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The Secrets of a DYB Mastermind Group… what is it?

The secret handshake, the meeting that happens when you are sleeping.

What is a Mastermind Group?

I am Ron Ramsden and I am a DYB coach, also a painting contractor up here in northern Massachusetts.

The Secrets of a Mastermind Group; if you are in our community group, you hear this a lot, “what is a Mastermind Group? Can you tell me what it is? What does it involve?”, things like that.

Other groups have mastermind groups but I want to tell you what happens in our mastermind group.

Our mastermind group here at DYB meets every 2 weeks, some of the meetings are an hour long, some meetings are an hour and a half long.

This is where a group of 3-7 people get together and are committed to each other every other way.

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This is basically what I call my “board of directors,” these people who are associated with this group.

Everything you say in this group is confidential to the group, so you can actually open up your soul, you can tell people the problems you are having either in your home or your business, a lot of these people have outlived it and that’s what’s great about the mastermind group.

Let me get you into the details of what a mastermind group actually entails, maybe it is something that you are interested in down the road.

Anyways, Mastermind Group, I am going to say it doesn’t matter if it is 60 minutes or 90 minutes, it’s the same format.

First, we start out with big wins.

We go around the group and we do this via the computer, our live webinar and it is recorded, but the recording is only shared for this group.

We record it because someone might have brought up something that made you think whoa, I want to know more about that.

Maybe it is some subject matter or an app or a software program that someone wanted to break down and you wrote it down or you didn’t write it down, you want to go back and look at it.

Again, the video is only available to the people in the mastermind group and it is never ever shared with anybody else because we actually do talk about financials once in a while.

Big wins, that’s where it starts off, we go around the table if you’d like to say, but it is a live webinar.

We always do have some pretty big wins because we’re going over the past 2 weeks.

A big win could be anything, such as, “I hired a new crew leader, I hired a new team member, I finally found an accountant, my taxes got filed, the vacation I was planning was awesome, my baby was born, I bought a new truck, had my headshot taken for my business cards.”

Those are big wins, they are big wins to you, they are that one thing you have to get done and finally, it’s a yes.

Some people, when they join the mastermind group, their first big win is, “I finally made it into a mastermind group, I have been thinking about it for a while!”

Then we get to subject matter.

This is something that one of the hosts’ of the webinar, whether it is me or other coaches out there who host mastermind groups, this is where they have a subject for the week.

This could be anything such as talking about how hiring is a big issue for a lot of people and we try to work our way through that.

Some of the other things are stepping out of your comfort zone, one of them might be financials, one of them might be accounting, maybe some new software just came out that other people are using, pipeline deals, we had that as a subject way back when and every once in a while that comes up again with questions.

So, we pick a subject and we go around, it could be a series of slides, it could be just a process we walk through to work out your 3 P’s, we ask a lot of questions, we have a lot of interaction.

From there we then go to the brainstorming.

We go to each person, one at a time, if there’s three of us, we’ll pick someone: “Mary, what can we discuss with you and Brainstorm for you?”

This is your board of directors, you’ll see that the rest of the people, at your table or on the webinar, every week, are your board of directors.

It’s great because there is a lot of conversations that go on in between the meetings, between the group.

So, Mary and I bring out… she said, “well, I have a crew leader who is not totally above board,” and she might have an example, “what do I do?”.

Then we work it through it.

Some of us might have already experienced something like that, maybe it’s a side conversation someone has, maybe there is something else bothering that crew leader and they have to be talked to.

Maybe it’s, “I am looking at three different kinds of trucks and I don’t know which one to buy, what kind do you guys have?”

It could also be anything business related, maybe it’s accounting, “I am thinking about changing accountants, what do you think?”

Also, they might be doing some kind of marketing where they send out cards, “what do you think about these pros and cons, what have you used?”

These are all examples, so with that, we’ll go around to each person and we’ll all give our input if we have some input to give.

Then we have a to-do list.

We use basecamp, basically the same way we use it to run projects for our company.

We use basecamp in the same way, where people actually choose their own To-Dos and hold themselves accountable for the rest of the group.

We like to set three to-dos, some of them might be capable of being completed within the next two weeks, some of the other ones might take much longer.

One of them might be, “hire 6 guys by June 1st”, and then we are going to ask them every two weeks, “how is that going, what steps have you gone through, how is it going, is it progressing?”

Another one is just recently someone wanted to have new logos and have all three vans wrapped.

I have another one who has just hired there first employee and that was a process because with that first one you know there is always that trust issue.

Finally this past week we have been able to check that off and he assigned himself some new to-dos.

That’s what we like to do, this gives accountability like I said.

I also check in with people during the two weeks and between the meetings just to see how they are doing and of course the coaches also are available for everybody on a more available basis, during these two weeks.

What we want to remember is the meetings are very private, everything that’s shared in these meetings stay in these meetings, so none of the secrets are out with anybody else; confidential, very, very confidential.

We also use Group Me, for example if it is mastermind number 26, that would be the number of the mastermind group, the people who are in that mastermind are all loaded into Group Me, invited in, they accept the invite and then we can chat and post things anytime.

Sometimes the conversations we will talk about could be something like someone having a new baby or someone who got a new puppy.

One of the other things is production rates, they are having an issue with cabinet repainting and they are asking different things.

I have actually reached out to people in my mastermind group of phenomenal painters for kitchen cabinets and that’s their niche and I have a lot of questions.

Then they were able to walk me through some of their products and they are giving me some connections where I could reach out and talk to some reps for that.

Like I said, we use basecamp, basecamp is where we keep everything such as your to-dos, we also load files in there, so if we are presenting we can load up the file for some future reference. Also, we video these privately, it’s only shared to this group, so what we do is we load that video right into basecamp, so if you missed a meeting, that happens now and then, you can go back, and you can actually watch the entire meeting.

So, that is a Mastermind Group in the DYB, we hold them everywhere from early mornings, during the day, as well as up to 7’ 0 clock at night.

So you’ll see, there’s usually one that can fit in with you, either before work, after work, during work, count it as a meeting, count it as a calendar event.

Some of us will get more quality information off this group, peer to peer, with your board of directors than anything else you do that day.

So, anyways I just want to share with you what a Mastermind Group is, if you have to reach me for any reason, you can reach me at ron@dybcoach.com, I’d love to chat with you, you can always shoot me a message on Facebook as many people typically do, I would love to help you out.

I help painters work on the business so they don’t have to work in the business, thank you for watching, take care.


About the Author

Ron Ramsden is the owner of the successful Ramsden 1-800-PAINTING, who implemented the DYB SYSTEM, and crushed it in 2015, and now coaches other painting contractors around the nation to do the same.