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EP49: What Mastermind Groups Are and What You Get From Them


This episode of the DYB podcast tackles the history behind The Monday 20, the original Mastermind Group.

Steve shares how they created the support group for fellow entrepreneurs, gained momentum and eventually, more groups were born.

Mastermind Group’s coaches share the different styles they use in their respective groups that foster a meaningful community of go-getters.

For Mastermind Group Members, there are multiple benefits offered like cafe access, courses, and the exclusive Facebook group.



  • What exactly a Mastermind Group consists of
  • Where the idea of the Mastermind Group came from
  • What value you receive from a Mastermind Group





“Every one of them agreed that I reached out to. And so we show up at Lewis’ cafe, 6am, Monday morning and we establish an outline. We establish an agenda. We establish an agreement.”

“And then we also agreed that, as we set tasks for each other, we would show proof that we followed through and completed it or we would throw $20 in the pot. We hadn’t decided what the pot was for but we agreed that it was not going to any of our pockets.”

“I think my favorite thing about all of these is that not only does everybody remain above the line, but it’s a positive and safe place to share real stuff and if we’re all honest, we always have stuff going on.”

“Above the line is a philosophy of ownership, accountability, and responsibility. So the acronym is oar, O-A-R. And we agree, in everything we do, we take ownership, accountability, and responsibility even if something isn’t our fault. We still choose to take that position because by taking that position now we have the power to change the situation.”

“I’ve gotten so much out of them over the years and it’s such a great environment to just bounce ideas off of people that are out there with you in the trenches and just trying to learn the same things that you are and can totally resonate where you’re at.”

“A lot of times you’re in this and you feel so alone. You feel isolated. And when you don’t have people to talk to that are in similar situations, it gets out of hand sometimes and you could be really hard on yourself. And it’s great to have people to be accountable with and to hear other people’s stories and know that you’re not alone.”



00:04 The original Mastermind Group is born
06:53 Mastermind coaches talk about their groups
16:44 What is Above the Line Philosophy
18:54 Mission statement and other goals
22:23 Membership benefits



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