supportive in many islands, but I'm really there to listen to this next.

Business Coach for Australian Painting Contractors in Marketing Sales and Operations

Um, next year I started very check Felix too. And um, he had this idea of he's going to see all his mate with everyone will stop a couple of thousand of or whatever during the year. But I said that if I got this idea and so what'd. I mean? I do make them quite often, but I want to meet with everyone in the next year. It was in town, have about 20 minutes, half an hour with and I told them that. So now I'm really accountable for it. I have to do it. Did. So that is going to be, that's going to be quite, quite a lot of fun and yeah, I think that'll be, that'll be really good thing.

That's really good. Now you know we're thinking about the other guys out there in business who are trying to get going and how important is it that they have that their wives support them, tell them that they believe in them because like you said, you know Darren Hardy's entrepreneur roller coaster. It is a roller coaster, meaning there downswings, downswings and it can get really hard out there some days as we're trying to develop our businesses. How important is it for their wives to the wives out there to support their husbands, to tell him that they believe in them and they can do it and to keep pushing forward and to not quit.

Yeah. That is really important and it's great to have someone who supports you in that way when you get home and you've got your problems and I actually listened to you and help you along the way. It is. It is really nice to have that support every day. Sometimes be that one. I let stuff, I have the and you get high on when you can and you can tell you what and, and, and talk things

through what are, what are some differences between building a company in Australia versus here in the states because that'd be the first one to admit that, uh, we who live here in the states, I live in a bubble. There's a whole different world out there and I only realized this when I went to Italy when I was my younger twenties and I went, oh my goodness. It's just incredible. So help us here, especially in the states. What are, what are some differences for you guys developed in business in Australia and then maybe even some of the differences between UK and Canada in Ireland and anywhere else, but what's, what's, what's unique? What do you notice from there as you look back that's different from, you know, building a business on Australia's say the states

now. How long will the market in the states I haven't been and what they're actually one thing that is a, I'm not as familiar, you guys on new pis from Pine Sol, is that you guys will use lattice. He's got quite big tall ladders. Highlighters. I'm a lot more than us. We were just not allowed to do that. He is was we have to scaffold. So the safety is a lot more stricter. Yeah. So that would be one of the biggest things, you know. So we, we get caught hanging up ladders. We can get huge fines, not $50,000, 100,000 dollar fine sometimes but not being safe. So safety is a really big thing here and that's something that are really pushed with my know that from his like funny from the last few years ago to now when we and how things should be safe up. So always trying to make things safer.

But apart from on know you guys would use a lot more spry equipment and us, although I know a lot of companies here do, but on the sites is huge on spraying. I think I tried to get my guys to spray, but um, they're really, some of them, you know, but just kind of scared too. But another mate of mine, I've been here, Michael Hopkinson, you know, Marco, that painting would describe stop. He's just huge on that. When I say maybe I should give them with him and he could do some training with my boss and it just, yeah, they just get scared of spraying but, and it's probably something I should educate them in, which is all right. That one dance. Dave, educate my guys to spray.

Is there a question that I haven't asked? I should have her point that you'd like to make?

Um, not that I can think of my barn on that move.

Business Coach for Australian Painting Contractors in Marketing Sales and Operations

All right. How about final words of advice or encouragement to everybody else out there? Building their business?

Probably to read books or listen to heaps of books or listen to the books can totally recommend audible and do a book a month or even more. Just to always be positive in your outlook. Go along to some seminars in Atlanta, some stuff and do it. Like I said before, I spend money on that educating yourself, it's amazing what you get back for it, but you might think, oh, the thousand bucks, $2,000 to go to that seminar or kind of that, but you honestly get that back and nighttime toll, you know, spending money on programs that just stop, you'll get out of it will just. Mike is such a better person and expand your business. It's just amazing. Having a great coach. You know, I've had a few coaches along the way and kind of have a different one every few years, but just to help you push to that next stage, not just types that scary thing out of it because you have to be accountable and next week you got to go see him. You know, you have to have that done. Really? Oh, that's the. I am obviously to have that. I'm setting goals and having a

full fantastic dog in the background. Sun's the sun's coming up for you and the birds are probably out and you're probably wants to get after them. So I'll let you let you get on with your day, but thank you so much tony for coming on for getting up so early so that we could have this conversation. If somebody wants to follow up with you to contact you, what's, what's the best way that they could reach you?

I can always call me as well so we can give that to the guys.

All right. W what is the email?

A tiny paint and decorate. So p a I n t a n d decorate. Don't come to

dot a u for Australia. Fantastic. Well thank you so much. It's been a pleasure to have any on here getting to know you even more and look forward to watching your continued success. Awesome. Thanks. Bye now.

Hope you enjoyed this episode. If it was helpful, please share it with a friend to help inspire them to double their business. If you want all the free downloads and links mentioned in the show, just to go to day, be forward slash 13. Also, if you would like full access to all of our courses to help you to double your business, just go to join You'll also get complimentary access to our members only club community with over 200 smart and encouraging members just like you. I'll also send you a free signed copy of my book, how to Double Your Business, so go to join [inaudible] today and get all the courses for just $37. Check it out for any reason to snap for you. I'll give you a hundred percent refund and you can keep my book any questions, drop me an email and that steve at coach. In the next episode we interview lease a Moon of paper moon painting from San Antonio, Texas as she shares her entrepreneurial adventures. Once again, the link to all the show notes. Go to day, be forward slash 13. Thank you so much for listening. Our mission is to inspire you to double your business so that you can have financial freedom, spend time with your family, and make an impact in your community. I appreciate you and I'll see you next week. Remember to dream big. Hustle harder. You've got this.

Business Coach for Australian Painting Contractors in Marketing Sales and Operations

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