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Commercial Contractors: How to Get Leads Immediately At No Cost

Hi there, Greg here from DYB Coach, and I just wanted to share one free strategy with you today, on how to get commercial leads.

This is a very simple concept –when you are driving down the road and you see a job that you may be interested in, park on the job site, walk in and go talk to the superintendent.

Now, you may not be able to get that particular job at that time, but you will be able to establish a relationship and ask them if you can get on their bid list.

So, if you see a contractor that you know in the area, maybe you are fond of them, and you know where they are, check them out and see the job site.

Remember to bring your own P.P (Personal Protection equipment) with you in order to be able to walk the job site in case you have to go looking for the superintendent –this includes a hard hat, some safety glasses, steel-toe boots, and some pants.

That is one free strategy right there that really works well.

I hope this helps you guys dream big and hustle harder; thanks for stopping by!

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