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EP 111 : Hiring Strategies with Suman Cherry


On this episode hiring expert Suman Cherry provides insight to:

  • What are the pros and cons of different hiring practices?
  • How can you tie your company culture and core values into your hiring practices to create best practices?
  • When is it more beneficial to use internal recruiting compared to hiring recruiters?
  • How do cost and time impact retention in the hiring process?
  • What are some strategies for dealing with the shortage in hiring?




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What happened.




So Recently I had a candidate who I had reached out to for an accounting position and I asked her with why are you looking and she’s like well I’m in this environment where my boss whenever the checks don’t come in from the Bank. He takes paper and throws it at my face. And I just won’t think I can take this anymore and I was like yeah we we definitely need to find you another job.




Yeah, oh no, my goodness. Well hopefully they weren’t spit wads.




Um, um, absolutely.




Ah, yeah I would definitely be looking for something else too if I were well with with over 20 years of experience in the recruiting world today’s guest has honed her ability to quickly grasp the needs of both the clients and. Candidates as a matchmaker at heart she takes pride in placing over 500 employees in industries such as construction as well as medical oil and gas and real estate. She understands the struggles of companies facing and finding the right match and is committed to creating a healthy and. Easy experience for all involved sum and sherry welcome to the show my pleasure now we’re all dying to know is what are some strategies for dealing with the shortages of hiring. But first let’s start with some of the fundamentals if we may.




Well thank you so much for having me.




What are the pros and cons of different hiring practices.




So to traditionally in recruiting there are different. You know there’s the traditional methods have been having it all in-house. So if you’re an organization. That’s big enough to support Hr or internal recruiters then you do that and if you don’t then.








You know you’re the owner and you’re starting through resumes or you’re asking your manager to do it or you’re just like anyone that comes in you’re like okay that sounds good. Um, or the you know the more traditional method which is most people are familiar with is the contingent recruiting method. So and that method is that you send the position out to an external recruiting firm who are experts. And the way that that it works is you don’t pay an upfront fee but you pay a percentage typically 20 to 25% of the first year salary for that candidate. So if you’re looking at $100000 candidate which is around around the range of a lot of the positions I work on you’re looking at a 20 to $25000 placement fee. Um, and so that has been sort of the the model for recruiting I mean there are some retainment. Maybe there’s a little consulting here and there but there hasn’t in anything that’s been structured in the way that the way we’re doing it right now which is very different.




Okay, all right? Thank you? How can you tie your company culture and core values into the hiring practices to great good hires.




I mean I think that the key is when you are an organization. It’s not just about the page on the wall that has your core values right? It’s not about just speaking those core values but are you living them right? is your leadership living in them and I think that’s. Ah, most important piece because your leadership whoever’s on top whoever that leadership team is is going to create that type of values for the rest of the Organization. So if you are someone who in your own life is someone who values communication Values compassion values. Um, you know transparency authenticity more are a leadership role where you’re you know you’re behind your team versus on top of your team and like it all plays out into how the organization shows up from a cultural plays and and honestly candidates since Covid. There’s just has been this big Shift. You know they are asking a lot more questions about like what is this company about who is this company because they’re understanding that you know their mental health and their family life and the rest of their life is so affected by their jobs.








Yeah, indeed, no doubt. Well you know speaking recruiters when when is it more beneficial to hire recruiter versus doing it yourself keeping it in house.




I mean I guess it depends on how much stress do you want in your life right? recruiting is I think it’s one of those things that’s come the elephant in the room. Nobody really wants to do it. Oh I have to and they just kick the can we really need to die or is someone really need to hire someone I mean honestly, you know if you can. I’m a believer that do it before you’re ready. So if you have an if you’re a company that’s growing and you know you’re gonna have these positions that are going to be opening up or you’re expanding then that’s the time to do it start that process because you want to have time to make sure that you’re hiring the right person because hiring the wrong person.




A group.




Is very top expensive and it very time consuming. So it’s a very important piece.




Speaking of cost how do cost and time impact retention in the hiring process.




Um, the thing is is that it’s a it’s There’s two sides to it right? So if you’re taking if you’re not hiring the right people or if you’re not taking the time to spend the time to write hire the right people it affects the rest of your team right? because there’s a lot of burnout. That’s gonna happen and people are gonna be less engaged. At the company itself which could lead to turnover then and on the flip side the timing of recruiting is really important because you know candidates are people. They’re not.. It’s not a product you know So It’s you have to have a lot of communication. We have communication with these candidates all the time because it’s. Scary to switch Jobs. It’s scary to move around especially if they’ve been in situations that were not the best matches for them. They have a lot of a hesitation of making that move So There’s a lot of ghosting that goes around in the recruiting world. There’s a lot of not following up and I think as an organization. It’s just the most crucial piece. Is the people that work for your organization to create that mission and that align with your own values. So I don’t know if it’s a timing piece. But I think if you have the opportunity to use a recruiting company like myself or another recruiting company. It’s going to save you a lot of effort and stress in the process.




So here’s the million dollar question right? They’re all d and know what are some strategies for dealing with the shortage in hiring.




I mean I think the thing about the shortage and hiring is that you have to have a lot of different avenues that you’re looking for people right? There’s a lot of different technologies have come out which are great when the ai pieces but there’s limitations to that because it’s not a human. Don’t feel like it’s a human place but it’s a good place to source. Also you know you have to be actively going through and we we we work on positions. We go through sometimes five hundred five hundred plus resumes I mean we’re going through resumes we’re looking for passive candidates. We’re looking for candidates that have applied. We’re looking for. I mean we’re we have this huge in net and we’re bringing them all in and then we’re sourcing to those candidates and contacting the ones that feel like the best match and then having these really deep conversations. But I think it’s there will always be a shortage of good people in any industry in any market because there are certain types of. Values that good candidates or good employees are and typically it’s it is a deeper value piece right? It’s somebody who is growth oriented. It’s somebody who’s hungry. It’s someone who’s okay with making mistakes. It’s also someone who’s a very good communicator and works well with teams. And also is comfortable with conflict and different personality types and those and and the technical the most difficult positions are always going to be people who are very technical and also are very much people like people you know, can it after people as well. So I don’t think that’s ever going to change. But I think with the make pieces. It’s just.




Let me know.




You have to have an it’s like anything else. You know like I’m not in a marketing expert right? I’m on an advertising expert I have someone do that for me because that’s not my That’s not my experience but I am an expert on recruiting so having someone else help you with that is going to eliminate a lot of the shortage piece.




What’s what’s the way that penny contractor can stand out. You know to look to be more attractive when ah you know trying to recruit when reaching out to differentiate themselves.




I mean I think you know obviously this salary piece or the hourly piece is always going to play into it right there there needs to be and you know you have to be able to stay in yourself out even if it’s a situation like I have a company. That’s really, they’re not. They’re another cup of sub. But. They do a great job of attracting people because they pay people well but they also have incentive bonuses on top of it. They have like if they’re on call or if there’s extra hours they give them a little bit of a bonus for that. They do little things that really drive people to move more successful. Um I think it’s a lot of transparency and like. When you’re having those conversations with candidates when they’re coming In. You got to be honest, what the job is like you can’t sugarco this right? You got to be real if it’s if it’s goingnna be a stressful job I mean if it’s going to be a lot of hours if it’s gonna be a lot of process and then that conversation needs to happen and there also needs to be a very strong onboarding the onboarding piece is.




Me out.




So important to success with a candidate or an employee because they don’t know you they don’t they don’t trust you they they’ve had what 2 interviews with you. Maybe you know they don’t know you the west and so it’s a really important the first month or three months or whatever that is. To really take the time to get to know this person. What are their growth plans what you know keep them engaged excited that is so crucial to success.




Could you unpack that a little bit further as far as the onboarding all of that. So what? What are some basics for onboarding.




Um, you know time right? So a lot of times what happens is people get thrown in a job and all the managers are busy I not get it. Everyone’s busy. This person’s busy and it’s like well yeah, we need to schedule lunch with them. We take no no, you need to make sure that that’s a priority that day one.








Or you need to be having lunch with them. You need to be like how’s it going or day two or day 3 you as a manager need to sit with them for 2 hours an hour and not even just talking about what the role is but what are they wanting to do in the future. What’s the growth look like for them. What’s the next opportunity for them. And really understanding like engaging them on how can they get to that place really breaking down that piece. Um, and also I think it’s just about anything else. It’s like a relationship right? that everybody wants to be seen and heard and and that’s what you have to do in that onboarding process. Whatever that looks like for you.








It’s about engagement. It’s about communications about building that trust with him.




Awesome. Is there a question I should have asked or any final points that you’d like to make.




Um, I think the the final point we make about the recruiting process or the whole process is that it is something that is absolutely so crucial for your business and I think we talked about this but it affects every piece of it I mean I have owners who are like I’m so glad. That we engage with you guys because now I can sleep at night I am like laying in bed stress out. How am I gonna get these projects done. How am I gonna find the right people. What am I gonna do here and and that is the reality because you do take it home with you so being able to take something off your plate that is so important to your business.








It is just a huge time saver. Huge money saver and also just a piece of mind saver for you.




Right on if somebody wanted to reach out. What’s the best way they should contact you.




Um, so the best way to reach out to me would be to my website cherryalentroup.com we you know you can. There’s a link you can fill out a form and we can talk. Also I’m all over Linkedin so you can always find me Summa Cherry all over Linkedin. So yeah.




Good. Awesome! Fantastic! Thank you very much someone appreciate it.




Thank you.

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