EP77 Fanocracy: Turning fans into customers with David Meerman Scott

EP77 Fanocracy: Turning fans into customers with David Meerman Scott


Today, Steve Burnett and David Meerman Scott sit down to discuss fandom culture and how any business can grow by cultivating a devoted and loyal group around fandom culture.

David shares that showing your passions to your existing and potential customers is the key to creating a genuine human connection. In this way, you gain positive brand recall that makes you stand out from the crowd. He also shares 3 actionable tips that you can apply to your own painting business today.


  • 3 Strategies to Implement in Your Business Today to Build Fanocracy
  • How Fanocracy Builds a True Human Connection and Why
  • How One Contractor Built a $20 Million Business Utilizing Fanocracy



07:12 “Building fans is all about a true human connection. We spoke with neuroscientists to find out what’s going on in our brains when we become a fan of something and it turns out all of us are hardwired in our DNA, in our ancient brains, to want to be part of a tribe of people, to be part of a group of people because that’s when we feel safe.”

08:16 “Passion is infectious-even if you don’t share the same passion.

09:05 “Here’s what this means for painting contractors is, the more you can share what you love with your existing and your potential customers, the more they have an opportunity to bond with you as a human being, not just as a painter.”

13:21 “The lesson here, I think, for painting contractors is… it doesn’t have to be skateboarding obviously, it should be whatever you’re passionate about. But show what you do in your off time. Show what you do in your life. Show perhaps what your family does. What do you do when you go on vacation? Show that on social networks, show that on your website.”

17:34 “Everybody listening in here probably has something they love, whether it’s a sports team they love or a hobby they have or some physical activity they love to do or whatever it is on their off time that, should you be able to showcase that, allows you to stand out from the crowd. And you’re not just the painter. You’re the painter who loves to birdwatch or whatever it is.”

26:08 “I mentioned earlier the closer you get to someone, the more powerful the human connection. So video and photographs are very powerful if they’re shot within about 4 feet away and you’re looking directly at the camera and because our brain processes that, intellectually we know it’s on a video or photograph, but our ancient brain, our subconscious brain, processes it as if you were right next to that person. Which is exactly why we feel we know movie stars because of mirror neurons.”

27:27 Matt Risinger in Texas built his contracting business from zero to 20 million and he credits me completely with the advice to record videos from 3 feet away or less. He has more than ½ a million subscribers to his YouTuber channel.

30:39 “The [first thing] I would do right away is, number 1, take a look at your externally-facing website, your social media and make sure, number 1, that you’re eliminating all the images and words that make you generic. If you’re using stock photos of houses and buildings, you should be removing them. You should use real photos of buildings and houses that you’ve painted.”

31:16 “I actually recommend going from third person that’s talking like, “We are such and such a painting contractor and we operate in the Boston area, that kind of thing, to ‘I‘. I’ve been painting for the last 20 years. I’ve been running this business. My customers etc. Go from third person to first person.”


04:08 Create fans with a true human connection

10:08 Show what you love to your customers

15:03 Get attention: your passion makes you different

19:38 Avoiding politics and religion

21:25 Questions from the community

26:44 YouTube: make your audience know you

30:24 Top 3 steps to achieve Fanocracy



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