DYB Podcast EP75 How to Close More Sales and Build Stronger Teams with DISC

EP75 How to Close More Sales and Build Stronger Teams with DISC with Steve and April Burnett


In this episode of the DYB Podcast called “How to Close More Sales and Build Stronger Teams with DISC”, Steve Burnett chats with April Burnett and together they walk through what DISC is and how these personality types mix with each other AND, most importantly, how you can use this knowledge to close more sales and build strong teams!

Steve and April share real-world examples of how DISC works and its benefits-—from applying it to sales jobs to dealing with your team to improving family relationships. In particular, they share how they apply DISC to their work and marriage to build a better company and stronger family.


– How each of the 4 personalities related to one another
– How to communicate with other personalities different from your own
– How to play a game to increase your skill of recognizing others’ personality
– Stories to illuminate just how this all works



03:48 “First is Dominance. The High D.  I’ll open with a story. I remember before I learned this, I was working on job site and there was a guy there that I felt was so rude to everybody. He was inconsiderate and interruptive and just rude and domineering. So, dominance through and through. After I studied DISC, I learned, oh my goodness, he’s just a high D. He doesn’t mean to be insensitive. He doesn’t mean to be rude.”

06:36 “High I’s. They want everybody to be happy and everybody be okay. They avoid conflict. There’s a book, I think it’s Strengths Finder 2.0, that calls it WOO. Winning Others Over. And that’s huge for high I’s, I believe, across the board.”

07:56 “S is the steady, loyal, even-tempered, accommodating, patient, humble, tactful person. They’re the golden retriever if we’re talking about the animal for each personality. They’re very loyal.”

09:41 “C’s are the conscientious, analytical, reserved, precise, private, and systematic.”

19:25 “But for sales, you had this system of Peg, Pace, and Mirror. You taught me this. So Pegging is being able to say okay, now you know the personality profiles, all four of them–can you peg that potential customer, at the estimate, can you peg their personality? Peg their personality and then pace. Can you then keep up to their pace? And then, of course, mirroring that back to them, speaking their language in a sense.”

32:30 “This is all about increasing your ability to communicate with your team, which then builds your team. The better communicator you are, the more money you make.”

43:19 “Whether you work with your spouse, if you don’t, just personally, I encourage you to consider it. If you feel like, you know April said hey, I would never work him. Well, recently she’s learned a few tools, a few strategies, and we’re going to go over those. If you do work with your spouse, like many of our clients do, and they build successful businesses.”


03:48 D for dominance

05:27 I for influential

07:57 S for steady

09:39 C for conscientious

18:33 Application to sales

23:07 Interacting with other personality types

32:30 DISC in the team and other people

38:05 DISC in the family and marriage


DISC Personality Quiz by DYB Coach You’ll need to Make a Copy to take the quiz so everyone can use the same link here. 🙂


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