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EP26: Kim Garst, Social Media Expert, Shares Strategies to Get More Leads, for FREE


In this Episode of DYB, Steve chats with Kim Garst; an International Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Thought Leader in the Social Media Space.

Her work includes consulting with brands like IBM, Microsoft, and Mastercard to help them identify opportunities to improve their Social Media Presence.

Kim dives into the latest trends in Social Media and dissects valuable Social Media strategies that DYB listeners can implement in their marketing efforts today.



-How to Run Effective Giveaways

-The Biggest Trends and Tools in Social Media Today

-How to Decide Which Social Media Platform you should build a presence on

-Effective Uses of Stories and Social Media Tools for Painting Contractors




“Before & After Comparisons Are Huge; Some people can’t visualize how great a transformation it can be with a simple coat of paint.”

“Bringing people into your world is a huge opportunity to build relationships and connection.”

“Some of the conversations I’ve had — Some of the business I’ve generated based on taking the time to actually talk to someone — Has been incredible.”

“If you could highlight moments in your day, I think those moments of relatability is such a huge opportunity for creating awareness. Your customers may not need you today, but since they feel they know you, it makes it easier to do business later.”

“The beautiful thing about a giveaway is that even if someone doesn’t win, you still have leads.”



[2:30] What are the biggest Social Media Trends For Businesses Right Now?

[6:45] What are “Stories,” and how can Service Providers Leverage Them?

[15:19] What are the benefits and best practices of running a contest?

[19:12] How can Service Contractors Engage in More 1-1 Conversations?

[26:45] What are some Strategies for Linkedin Users?



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